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Aeries Redlands – Redlands Unified School District Student Info Portal

Aeries Redlands, an online student information platform created by the Aeries Software company for the school students/parents, administrators, and teachers of various schools located in the Redlands Unified School District. In addition, the web portal provides varied functions for each user accessing the web portal regularly. The platform charges some fees for its services from the users in providing various features like attendance records, class schedules, assignments, etc. However, the web portal’s multiple features, easy use UI, and better accessibility make it one of the best platforms available on the market. The charges for each user for one year are around the range of $9 to $12. It should be noted that the web portal is also available as a mobile application on the Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iPhone users respectively.

Aeries Redlands User Guides

Aeries Redlands <a href=Login Page” width=”605″ height=”597″ />
Aeries Redlands Login Page

Registration Requirements for the Aeries Sign in Web Portal.

All the students, administrators, or the teachers of the Redlands Unified School District must-have requirements to get access to the “aeries portal rusd”. For instance,

  • The individual must be a teacher, student, or administrator of one of the schools under the Redlands Unified School District.
  • The user must consists a Google verified email address and password.
  • A valid web address of the portal.
  • A compatible device like Mobile Phone or Laptop with High-Speed Internet Access.
  • Secured web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Microsoft Edge.
  • The students must have documents like Legal Evidence of Age, Proof of Residency, Immunization Records and Physical Exam Registration report.
 Aeries Redlands Enrollment Page
Aeries Redlands Enrollment Page

Registration Procedure for the Aeries Rusd Portal.

It is to be noted that only the students must register their accounts, whereas the administrator’s or teachers’ profiles are signed in by the school itself. Now follow the detailed instructions below if you are a student of the RUSD to set up an account on the portal successfully. Such as,

  • First, connect to the Aeries Redlands Enrollment website through the given weblink – https://redlands.asp.aeries.net/air/eligibility.aspx
  • Then, on the home page, select the academic year and click “next icon” at the bottom of the page.
  • Now read all the required info for the enrollment such as, Proof of Residency, Physical Exam Registration, Legal Evidence of Age and Immunization Records.
  • The candidates must possess the above-mentioned documents to enroll their account on the web portal.
  • If you have all the documents, then, hit the “next” option.
  • After that, enter your full name, email address, password onto the create account fields.
  • Re-enter password onto the confirmation password fields and press the create account option.
  • Now add personal info, & submit all the documents by following the instructions given on the page.
  • And click the “submit” option.
  • Your account registration is complete, and you will receive a confirmation email with a code to your device.

Login Process for the Aeries Parent Portal Redlands Web Portal.

To log into your account on the aeries Redlands high school web portal to access its many features, follow the step-by-step guide provided below.

  • Visit the Redlands Aeries Student Login web address from the web browser installed on your device – https://redlands.asp.aeries.net/student/LoginParent.aspx
  • On the login page, fill in your email address on the requested section and click next.
  • Now enter your password and again click continue.
  • After that, you need to verify your account by adding details such as Student Permanent ID Number, Verification Code(sent to your email), and Student Home Telephone Number onto the fields on this page and hit the next option.
  • If the details provided by you are correct, then you will be provided access to your account on the said web portal.
Aeries Redlands Password Reset Page
Aeries Redlands Password Reset Page

How to Recover Your Account on the Aeries Parent Portal Redlands Without Password?

If you have forgotten the password for your account on the Aeries rusd portal, then go through the comprehensive tutorial cited below to recover your account.

  • Click on the Redlands Aeries Student Login web address shown here – https://redlands.asp.aeries.net/student/LoginParent.aspx
  • Once the login page is shown, look for the “forgot password” option under the requested fields.
  • Press the mentioned option, and enter your email address linked to your account on the said portal.
  • Now you will be sent, an email containing verification link.
  • After that, open the email, and click on the given link.\
  • Here on this page, verify your account by adding info such as, Student Permanent ID Number, Access Code, Contact Number etc. by following the instructions provided on the page.
  • Then click on the “continue or next” option.
  • Fill in your new password and confirm the password by re-entering the chosen password.
  • Lastly, press the “submit” icon, and you can recover your account on the said web portal by visiting the login page.

Features Offered by the Aeries’ Portal Rusd.

As discussed above, the Aeries sign-in portal offers various features for parents/students, Administrators, and Teachers to help them stay connected to their work and school. For example,


  • The students of RUSD can access their study materials her on this portal, and download them by following the instructions shown on the page.
  • All the personal info of the students displayed on their profile in the web portal, which can be updated whenever required.
  • Moreover, the students can use this portal to access the assignments given by their respective subject teachers here and also submit them online after completion.
  • The parents can monitor their children’s attendance percentage for each classes through the attendance sheets available on the page.
  • In addition, the student’s past and present grades awarded for each of the subjects shown here.


  • The administrators of each respective schools under the RUSD can view weekly class schedules here.
  • They can also monitor the attendance performance of each student attending the classes.
  • Administrators can use this portal, to monitor the assignments submitted by each student before and after the deadline given by the teachers.
  • They can also view the submitted assignments and the marks awarded to each student here on this online website.
  • The admins can also view the academic calendars provided on the page. Mainly to look for important dates like commencing of examinations, events, etc.


  • Teachers can use this online platform to share the assignments for students in each of their classes. Along with deadlines for each assignment.
  • The submitted assignments will be corrected by the teacher and the marks awarded by the teacher can be shared with the students through this portal.
  • Above all, the teachers have complete access to each of the student profiles containing complete stats of the individual students.
  • In addition, they can view the attendance percentage of each individual, attending their classes through the portal under discussion.
  • The grade reports of each student will be shared by the teachers through this web portal.
  • Based on the different type of info available on each student, the teachers can write an evaluation report for the parents of these students. These reports outline the areas that need improvement, and areas where they perform better of the students, and how to improve in the lacking areas.

Aeries Software Company

 Aeries Software Company Logo
Aeries Software Company Logo

A software company based in California State, in the United States of America. Popularly Known for its Leading Student Data Management System software, employed more than 1000 schools in the country. This company’s headquarters are located in Anaheim City of California. Jerry Lloyd established the company in the year 1995, mainly to lead the EdTech and Software industries. With its decades of experience, the company’s Students Information System Software has become one of the most popular and reliable platforms across the country.

Moreover, the company’s advanced tech tools result in the advancement of the education sector. The company in question has more than 132,400 employees and millions of platforms across multiple states in the country. In the addition, the company’s Cloud-Based applications store student, school data securely from hackers. Quick Schools, Campus Management, Hex Technologies, EDU Happy, and TBS Technologies are some popular competitors of Aeries Software Inc.

Redlands Unified School District

 Redlands Unified School District Logo
Redlands Unified School District Logo

The Redlands Unified School District operates in the City of Redlands, of San Bernardino County, California. The School District Manages 16 elementary schools, 6 high schools, and 5 middle schools. All the course materials, school guidelines are provided by the school district for all the schools located inside Redlands City. The District is located in a rural area in California, as a result, the number of students currently pursuing education is limited to 21,233 children. Mauricio Arellano holds the Superintendent post of the Redlands Unified School District.

Further, the school district is going to get a new member, due to the construction of a new school in the city. RUSD has faced a fair share of controversies over the years due to racial slurs and name-calling in the schools and community. Which, ultimately, lead the Redlands City Council to declare a public crisis. Some schools under the wing of RUSD are Arroyo Verde Elementary School, Beattie Middle School, Clement Middle School, Redlands East Valley High School, and Citrus Valley High School, etc. If you want to learn more about the ‘Redlands Unified School District’, visit the official web page by clicking on the Redlands Unified School District / Homepage web link given here – https://www.redlandsusd.net/.


For the students, lecturers, and administrators of various schools under the Redlands Unified School District, the article above provides a detailed tutorial on how to log in, register, recover accounts, change password procedures for their online student management portal: Aeries Redlands. In addition, the article describes briefly the various features that individual users can access on this online portal. Moreover, in this article, you can also access comprehensive information regarding the Aeries Company and also the Redlands Unified School District.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access the “Aeries Redlands” web portal?

The “Aeries sign-in” portal provides access to only the students, teachers, and administrators of the multiple schools located in the city of Redlands, California. Although they must possess a set of requirements listed in the above sections to get access to the portal.

Who developed the “Aeries Student Information” Portal?

The “aeries rusd portal” is developed by Aeries Software Inc, primarily to provide their online student information platform services to the students, faculty of a variety of schools under the Redlands Unified School District.

What are the features offered by the Aeries parent portal Redlands?

Attendance Sheets, Class Schedules, Grade Reports, Assignment Tasks, Course Study Materials, Evaluation Reports, etc some of the major features offered by the “aeries Redlands high school” web portal. However, it should be noted that the features of the web portal vary for individual users like teachers, students, parents, and administrators.

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