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4MyHR Web portal is designed for the employees of the Marriott International Company so that the employees can access various features such as Health and Financial Benefits, Monitor and View your Daily Working Schedule, Transfer data between departments, employees can connect to Administration, Employers can monitor workers performance, Apply for change/Choose current shifts, Access work-related emails in the portal, your personal info, and work stats are secured and encrypted, Applying for Promotions, View paystubs and their stats, Applying for leaves, Monitoring Leave applications, Update your personal and work profile, Downloading W2 Tax and Wage Forms, access discount offers and retirement plans and many more.


Requirements to Log in to 4MyHR Web Portal

To successfully access the web portal the users must have certain requirements, which are stated below.

  • Web Address for the Mariott 4MyHR Portal.
  • Enterprise ID and Password are given by the company.
  • Secured browser with the latest version.
  • Good and Consistent High-Speed Internet Access.
  • Install Ant-virus or firewall security for your data protection.
  • Employment opportunity at Mariott International Inc.
  • Finally, a valid Email Address.
4MYHR Login

How to Log in to the 4MyHR Web Portal?

To log in to the 4MyHR web portal successfully, follow the detailed tutorial cited below.

  • Visit the DLZ: Marriott L+D login web portal link provided here through a secured web browser on your device – https://extranet.marriott.com/.
  • Once the login page is showcased, fill in your Enterprise ID and Default password.
  • Now press “Log in” and you can access all the info and features on 4MyHR web portal.

What to Do if You Cannot Access Your 4MyHR Account Because You Lost Your Password?

The default passwords given by the company are usually a complex mix of numbers and letters, which are difficult to remember if not properly saved somewhere for reference. However, you can still recover your account by following the tutorial given here in this section.

  • Connect to the Marriott Employee Login page through the web address given here.
  • Look for the “Forgot Password” option on this login page.
  • Click on the option, which will redirect you to another page.
  • On this page, type your Enterprise ID and select the language.
  • Or you can directly access the page through this Marriott Password Station Client link.
  • After filling in the credentials, press the next button at the bottom of the page.
  • Now you can enter your new password and confirm the password.
  • Finally, press submit, and your account recovery process is complete.
  • Using this process, you can also change your default password.

Features of the www.4MyHR.com Login Portal

As stated above, the Mariott Extranet web portal offers various types of features for the users and the employers, which are explained further in detail under this category.

  • The portal helps employees to apply for promotions as well as leaves.
  • They can also check their leave applications, whether they are confirmed or not.
  • Employers can access the performance data of their employees and progress made in various tasks by them.
  • Access W2 Tax and Wage forms to download whenever necessary.
  • Obtain the Paystubs and their stats, also download the payment slips for the purpose of applying for bank loans.
  • Employees can also receive their work-related emails directly on this web portal.
  • Employees can access their Daily Work Schedules and also request changes in their work shifts.
  • The portal allows workers to update their personal and career profiles from anywhere through a connected device.
  • The portal is highly secured, and employees can be sure their data cannot be stolen as it is encrypted and uses cloud-based storage.
  • It also helps employers to transfer projects and reports between different departments or divisions.
  • It helps employees to contact the HR Department for issues and queries.

Tips to Solve the Common Issues While Logging Into the Marriott Employee Login Portal

Similar to the other popular employee portals, the 4MyHR web portal users also come across some common issues such as login errors, connection errors, slow loading times, accessibility issues. However, these are also resolvable easily, you have to just follow the tips given here in this section.

  • Using a Firewall/Anti-virus system is a good thing, however, sometimes these cybersecurity software applications block various websites’ access if they find them suspicious, so make sure the “4MyHR”  portal is not included in the blocked lists.
  • The website loading times slow down usually if you have large search history and cache stored in your browser. Remove them and the web browser will work perfectly.
  • Make sure you enter the right login credentials, as the account may be locked if you enter the wrong details three times.
  • Do not use the autofill feature, as it can sometimes mismatch the credentials of one website with another. It is safe to store your details in a secured folder for you to access at a later date.
  • The internet connection you are using while accessing this web portal must be consistent and High-Speed connection, preferably a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Inspect the web address thoroughly as there can be many fraudulent websites imitating the original portal.
  • Use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to access the link, and update these browsers regularly so that you can access all the features of the Marriott Employee Portal.
Marriott International:4MYHR

How to Apply for Jobs at Marriott International Inc?

Marriott International Inc is a popular company across the world and many qualified students and job searches love to work for this internationally recognized company. And if you are interested in working for Marriott International Company, you are in the right place.

  • Click on the Marriott International Careers | Find Job & Career Opportunities web link given here.
  • The Career’s page is shown. Go through the various job opportunities and company information.
  • Scroll down and look for the “See Career Paths” option.
  • Click on the mentioned option, which will redirect you to another page.
  • On this page, choose what type of jobs you are looking for from Hotel Jobs, Corporate, and Residence jobs.
  • There are also opportunities for veterans and university students on this page.
  • Once you have chosen the page, another page is displayed.
  • Click on the “Find these Jobs” option and the various job listings are loaded.
  • Scroll through the job listings until you find the right one.
  • Use the Keyword and location to further filter these listings.
  • Click on the job listings once you have selected.
  • A pop-up is loaded, displaying all the information and requirements for the job.
  • If you meet all the requirements for the job, click Apply Now.
  • On the next page, enter your email address and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Now press Next and fill in your personal details, career details and attach your resume to the page.
  • If you are selected, the company will reach out to you within a few days.

Benefits of Working for 4MyHR Marriott Login Portal

There are many benefits offered by the company for their employees, which are explained further here in this section.

  • Multiple Health Benefits Plans for Individuals, and families to choose from.
  • Paid Time-off, Vacations, and also parental and sick leaves.
  • 401K plan with retirement funds and benefits.
  • J1 Visa Programs for university students to study and work in their properties abroad.
  • Assistance for employees going for child adoption.
  • Discounts up to 40% for the employees staying at one of those properties under Marriott International Inc.
  • 50 hours of paid volunteer time off is provided to employees who love to volunteer for various social events or programs.
  • Tuition assistance and coverage for employees working in Marriott International Hotels.
  • Profit-sharing implies the company will add bonuses to the employee’s accounts if they have increased their profits or received new awards or achievements.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance and Coverage.
  • Insurance for temporary disability.
  • Dental, Vision, and Health Insurance.

Marriott International

Marriott Internation is a worldwide popular company with many divisions under its wing such as Franchises, Hotels, Timeshare properties, and Resorts. The company’s headquarters are located in Bethesda City, Maryland, United States, but offers hospitality services to many countries across the world. Marriott International Inc was established by J. Willard Marriott and Alice Marriott on March 5th, 1927 in Washington, DC.

In the coming years, the company strived to give the best hospitality services to their customers all over the world, which in turn made the company, the largest Hotel Chain in the world by rooms. Marriott International has its presence worldwide with Hotels and Properties at 8484 locations around the world, with a workforce of 121,000 people.

Marriott International Brands

Bill Marriott is the executive Chairman of the hotel, while Anthony Capuano is Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Stephanie Linnartz is the President. Marriott International Inc has various separate brands like JW Marriott Hotels, The Ritz-Carlton, St.Regis Hotels and Resorts, Bulgari Hotels and Resorts, W Hotels, The Luxury Collection, Edition Hotels, Delta Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, and Resorts,  Marriott Vacation Club, AC Hotels, Aloof Hotels, Moxy Hotels, Protea Hotels By Marriott, Autograph Collection, Tribute Portfolio, Design Hotels and many more.

However, the company has suffered losses in recent years as the Air BnB(Online Hospitality Services) become the most viable option for travelers all over the world and also the Covid-19 Pandemic which made it worse. Although the cases are decreasing here in the United States, several other nations are under lockdown, which in turn is a profit loss for the company.


The above article has all the necessary information about the 4MyHR portal, its features, and requirements. We have provided you the detailed tutorials for the 4MyHR logging process, recovery account process, change password process. The tips to solve common web portal issues are shared in the article. Moreover, we have given detailed information such as history, employees benefits, and current leadership for Marriott International Inc. There is also a tutorial to help interested candidates to apply for jobs at Marriott International company.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What are the features of the 4MyHR portal?

The 4MyHr portal has many features, namely paystub information and forms, W2 Tax and wage forms, promotion applications, employee work performances, leave applications, health, and financial benefits, etc.,

How to access the 4MyHR portal?

The Marriott extranet portal can be accessed by employees working at Marriott through the official site with a secured internet connection and a reliable device.

What to do if you have queries regarding the 4MyHR portal?

The users can contact the HR department directly through these web portals using the message feature. If you are having login issues that cannot be resolved, visit the management at your workplace or call Customer Support at 1-240-632-6000.

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