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AZPeople – AutoZone OpenAM

AZPeople web portal designed by AutoZone Inc is not just for their workers, but also for their associates and other authorized members of the company.  The web portal offers multiple services and features for people, and it can be accessed from anywhere through a web browser and internet connection.

Some of the features that are offered to the Autozone Login portal users are checking AutoZone Pay stubs and Payroll Numbers, Enable Direct Deposit Option, Daily Work Schedules, W2 Tax, and Wage Forms, Receive Discount while purchasing computers and vehicles from the AutoZone Stores, obtain various Health Benefits, Apply and get Paid Vacations or Holidays, Skill improvement programs, employee medication reminders, and Digital Autozone Discount Card.


Requirements to Login to the AZPeople Web Portal

The AZPeople portal is accessible to only people who have certain requirements, which are stated below.

  • Employee, Associate, or Authorized Member of the Autozone Inc.
  • Latest Version Web Browser with High-Speed Internet Access.
  • Install Antivirus or Firewall protection on your devices to protect your data while accessing the portal.
  • Company Provided Employee ID and Password.
  • Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet, and PC.
  • Web Address for the AZPeople Web Portal.

The Registration Process for AZPeople Employee Portal

The registration process for the AZPeople portal is simple, however, we have provided you the steps to go through to complete your registration process.

  • Visit the AutoZone Self Service Login web address mentioned here.
  • Once the login page is showcased, search for the “Activate account” option on the same page.
  • Now type your Username(Employee ID/Ignition), Last Name, and Secret Code(Last 4 digits of the SSN Number).
  • Press next, which will send you an email to your device with a link.
  • Click on this link and select your security questions and answer them.
  • Now fill in your New Password, and Confirm Password and press submit option.

How to Login to the AutoZone Employee Login Portal?


To log in successfully to the AZPeople Portal, comply with the comprehensive tutorial provide here.

  • Connect to the AutoZone Self Service Login web address through a web browser on your device – https://ignition.autozone.com/pwm/private/Login.
  • The Login page is loaded, requesting your credentials.
  • Fill in your Employee ID and Current Password into their corresponding sections.
  • Press the Login option on the bottom of the page.
  • Now you are successfully logged into the AZPeople portal.

What to Do if You Have Forgotten Your Password for the AZPeople Account?

To recover your account on the AZPeople web portal, follow the detailed steps given here.

  • Click on the Autozone Forgotten Password web link stated here.
  • Once the page is opened, enter your Username and Last name.
  • Now Search option under these sections.
  • After finding your account, follow the instructions given on this page.
  • Once you complete these steps, another page is opened.
  • On This page enter your new password and confirm password.
  • Now you can visit the login portal and enter your login credentials so that you can access your account.

Features of the AZPeople Portal

The Autozone portal designated for the employees and authorized members offers various features through these web portals, which are explained in detail below.

  • Access health benefits such as Vision, Dental, and Disability Insurance and Coverage.
  • Assign your bank accounts to the web portal to directly receive your payments or salaries monthly.
  • Download or Print W2 Tax and Wage Forms when required directly through the portal.
  • The employees can apply for sick and personal leaves on this portal, and access company paid leaves and vacations every year.
  • The portal also has an interesting feature known as Employee Medication Remainder, which helps employees with long-term illnesses take medications at the right time during their workdays.
  • Access Digital Autozone Discount Card, which gives the card users or employees discounts and rewards while purchasing automotive parts through the Autozone Retail Stores.
  • Access your monthly AutoZone pay stubs and complete stats on these transactions.
  • Also, access and print your payment slip forms to apply for bank loans.
  • Access Work Schedules Daily before reaching the office or from the comfort of your home.
  • Also, get discounts for buying computer parts and accessories across their stores in and out of the country.

How to Solve the Issues Faced by the Users of the AZPeople Web Portal

There are minor issues faced by the users of the AZPeople web portal, namely loading time issues, slow servers, login errors, registration errors, and connectivity issues. The slow servers and loading times are caused by the increased traffic to the portal, which is of rare occurrence. The other issues are quite easily resolvable by using the precautions or tips suggested below.

  • Making sure the installed software is not blocking the website, as they usually misinterpret sites to be harmful.
  • The auto-Fill feature tends to mismatch the credentials of different platforms, so it is ideally advised to shut down the Auto-Fill feature.
  • The internet connection you are using to access the portal must be of high speeds and consistent, preferably a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Inspect the web address clearly for any spelling mistakes, as there can be many frauds or fake websites imitating the original address to steal data and info.
  • As mentioned above, it is ideal to use the latest web browser version to get access to all the features.
  • Make sure you are entering the correct credentials, while logging in or during the registration processes.
  • Accepts all the cookies if requested, as they help the website to work properly or efficiently.

If the issues persist, contact the AutoZone Human Resources Phone Number: 800-288-6966, or visit the nearest Autozone retail store.

Benefits Provided by the Autozone Inc to Their Employees

AutoZone Inc offers impressive benefits to the 87,000 employees who work here in their retail across multiple countries. These benefits are explained in great detail here in this section.

  • Full-time and Part-time medical plans by Blue Cross Blue Shield and Health Sherpa.
  • State Medical Coverage feature.
  • Coverage for Prescription Drugs.
  • Dental and Vision Insurance and Coverage.
  • 401K Retirement plan with retirement funds and coverage.
  • Stock Purchase Plans for interested or enthusiastic employees along with assistance and suggestions.
  • Death, Life, Accident, and Dismemberment Insurance Plans.
  • Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, and Health Reimbursement Account.

AutoZone Inc

Autozone Inc is a Multinational Automotive and Accessories Retailer with multiple stores across the United States of America, and other countries in the western hemisphere. With its Headquarters in Memphis City in the State of Tennessee. It specializes in providing aftermarket services for products such as Automotive Parts and Accessories. The Company was founded 42 years ago on July 4th, 1979 by the founder Pitt Hyde.

Apart from this, Autozone Inc also manufactures automobile components such as brake paddles under the private labels namely Duralast, Duralast Max, Duralast Max, Duralast GT Street, and Duralast Elite. The Retailer Giant achieves revenue of $10.89 billion every year and has impressive manpower of more than 87,000 people. The organization entered the New York Stock Market in 1991 and has been a stable stock, attracting brokers from all across the world for years.

AZPeople : AutoZone

William C. Rhodes III is the current Chairman, who is the CEO, and President of AutoZone Inc, and William T. Giles is the Chief Financial Officer(CFO). Under William. C Rhodes III leadership the company has strived to gain recognition as it has set debut across the many countries in North, Central, and South America. Because of which the company has participated in various sponsorship events such as Auto Racing Association NASCAR in 2004, NASCAR Busch Series in 2007, AutoZone Liberty Bowl, and also Bellator MMA. These advertisement programs help the company achieve a front-runner position in its respective industry, making it one of the most recognizable brands not just in the United States of America, but also across other countries.


The AutoZone Employee Login article provides all the necessary details of the web portal, its requirements, issues faced by the users, features of this web portal, and detailed tutorials for various processes such as Registration, login, Account Recovery, etc. We have also provided you the details such as history, employee benefits, products & services, private labels, top management, and many more of the AutoZone Inc Company.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Are the digital AutoZone discount cards available only for the employees of AutoZone, and what are the features?

No, the digital AutoZone discount cards are available for working employees, associates, authorized members, and retired employees. The cards in question provide rewards to employees after every purchase and also offer various discounts every month.

What are the features of the AZPeople portal?

The AZPeople web portal has many features for employees and other authorized members such as daily work schedules, paystubs, payment listings, w2 tax forms, retirement funds, health and financial benefits, employee medication reminders, digital AutoZone discount card, skill improvement programs, and paid vacations.

Where to apply for jobs at AutoZone Inc?

Interested candidates with the right experience and requirements can apply for job openings at the AutoZone retail stores across America’s(North/South) destinations by directly visiting the stores and submitting job application letters, or can apply online from the AutoZone Careers web portal.

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