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Apollo Retail Employee Portal – Merchandiser Portal

One of the many things that have been hit hard by the pandemic is Retail. Still, retail has managed to adapt to these changes by offering people a chance to get their stuff online at their doorsteps. One such company providing retail services to its customers is Apollo Retail. The people working at Apollo can access the Apollo Retail Portal for all their work-related tasks.

Apollo retail is an Apollo merchandising company that provides various services to its customers at the right price. The team at apollo retail has skills like carpentry, plumbing, et cetera. They provide their services like recall, resets, assembly hall furniture, and many more throughout the country.

Apollo Retail Portal Logo

How to use Apollo Retail Portal

If you are working for a company that generates around $55.4 million in sales with more than 1000 employees, then you need a portal where all your work-related tasks, inquiries, and schedules can be maintained. For Apollo, that is the Apollo Retail Portal which is the employee login portal.

Any person who joins the ranks of Apollo Retail specialist is provided with a login credential to access this portal. This portal can be used for many employee-related activities like scheduling your work-related appointments, logging your tasks, and communicating with your team.

So if you want to get ahead with the tasks then you have to login into your account, but if you are new or do not know how to login into the Apollo Retail Portal do not worry because we got your back. You can check out the tutorial on how you can log in to this web portal.

How to Login Into Apollo Retail Portal

 Apollo Retail Portal Login Page

The merchandiser web portal for Apollo is only accessible to employees that have an account in the portal. This Apollo Retail employee portal is provided to employees when they join the team, and the login credential is just your assigned username and password. Now without further ado, let’s see the procedure.

  1. First, visit the apolloretialportal which can be done by using the apolloretailportal.com – https://www.edataimagination.com/GAMS_ARS4/public2/index.php
  2. Do not worry if it redirects you to a page with a different domain name.
  3. You will notice two fields, one is the username and the other one is the password. Fill those two fields.
  4. Then hit the “log-in” button, and you will be logged into your Apollo Retail portal account.
  5. In case you enter a wrong password or username then you see a message stating “Authentication Failure”.
  6. When you see such a message, just click on “Login Failed Retry”.
  7. There is no specific procedure in case you forget your password. The probable solution for this would be to contact customer support or talk to your supervisor.

All About Apollo Retail

At Apollo Retail you can find skilled personnel who can provide you various services in different industries, from plumbing, assembling furniture, manufacturing sector, bicycle assembly, and many other building and maintenance services across the country.

One of the main reasons people strive for success is to reach the ranks of privileged and lead a comfortable life. After you reach such heights all you need from life is comfort, and taking care of menial things like fixing your kitchen pipes, or assembly your new furniture will not provide that comfort.

They take care of these menial tasks for you, with employees who are skilled in those respective industries. All the employees at our company offer professional service and are accountable for the services they offer. All you have to do is just give them a call let them know your requirements and any instructions. They also offer a Quality Assurance program.

The person behind the successful Apollo Retail Services is Mike Sunderland, who is also the CEO of the company.  He runs a company that has completed more than 140 tasks nationwide.

Some Clients of Apollo Retails

Since Apollo Retail portal offers services across the country, they have clients who trust their skills and work ethics. Some of those well-known clients are Walmart, Best Buy, Target, FedEx Office, PetSmart, Verizon, Food Lion, Lowes Home Improvement, and many more. Other clients like IKEA and Amazon trust the assembly skills of employees at Apollo Retail

The employees use Apollo Retail portals to offer these clients hands-on services and have been doing so for the past 15 years. Apart from the previously mentioned services, their other specialties are graphics installations, product demonstrations, Audits, Logistics, ADA Compliance, et cetera.

Apollo Retail Solutions

To get a better idea of all the services and solutions provided by Apollo Retail let’s take a look at the things that they offer its customers.


Professional at Apollo Retail offers their unparalleled skills for

  • New Store setup: When you are switching up your business or starting a new store at someplace then you’re probably going to need some help to set up a shop. Well, you can take assistance from Apollo Retails for any sort of installations or merchandising that has a quick and effective response.
  • Remodeling:  At some point, you’re going to have to get a makeover for your place or store, cause no one can look at the same ceiling for a long time.
  • Fixture Installations: Need a hand with various fixtures like kiosks, displays, stores, or any other kind of fixtures or installations, you can count on the experts at Apollo to carry out those tasks. Employees at Apollo have been provided with professional training for these tasks.
  • Audits & Surveys: If you ever want a second opinion on your displays then contact the Apollo Retail, because they have people who do an in-depth analysis of these things. Plus, they also offer audits.
  • Fulfillment & Logistics: Most businesses need plates to load and unload their stuff, and if you need them immediately then expect them to be there in 3 days with the express delivery.
  • Merchandising: This is one of the important aspects for any business, as products must be merchandised properly. So with the Apollo Retail team, you get a planned, organized, and analyzed approach to your merchandising for single or multiple aisles.
  • Assembly: No matter the location, our team of W-2 employees will assembly any kind of furniture or product for your house, office, or store.
Apollo Retail Store

Merch Install

Any kind of merch you need installing for merchandising, or you may need rollbacks, audits, or cut-ins, and even survey we got you covered.

Big Box

The Big box service is beneficial for the store owners who want to start their business or maybe just want to relocate. You can merchandise moved to any place with the big box service and also get fixture installations. All of these tasks are carried by their W-2 workers.

Xpress Merch

Various project executions can be handled by the team at Apollo under deadline, with swift actions, and with budget constraints if there are any. The retail marketing teams offer various services under Xpress Merch.

  • Projects: You can hire a team to renovate or remodel your store without hindering your current activities. There is a separate projects team that provides help with audits, resets, POP placements, and product cut-ins. All this can be achieved under the desired timeframe.
  • Resets and Mandated Rework: The team uses a planogram to bring the customer’s desired output under the assigned budget and time limitations.
  • Continuity Services: If you want a specific product to have more sales, then you have to know the right placement and rotation. With the Apollo team, you receive the better placement of a required product that increases sales and visibility. The teams also make sure that no product is out of stock, or at least an out-of-stock product isn’t known to customers.
  • Remodels and New Stores: If you have hired the Apollo Retail team, then you do not have to worry. Not even about the delays in your remodel or missing the time frame for your store reopening. That’s because Apollo offers a planned approach to these tasks under appropriate leadership. All to make sure that no task misses the client’s expectations.

A few other services are provided by adhering to safety conditions instilled by WHO in times of the Covid-19 pandemic. So You can bet that Apollo Retails delivers on all these promises with all the appropriate safety measures. If you still have a doubt, then go through their client list again.

Apollo Retail Customer Support

To contact Apollo Retail, you can just visit their site apolloretail.com and provide the appropriate information. You can see fields like name, address, contact number, zip code, email, and message. Explain to them any issues you have and wait for an appropriate response. You can also call them or mail them using the info provided on their page.


The Apollo Retail portal or the Apollo Retail employee portal is an employee-only portal. It was created so that people working at that organization can use it to organize, schedule, and manage their tasks. All you have to do is follow the instructions provided in the tutorial to login into your account.

If you want to avail of their services then you can go to their site. To find out what services they have to offer, you just have to look at their site. You will see that they have their finger in pies like merchandising, assembly, installation, and fixture services. In case you have any trouble with your work or the services they are offering then you can contact their customer support to get the required solution.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How to apply for Apollo Retail merchandiser jobs?

You can go to Apollo merchandising site which is their official site and click on the Careers option. Then click on the “Apply Here” option on the next page, and you will be taken to another page where you can search for the job role and location. Select the role you require, and read the job description and responsibilities. Then you can apply for the job if that suits your requirement.

What should I do If I forget my Apollo Retail.com password?

You can contact customer support to solve this issue. If you do know how then we have explained the process in simple steps in this article.

How long has Apollo been proving their retail services?

They have been successfully proving their various retail services to their services to their clients for more than 22 years now.

What is an Apollo Retail Specialist?

Then Apollo Retail specialist offers various services like remodels, resets, assembly, fixtures, installations, merchandising, logistics, and many more.

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