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Centura Health Portal

Wherever you go in America, you can find at least one non-profit healthcare organization. In fact, there are more non-profit hospitals in the country than there are for-profit hospitals. The reason for this could be as simple as a good intention to provide free and cheap healthcare facilities to the marginalized group or just a tactic to avoid paying taxes. Regardless, there are many non-profit hospitals, and one such hospital that we are going to discuss today is the Centura Health Portal. Also, its portal is called My Centura Health Portal.

The Centura Health portal which is called the MyCenturaHealth is a portal dedicated to patients where they can view all their records and medical info. Every patient of Centura health has an account in this portal that they can for many things. Apart from the Electronic Health Records(EHR), a patient can find doctors, check their medication, fill up on prescription drugs, and so on other things.

This should be your one-stop to access every medical information the hospital has on you. Since there are many other things that you can do with this is portal, we are going to list them out.

Features of My Centura Health Portal

  • Access and print all kinds of medical records, past and present.
  • Check your lab results, get immunizations etc.
  • Contact your doctor to discuss specifics and get help.
  • Use the prescription refill option to request a refill on those empty pill containers.
  • Manage and schedule all your doctor appointments. The portal also has info on your previous appointments.
  • The portal also has option to show alerts for any kind of announcements or updates regarding your appointments and medical records.

That should be enough for you to understand how useful this portal is for an employee. Now that we cover the “why” aspect of this portal, it’s time to talk about “how”. Confused about what I’m talking about? By “how” I mean how to log in to this My Centura Health portal. If you are curious to find out then you will find the following sections interesting.

Services Offered at Centura Health and the Centura Health Portal

Every non-profit healthcare organization’s goal is to help their community grow and offer them affordable services. At Centura health, one can opt for many affordable services since their hospitals have many doctors and healthcare employees that specialize in many medical fields. Here are the services that the healthcare organization offers.

  • Centura Health Heart and Vascular Care. Under this, a patient can get services like vascular surgery, cardiovascular diagnostics, heart surgery, chest pain center, and many others.
  • Centura Health Neurosciences – Their expert care covers Neurology, Neurospine, Neurosurgery, Neuropsychology, and Neurointerventional surgery.
  • The Centura Health Orthopedics offer Spine care, joint replacement, sports Medicine, joint & ankle, and many other Ortho care services.
  • Centura also has primary health care under the name Centura Primary Helath Care or the family practice clinics where they provide physical checkups, screening for adults and children.

Some of their other services include Centura Billing and Financial Service that allows a patient to make online payments, get financial assistance among a few other things. One more useful feature is the option to find out their pricing for various services. They have a separate pricing page that provides estimates for a specific service.

My Centura Health Portal Login Procedure

Centura Health Portal

This is going to be pretty straightforward as it isn’t different from any other web portal out there. So let us stop beating around the bush and get on with the procedure.

  • To log in, open the My Centura Health web portal, use the following link – https://epic.mycenturahealth.org/MCH/Authentication/Login
  • Now, on the login page, you will see a lot of info about this portal. Things like what it can do and yada yada. That’s not the thing we are looking for.
  • Right in the beginning if observe there are two empty fields towards the right.
  • In those empty fields, fill in the username and password of the ‘My Centura Health Portal’.
  • Then hit that Sign-in button when you are done.
  • With that, you have access to all the features that this patient portal has to offer.

When You Forget Password for the My Centura Health Portal

Centura Health Portal

Do you ever see one of those signs in a hotel next to a fire extinguisher or an axe? A sign that says “In case of Emergency”? Similarly, every web portal has an option that is useful in cases of emergency.

  1. Here, it is the forgot password button. This is useful when you forget your account password.
  2. On the Centura Health Login Page, if you don’t remember your account password, click the “forgot password” option.
    Access Login Page from here – https://epic.mycenturahealth.org/MCH/Authentication/Login
  3. Then you will see a completely different page. Here you have to enter your My Centura Health Portal username along with DOB and last 4 digits of your SSN.
  4. If you enter the right information, the portal allows you to reset your account password.
  5. So add a new password and head back to the login page to enter this new password and login.

A little similar method is also used when you forget your username. Click the “forgot username” option on the login and fill in appropriate details to recover the forgotten username.

About Centura Health

About Centura Health

This non-profit healthcare is one of the subsidiaries of Catholic Health Initiatives. They established this organization to provide their community with the best healthcare infrastructure and did so by partnering with Advent Health. This is also another non-profit that runs by a faith-based organization. Together they established this subsidiary in 1996 in Englewood, Colorado. Now they have more than 1000 health care systems in the country that are spread across 21 states.

All these centers and, including the 137 hospitals in the country, they more than 10,000 employees, each skilled in their respective fields. In case you want to any of their hospitals or healthcare centers, then try this Centura HealthCare support page that will help you with that.

Centura App

Every feature that is available in their web portal is also accessible from their Centura app as well. In fact, the app provides it uses access to as many as 6000 physicians and many other healthcare service providers in their force. The app has many options from finding you the nearest hospital, Covid-19 announcements & news, lab test results, option to book and check appointments, medications, and a few others.

This helps you access these features from anywhere using your mobile. The advent of smartphones did make everything easier for us. Users with Android and iOS devices can install this app from their respective app stores. If you are tired of searching, then just click the above links.

Careers at Centura Health Portal

Sometimes a career is not a choice, but it’s what you are meant to do, it chooses you and not the other way around. So that is the case with you and are looking for a chance to get into healthcare then why not try a career at Centura Health. They are always on the lookout for skilled individuals who are passionate about their work and are willing to serve their community.

Well, I understand if anyone of you doesn’t know how to apply for a job role there. We are here to help you with that, and the following instructions are it.

  • Go to their Careers page using the link provided here, and read all the necessary info. Careers Page: https://www.centura.org/Careers
  • If you just want to cut to the chase get on with it, then click “Search for all jobs” or “Physician & provider jobs” depending on your requirement.
  • Regardless of the option you chose, if you scroll down a little then you can see a search bar and a few filter options.
  • Enter the job role you want and select category and location and hit the search button. This will show you open positions for that role and any other related roles.
  • Click the required role, and then you can see the job profile description along with requirements and every other important detail.
  • Then click the “Apply for this job online” and enter your email.
  • On the next page, you have to create an account by entering a bunch of boring info.
  • When you are done, click submit profile and your application is submitted.

Customer Support

Even if you cannot accept this, there are times when you need help with certain things. This sort of situation can also arise when you are navigating through the Centura Health portal or any of its other sites or portals. You might have trouble logging in, or you need some expert guidance or immediate medical support. In such cases, Centura Health has options to provide you with immediate assistance.

Use this Centura Connect page that has instructions and contact info to get urgent medical help. You can assign a bag in the hospital, get a quick referring from a doctor, follow-up communications, etc. They also have a directory with various contact numbers that will come in handy. Access it from here: https://www.centura.org/contact-information/directory


There isn’t much left to talk about which hasn’t already been covered in the above sections. I know, for some reading all the above info can be a tedious task because I’m one of those people, but hey, some of the above info can be a lifesaver. In any case, check the login portal procedure, since that’s the whole point you are here for, right? Then, if you are interested, skim through the other information for a better understanding of Centura Health and its services.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the Centura Health patient portal?

The Centura Health patient portal is what it says, It’s a portal for Centura Health hospitals. Every patient who uses any other services can create an account in the patient portal to access all their medical records, check and manage appointments, get prescriptions, and many other things. All they need to that are the right login credentials.

What can I do if forget my Centura health login password?

In case any of you forgets the Centura Health login password or username, they can use the appropriate option provided on the login page to reset their account password. I know some of you might need help with that, so we have listed detailed instructions on the same.

What are some of the services offered by Centura healthcare?

A patient can go on to their website to check their various service or just log in to their MyCenturahealth account. They offer billing, financial assistance, Orthopedics, Neuroscience, and a few other services are available at many of their hospitals and care centers.

What kind of career options does Centura Health offer?

With many hospitals and healthcare centers across the country, they are always on the lookout for skilled professionals. Their career options range from your general corporate positions to Physicians, caretakers, and provider jobs. There’s a simple explanation on how to apply for their open positions in this article, so do check it out.

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