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With the “Differentiate. Accelerate. Achieve” mantra, the Achieve3000 has been transforming literacy in America one step at a time. They aim to improve learning and bring the best of students through their curriculum. Their specialties include Literacy instructions, Digital Curriculum, Professional Development, Educational Software, Technology-Enabled instructions, Remote Learning, and Differentiated Instructions.

They offer solutions to students for all kinds of learning. They provide solutions to support learners and empower educators for better growth. Students from pre-K to 12th grade can use these solutions to improve their reading and learning skills. Any school can purchase their products to foster learning through Lexile measure.

Lexile is a measure of the reading capabilities of an individual that are often tested by their reading comprehension and books. This then assigns a numerical value to their Lexile score which is used as a baseline to decide what kind of tools and solutions are necessary to foster literacy growth. Each tool is customized according to the reading and learning abilities of students that offer more than 10,000 different texts in Spanish and English, all in the non-fiction category.

Each of the texts in their articles ranges from level 1 to level 12 for the English reader, which makes it easy for all kinds of readers to access the same material. This helps learners to move at their own pace. Many schools and companies use their products to enhance learning and keep track of their progress.

They have more than 5 million students, 310,550 teachers spread across 48 different countries, and 9600 Districts in 50 states. This is the result of more than 21 years of hard work and the struggle of many people.

Achieve3000 Login Portal

Achieve3000 Login Portal

Some of you might not know how to log in to a portal, so here is a simple guide for such people. Use the instruction given below to log in to the Achieve3000 portal.

  • First, visit the Achieve3000 Login portal. Just click the link, and you will be taken to the login page of the portal – https://portal.achieve3000.com/index
  • Here, you can see two empty fields. One requires your username, which can also be an email address. The other one is the account password.
  • Enter both login credentials and when you are done, hit that log in button.
  • With that, you can access your Achieve3000 account for learning.
  • There’s also an option to use the Google account login credential for the Achieve3000 login.
  • Just click the “Sign with Google” option and enter the Google account login credentials for an easier login.
  • Another option is visible on the login page that is the attending a training?.
  • Click this, and you will be redirected to another page. Here, enter the event code that you got from the instructor and click Sign-in.

Forgot Password For the account


Well, well, well, this is something new and many users face this problem where they forget their password. Since it is a pretty standard problem, every login portal has an option for this scenario. Let us what can be done here.

  • From the same Login page, click the “forgot password” that is under password field – https://portal.achieve3000.com/index
  • Then enter your account username and click submit.
  • With that you will receive a mail with a password recovery link or may be the same as text to your mobile.
  • Open the link and assign a new password to your account, then save it.
  • Head back to the login page and use this new password to access your account.

Student Guide

The student guide for Achieve 3000 helps them understand what the Lexile score is, why it is necessary to read better. The better the Lexile score, the better are one’s reading skills. This helps one keep track of the skills one needs and the means to improve them as one progresses through the curriculum. The guide also has suggestions on how to use them to achieve 3000 for growth. For more information on this, check out this YouTube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wub3mgRyk3M

Parents Guide

To help you improve his/her skills, it isn’t enough to just get them into a program and let them handle the rest. As a parent, you must check on their progress, encourage and motivate them to improve their reading and learning skills. There are certain things a parent can do to prepare them for the program.

First, they have to make sure that their kid takes the LevelSet Assessment test. To prepare them for this, let them have a good night’s sleep before the test. They should take proper meals and a snack before the exam, so they have enough physical and mental energy for the test. The test may take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, so they should have a proper place to give the test. A place with no disturbances of any kind.

It’s best if they check out the LevelSet tutorial in advance to help them understand what kind of test they are about to give – https://players.brightcove.net/1799386176001/default_default/index.html?videoId=4473420210001

For more similar steps, check this document – https://www.keaauhs.com/uploads/4/2/1/6/42168743/levelset_parentguide_homeadministration.pdf

There are similar other guides that are useful for general uses as well. The best thing to do when you do not know how to navigate the portal is to check the startup guide after logging in. Navigate the dashboard of your account and look for different options and menus. Learners can find many videos, articles, short stories, and many other informational things from their accounts.

How Does the Achieve3000 Work?

Regardless of the product that you choose from Achieve 3000, certain things are common among every user. Here we will discuss how those common things factor into the functions of the portal. Meaning, how the portal works.

  1. The first thing any learner or a student should do, is taking the LevelSet Assesment test. This decides the learning level that need to applied for an individual. The scores are decided based on the Lexile level.
  2. Based on the Lexile level, each learner will get a texts and passages that are non-fiction. Read up on all those text and passages and be prepared to take assessments.
  3. Take the assigned tests/assessments that determines your reading and learning ability.
  4. Progress according to your pace and improve steadily by increasing the complexity of the texts/passage and assessments.

Achieve3000 App

Achieve3000 App

As I have mentioned earlier, Achieve 300 services are also available on multiple devices. Those devices include AndroidiPad, and Chromebook. The only thing that one needs to do is install the appropriate app on the right device. Use the above links to download the app for the device and install it. Installing this app is pretty simple, just open the link on the respective devices and click the install button. The app will be automatically installed on the device.

Remember to check for compatibility, as some older versions of these devices don’t support this app. For Android, the device OS version should be 5.0 or higher, and for iPad, iOS 9.3.5 or higher versions. Similarly, for Chromebook, just update it and it should work.

Functions & Products of Achieve3000


  1. Supports learning for Pre-K to 12th Grade learners.
  2. Stretch lesson that can be used for the entire class by teachers. These lessons are customizable depending on the learner’s level without compromising the content.
  3. Teacher can use the “Level Set Assessment” tool to understand their reading skills of all their students. It uses Lexile Scores.
  4. Offers school support, flipped classroom, lab rotations, and a few other options.
  5. Read more about them from here – https://www.edsurge.com/product-reviews/achieve3000

They offer solutions in different fields to improve learning in social studies, math, literacy, and science. Their services are offered as products from different platforms.

Improved Literacy through Achieve3000 Literacy

Functions & Products of Achieve3000

To guarantee success for all kinds of learners, the Achieve 3000 Literacy stimulates growth for everyone. This is done through customized solutions, that will also help the most sensitive learners. All this can be achieved in a single school with the right guidance. These solutions are available from grade 3-12 learners.

Enhance your Math Skills with the Achieve3000 Math

Achieve3000 Math

It was all fine till there were just numbers, but with the introduction of alphabets and then the symbol, things started going sideways. While math looks intimidating, it isn’t that great if you have enough practice and the right guidance. With Achieve 300 math, you will get all you need to improve your math skills and master them. It’s almost like having a personal tutor for math. Useful for learners from grade-12 and above.

Get the right Curriculum From the Actively Learn

Get the right Curriculum From the Actively Learn

The curriculum offered from Actively Learn covers a wide variety of information in science, ELA, and social studies. For productivity and better learning, the curriculum provides assessments, articles, text sets, novels, short stories, and a few other resources. Previously, this was only available for middle school and high school students, but now this covers elementary education as well.

Their learning system offers translation of text-to-speech content in more than 100 languages. This makes it easier for people of all kinds of backgrounds to understand. It’s also really easy to navigate and has great interactive assignments through videos, PDFs, etc. So both teachers and learners can have a great experience.

Smarty Ants

Smarty Ants

At this age, you believe that the world is ahead for your kid and that they have everything they need to be successful, then you have to start early and provide them with the best of education that this world has to offer. While some people still think that kindergarten or Pre-K isn’t that necessary, they can make a lot of difference in your kid’s growth. With Smarty Ants, provide your kids with early learning to instill the love for learning.

The curriculum offers many interactive educational videos to make kids fall in love with learning and grow along the process. From basic word-building to fluency in reading and speaking, all can be achieved with their lessons. It has 27 lessons that range from level 1-18 and are for kids from Pre-K to second grade.

These are the products offered by Achieve3000 for kids of various age groups and learning abilities. A school or a district can buy these products for their student to boost their learning skills. All their products can be used on multiple devices like Android, iOS, and Windows.


Every student deserves to use their products and services to improve their literacy and learning skills to keep up with this world. Instead of pushing your child to improve in terms of other students, let them improve at their own pace with these products. All you have to do is understand what your child needs and provide the best of that. All the above info should help you understand Achieve 3000 and its products. So read it all.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Achieve3000 Kidbiz3000?

It is a product for kids in grades 2-5 to enhance their learning and help them improve their reading abilities.

What is teenbiz com?

The teenbiz3000 is another product from the same that offers a curriculum for kids in grades 6-8. This is to spark that fire of learning in kids and boost their learning to steadily improve their pace.

Where can I find Achieve3000 reviews?

If the above article isn’t enough for you to decide whether to buy their products or not, then check out this other product reviews article to get more information – https://www.edsurge.com/product-reviews/achieve3000

How can I log in to the Student portal for Achieve 3000?

Logging in to the student portal is a simple task, all you have to do is open the login portal. In there, fill in the empty field with your account username and password. Then hit the sign-in option to get to the student account dashboard.

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