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Bing Weekly Quiz – Latest Weekly Interesting Quizzes

Who doesn’t love to solve quizzes and puzzles while sipping from a cup of hot chocolate every morning? I don’t think anybody else loves to do so except all the nerds out there.

There’s something torturous about such puzzles that make anyone want to attempt their very best to get every question right. Recent studies have shown that such teasers/puzzles value decision-making and critical thinking. These are, of course, important aspects of learning. Furthermore, such activities keep us entertained.  For those who are eager to test their knowledge, we bring forward the Bing Weekly Quiz, designed with a hint of learning factor and a dash of entertainment.

The Bing Weekly Quiz

Microsoft Bing, as everyone knows, is a diversified search engine that offers any kind of service requested. Bing gives satisfactory results that are similar or rather better than the popular search engine Google. We aren’t here to deny that Google tops the chart, but Bing on the other hand has more to offer. It has a visually appealing background with efficient search results and the latest news and entertainment sections that don’t even need to be typed in the search bar(well because it’s right there on the homepage). Bing is a lot more interactive than any other popular browser. And now with the Bing quizzes and games incorporated, it’s a favorite browser for some folks.

So, let’s jump to the wide array of games and quizzes offered by the Bing Weekly Quiz, which among them are popular, what is Bing Fun, Bing puzzle games, and most importantly, where to find them.

Microsoft Bing

What Is Bing Weekly Quiz?

The Bing weekly quiz, as mentioned earlier, is a huge collection of brain-teasers on a vast array of topics for all kinds of intellectuals. These questions are based on events/news and other topics, which are listed in detail below. The users will also find Bing Question of the Day which is a part of the Bing Weekly Quiz, i.e., one question for every day of the week.

These questions are easy to play and designed for people of all ages. All the quiz questions covered are short and to the point, as the main intent of the company was to make interactive web pages to keep the audience engaged. In addition to all this, Bing users can also earn points for not just winning but also by participating in these games.

Bing Weekly Quiz Topics 

So, what exactly are the topics covered in the Bing Weekly Quiz? The topics covered so far are animal quizzes, astronomy, countries/continents, linguistics, food, festival(Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, etc.), quiz questions for kids, quizzes on games(NBA, Premier League, Soccer, Super Bowl), wildlife, the entertainment industry(Oscars and Grammys, Marvels, Star Wars, etc.), quiz questions for history buffs, quiz for gardeners and health-conscious folks, Science, meditation, philosophy, politics and art quizzes, etc.

The most popular Bing quiz topics covered so far that many have played enjoyed, and ranked as the top were about

  • World Cup Competitions for sports enthusiasts
  • Scary Movie Quiz for those who enjoy bone-chilling thrillers
  • Art quiz
  • Halloween Quiz
  • Educational quiz for our dear students who struggle to stay sane every day.

These quiz sections were the most visited, but with the only drawback that they are limited in number and short.

Where Can I Find the Bing Weekly Quiz?

  • Just click on the link, and it will redirect to the Bing Fun platform, which is the basis of the Bing weekly quiz – https://www.bing.com/fun/weeklynewsquiz.
  • On this page, there is a collection of tiles that feature all kinds of games and quizzes.
  • Here, an option called Bing Weekly Quiz is displayed.
  • Click on it, which will open 7 questions that need answers to
  • These questions are in contrast to the weekly news that is displayed on Bing’s homepage.
  • Once the questions are answered, the score is released.

To attain rewards, the questions must be answered correctly. These rewards are in the form of points. The points can be redeemed for buying gift cards and many other prizes.

For those who want more, then do check out the Bing Homepage Quiz – https://binghomepagequiz.org/

Bing Weekly Quiz

Bing Games Online Free

There are innumerable features to choose from. The user will find tiles that display Bing Free games such as Sudoku, chess games, number games, card matching, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, sliding tiles, and much more.

When any of these tiles are clicked, a pop-up appears asking to choose from the three levels of playing, i.e., easy, medium, and hard. Click on any of these three and enjoy the Bing free games. These games are timed along with options to reload and close the game. There isn’t an option for multiplayer mode. As for dual-player games like chess, the computer is our opponent.

There’s also a special section called Surprise Me. This section will not just surprise the user, but also encourage them to participate in all the quiz categories given here. There are so many options available here such as Bing quizzes for Potterheads, Sports quizzes, Nature lovers, sections dedicated to florists and gardeners, and much more. The Homepage Quiz section is entirely dedicated to questions from all parts of the world.

Additionally, the Learn and Explore part found at the bottom of the page contains guides and manuals for first-time players. These guides contain expert advice on how to perfect the game in every aspect. The guides are in contrast to the games displayed on the Big Fun page.

Bing Weekly Quiz

Why Can I Not Find the Bing Weekly Quiz?

Certain users across the world cannot access the Bing Weekly Quiz. Considering that the Bing Weekly Quiz is a reward program that was recently introduced, its access is only limited to a few countries. However, there’s a way to sort this issue.

Changing the Language settings to English and also changing the Location can hopefully solve the problem.

The History of Bing 

Microsoft Bing is a search engine service that is operated by Microsoft. The origins of Microsoft Bing are tied to the MSN, Windows Live Search and Live Search. Bing was released on June 3, 2009, as a replacement for Live Search. In the next month of its release, Microsoft and Yahoo! (which was second in power to Google) Corporation signed a deal that for 10 years, Bing would take over the Yahoo! Search engine. Concerning the deal, Yahoo! got to keep 88% of the revenue for the first five years. Yahoo! Also had the permission to advertise on the Microsoft platform.

Bing and Other Search Engines

By 2012, most global users of Yahoo! transition to Bing. This was the time when Bing started to gain prowess. During this phase, Google displayed dominance in the market. This drove Bing to stand its ground against Google.

Later on, Mozilla Firefox struck a deal with Microsoft to release “Firefox with Bing”. The standard edition of Firefox uses Google as its default search engine. It has included Bing as a part of the search providers since the release of Firefox version 4.0.

Currently, Bing is the most powerful search engine that stands right after Google. The global use of Bing has increased by 11% since its release in 2009. Bing was at its peak in 2014 and continues to do so since then.

Why Search With Bing?

There are many reasons why Bing is amongst the top search engines. Here are some of the few characteristics that are worth looking at:

  • An aesthetically pleasing background image
  • Advanced search results that provide info from every perspective
  • Bing’s reward programs
  • The homepage that displays news/events/entertainment and many niches
  • Enhanced picture/video quality along with explorative picture/video suggestions
  • Personalize homepage


Bing has made forth every effort to stand amongst the top search engines and is still coming up with ways to increase its global use in the market. Ever since its inception, Bing competes and will continue to do so with so many search engines in the market today.

Coming back to the Bing Weekly Quiz, hope our dear readers found all the reliable information that’s needed to play the Bing quizzes/puzzle games to win the best rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Where is the Bing Weekly quiz?

The Bing weekly quiz is found on the Bing fun page. Open the Bing Fun page and the option called Weekly Quiz is the one to go for.

What to do if the Bing weekly Option is not found?

The Bing weekly quiz option is only available to a few countries. Try to change the language to English and also change the Location to make it work.

What are the reward points used for?

The reward points for every correct answer can be redeemed for gift cards, vouchers and others.

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