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alaskasworld.com – Alaska Employee Login Portal

AlaskasWorld, a Paperless Employee Portal(PEP) designed by Alaska Air Group for its employees. Mainly, to assist the employees to access work information and details anywhere from the world with a proper internet connection. The Alaskan Air employees frequent this web portal to check flight schedule details, daily work schedules, employees’ working hours. And also to access pay stubs, employee benefits, and bonuses. In addition, the portal helps the employees to stay connected with the company with the latest updates, company-related news, and announcements. The web portal was developed specifically to reduce the use of papers and time wastage making it a Paperless Employee Portal.

AlaskasWorld Login Guides

AlaskasWorld Home Page

Requirements to Create Your Account on the Web Portal.

To open an account on the alaskasworld login web portal, the candidates must possess the listed requirements mentioned here.

  • The individual must be a currently working employee of the Alaska Air Group.
  • Official web address of the AlaskasWorld portal.
  • Valid Username and password provided by the Airlines.
  • Secured web browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari.
  • Compatible device for instance mobile phone or laptop with stable high-speed internet connection.
AlaskasWorld <a href=Login Page” width=”627″ height=”447″ />
Login Page

The Login Process for the Alaskasworld Fly Login Portal.

The Login process for the alaskasworld fly portal is quite simple if you follow the detailed instructions given below.

  • Connect to the Alaska Airlines login web address and then choose the Alaskasworld.com option from the choices displayed on the portal – https://splash.alaskasworld.com/splash.asp
  • A separate page is shown, requesting the login credentials.
  • On this page, enter your username and password.
  • You can choose the “Remember me” option to store your credentials on the web browser if you are going to use the same device to access the web portal.
  • After that, click the “Sign In” option, and you are successfully logged into your account.

How to Recover Your Alaskasworld Com Pet Account, if You Forgot Your Password?

To recover your account on the pet Alaska airlines employee travel portal without a password, go through the comprehensive tutorial cited below. Such as,

  • Visit the AlaskasWorld Login web address from your device – https://fedauth.alaskasworld.com/
  • On the login page, look for the “Forgot Password” option below the sections.
  • Enter your valid username and choose the mentioned option.
  • Now follow the instructions given on the page.
  • After that, click next and type your new password.
  • Confirm the new password by re-entering the password.
  • Lastly, press the submit option.

How to Change Your Alaskasworld Login Account Password?

To change your account password, read the elaborate instructions provided here.

  • Click on the AlaskasWorld Login web address on your web browser – https://fedauth.alaskasworld.com/
  • Now choose the “change password” option from the given menus under the sections.
  • Enter your username and click continue.
  • Go through the given instructions and complete them successfully and press next.
  • After that, enter your old password, new password.
  • Re-enter the new password and click submit icon.

Features of the Alaskasworld Com Pet Login Portal.

The web portal in question offers multiple features that are described in detail below. For instance,

  • The Pilots and flight crew working for the “Alaska Airlines” or Horizon Air can access their flight schedules on this web portal.
  • The employees can receive their monthly salary payments online on this portal.
  • Forever, they can visit the paystub listings on this portal to gather payment slips information and also to download paystub forms for bank loans.
  • The portals record the employee working hours and previous attendance records, which can be accessed by the employees.
  • The employees can keep in touch with company with the regular updates, the latest company related news.
  • They can also view the announcements made by the company on this portal.
  • Receive daily work schedules and also to access and update your personal and career info shown on the web portal.

Problems With the Alaska Airlines Horizon Air Employee Login Portal

The users or employees visiting this web portal face some common web page problems. Such as Login errors, website unavailability, bad connection, troubleshooting problems. These issues their causes and solutions are given below.

Login Errors

To avoid the occurrence of login errors, please make sure you enter the accurate credentials onto the login page. It is ideal to save your credentials in a secured folder on your device to access at a later date.

Bad Connection

A bad connection prevents the employees from accessing the said web portal and its many features. So please use a high-speed and stable internet connection on the device while visiting the web portal in question.

Website Unavailability

The Alaskasworld website registers the IP Address while accessing the web portal, and so if multiple devices are frequently used the website login page will not be available. So, it is best suited to use the same device while accessing the web portal.

Trouble Shooting Problems

Upon using an unsecured web browser or if one does not update web browsers, this kind of problem will occur. So prefer using a secured web browser and updating it to its latest version. Also, delete cache and search history, frequently, to prevent the worsening of the web browser’s performance.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Logo
Alaska Airlines Logo

The Airlines started its operations on June 6, 1944, in Anchorage, Alaska, United States of America. The company was originally established on April 14, 1932, as McGee Airways which later changed its name to Alaska Airlines. However, the airlines are currently under the wing of Alaska Air Group, which also operates Horizon Air. Alaska Airlines has there main airport hubs in Boise, San Jose, and San Diego, Anchorage, Portland, Los Angeles, Seattle and, San Francisco and it has regular flights to more than 99 destinations worldwide. In addition, the airline is also an honorary member of the OneWorld Airlines Alliance.

The airline has three types of Call Signs like AS, ASA, and ALASKA, and its headquarters are based in Sea-Tac City, Washington. Linious Mc.Gee is the founder of Alaska Airlines, Ben Minicucci is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO), and Brad Tilden is the Chairman. The organization currently has an impressive workforce of 23,000 people across the world. The company offers special discounts and offers through the Mileage Program for frequent flying customers. In other words, frequent flyers can buy flight tickets at cheaper rates compared to general passengers and also get the best service on board. The airline operates has more than 319 aircraft fleet and an additional 108 aircrafts in order.

Alaska Air Website

This website is created for the customers and passengers who use Alaska Airlines to travel across the country or out of the country. The web portal is a one-stop shop for passengers offering various features for its passengers. Such as multiple seating choices, budget-friendly rates, scheduled flight listings, monthly calendars, and many more. In addition, passengers with mileage cards can use this website to get the best discounts and benefits. The simple web design helps the users to access various features easily without any stress. To book your tickets on Alaska Airlines, visit Book a flight@Alaskaairlines website – https://www.alaskaair.com/Shopping/Flights/Shop

Employee Benefits Offered by the Alaska Airlines

Health Benefits

  • Multiple healthcare plans to choose from.
  • Special events and programs to help employees maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.
  • Insurance and coverage for Temporary and Full-term disability.
  • Exclusive Active Well-being programs.

Financial Benefits

  • 401 K Retirement Plan for employees.
  • Bonus Programs for quarterly and annual periods.
  • Paid Time Off
  • The employees working here can purchase company stocks at a discount prices under the Employee Stock Purchase Program.
  • They can apply for credit cards offered by the Alaskan Air Group Credit Union.

Other Benefits

  • Training Programs and Classes to help employees improve their skills and work performance.
  • Access company provided scholarships for which both the employees and their family members are eligible(Students).
  • Opportunities to donate salary for communities, where they can also participate as volunteers.
  • Special events are conducted for the employees and their family members and also celebrations for retiring employees.
  • The employees and their family members can access the unlimited travel plans on stand by basis.
  • Exclusive vacation plans for the employees working here.
  • Above all, they can also get discounts and offers while booking Alaska Airlines Flights.
  • Special offers and discounts for employees visiting popular retail stores, travel companies, etc.


In this article, we provided you with detailed information about the “AlaskasWorld” web portal, its many features, requirements, and common issues. Along with comprehensive tutorials for account recovery, the login process, and the change password procedure. We have also given the necessary information about Alaska Airlines, Its Passenger Portal, History, Employee Benefits, Current Workforce, Airport Hubs, travel destinations, Fleet Strength, etc. in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How to access the AlaskasWorld web portal?

The web portal in question can only be accessed by the employees currently working here. By visiting the official web address: AlaskasWorld Login from your device with an installed web browser and internet connection – https://fedauth.alaskasworld.com/

How to apply for jobs at Alaska Airlines?

To apply for jobs at Alaska Airlines, visit the Jobs at Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air web address from your device. Search for the required job position and apply – https://alaskaair.jobs/.

Name some of the general web issues of the AlaskasWorld login portal?

As stated in the above sections the Alaskasworld portal users face some common issues. Such as website unavailability, Login errors, Troubleshooting problems, and Bad connection.

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