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People who like grocery shopping are my kind of people. I don’t understand, but there is something about those aisles with all kinds of foods that I love(it’s probably the food!). If there’s ever going to be a zombie apocalypse, a grocery store is going to be my base for as long as I’m alive. Well, enough about that as we are here to talk about the Dollar General(DG) retail store and its DGME employee access portal.

A retail giant like Dollar general that’s been operating for 82 years now obviously has several stores in various locations. To be precise, it has 17,266 stores across the continental U.S. With that many stores the workforce is also a massive number with 143,000 employees. The thing is, it is difficult to keep track of things and manage all your work in such a huge retail store. This is why the employees have their portal.

The Dollar General has an employee portal which is usually called the DGME portal. Any employee of the retail store can log in to their accounts in this portal to access schedules, check on the employee benefits, check up on W-2, payrolls, and many other things. The moment a person joins their workforce, they are provided with an employee ID to enter this portal. Though not everyone is familiar with such web portals and may require some assistance. In such a case, the next few sections will help you understand everything about this portal.

DGME Employee Portal Login

Dgme Employee Portal Login

An employee of a Dollar general? Looking for instructions on how to log in to the employee portal? Then you are at the right place because we have broken down the DGME login procedure into a handful of simple steps. I bet you want to take a look at those steps. Well, here they are

  • Employee can access the DGME employee portal from the company’s website – https://www.dollargeneral.com/. The options are available in the corporate drop down menu, which is at the bottom.
  • If you want a simpler approach, then just use this Dgme Login page link – https://www.dollargeneral.com/. On the login page, notice a few empty fields?
  • An employee has to fill in their Employee ID, initial of first and last name along with their account password. When done, hit the DGME Login button.
  • What are looking more for? That was it, the above will log you into your employee portal.

After one is logged in, manage all the work, schedules and check up on those precious DGME paystubs from the account. Now, the company also has another portal for its employees. This is the Dollar general Pay stubs portal where employees can log in to check there, you know, DGME paystubs. The login procedure for this portal is pretty simple, all you have to do is enter the employee ID and password.

Forgot Password for DGME Portal

Forgot Password for Dgme Portal

Well, as embarrassing as it is, it isn’t surprising that one can forget their account password for a portal. There is a limit to things a human can remember, right? In any case, we bring the necessary instructions that will take care of anyone who has a similar situation. Now reset your employee account password with the next few steps.

  • Go to the same DGME login page of the employee portal and click the “forgot password?”. This option is visible right on the top.
  • Now, fill in every detail mentioned in the password recovery page. This includes things like the employee ID, SSN number last 4 digits, and DOB.
  • The portal will then look for your account using the info entered, then you will receive further instructions to reset the account password.
  • When you are done resetting the password, head back to the DGME login page and enter the new password to login. This way you know it works.

There is one more situation where you might not even know your employee ID, which means trouble. Do not worry though, we have a solution for that as well. Check it out.

  • On the password reset page, there is another option under the employee ID field. Click it if you do not know your ID.
  • In which case you will redirected again to another page. There, enter your first name, DOB, year of getting hired, and last 4 digits of your SSN.
  • Finally, click submit. This will help you find you your employee ID.
  • For some reason, if there’s still a problem then contact support or system administrator.

How to Register for the Dollar General Employee Portal and User Portal?

Both users and employees have a separate portal to manage their work or shop depending on who’s using it. First, let talk about the employee registration for a new user.

  • Use this registration link if you are a new use and want to create an account in the employee portal – https://websso.dolgen.net/ssoa/NewRegistration.aspx
  • Now, the registration page might look a little similar to another page, which is the password reset.
  • Regardless, enter the mentioned details like employee ID, DOB, last 4 digits of SSN, and legal first name. After that, click the submit button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, if any, to register a new account in this portal.

This was the registration process for the employee portal. Now we will discuss the procedure to create a user account for the Dollar General website.

  • Most of you might have visited the DG website to check out stuff and offers. In such case, you might have noticed the sign in option in the top right corner.
  • Click the Sign in option and you can see a few other options in the drop down menu. From those options, click “Create account” option.
  • A window pops up for account creation. In that windows, enter your name(first & last), zip code, email, and password.
  • While entering a password make sure that it has a number, character, upper and lower case letter in it.
  • If you want to receive info offers, emails, and digital receipts then check the appropriate boxes before hitting that “create an account” button.
  • That’s all a general users have to do to create an account for the Dollar general website.

Now you can add your favorites to the shopping cart and order them online to your doorstep.

How to Delete the Dollar General Account and App?

Let us say that for some reason if one wants to get rid of their DG account in their portal. The reason could be anything, one might not be satisfied with their services or may have had a bad experience with them. Regardless, we are here to show the way on how to delete an account in their portal. There are two ways to delete the account and remove all the personal data.

  1. One is by using the GDPR law. The GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation for EU residents) states that an individual has a right to ask an organization to delete their personal data. Just them an email or a letter for that.
  2. The other similar law is the CCPA(California Consumer Privacy Act). This law dictates that a resident of California can request a business body to delete all kind of personal info it has on them. The business body has to then comply, otherwise pay a fine of $7,500 per violation.
  3. If you are using the dollar general app, or the DG digital coupons, ads app then you can simply go to your device settings and then to the storage/apps and uninstall it.

About Dollar General

Most of you know the retail store very well since you go there for shopping. It takes time to build such a successful billion-dollar business from scratch and James Luther Turner and Cal Turner did an amazing job at that. The father and son duo are the founders of this retail store that now has total assets of $22.825 billion.

The business was passed down to the next generation to Cal Turner Jr. until it was then handled by David Perdue as CEO in 2003. In the same year, the retail store entered the grocery market which is called the Dollar General Market. After David Bere became the interim CEO, the company shares were bought by multiple investors for $6.9 billion. DG also sponsored Joe Gibbs Racing, Brain Vickers, Matt Kenseth, and a few others in NASCAR. Apart from that, it has also sponsored the Dollar General Bowl.

Have you ever wondered how the retail store provides stuff at affordable prices? That’s because most of their stores operate in rural areas and they don’t own the stores. This costs less to establish a store and provides a sort of escape plan to move stores if things don’t work out. Their store size is small, fewer employees, limited brands and products(around 12,000), stock of fresh produce is also less. All these things help them cut their cost and provide stuff at a cheaper price.


While all this sounds great, all that glitters is not gold. The store has been news many times now for not-so-good reasons. Many employees have reported security issues due to armed robberies and assaults.

In 2018, an employee named Robert Woods died when an armed assailant fired multiple shots in the store. This isn’t the only issue, many customers have complained that the store doesn’t have proper hygiene with dirty aisles, expired foods, bad employee behavior, rodent infestation, and many more. All this doesn’t paint a very good picture for the store image, and yet they don’t seem to care.

Due to its multiple expansions in rural areas and small towns, the company had become a thorn in the side for small businesses striving hard to survive. This led to some cities and towns passing laws to curb their expansion including Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.

Dollar General App

Dollar General App

If you are tired of visiting their store with mean cashiers and managers who aren’t concerned about customer service, use their app instead. I know it doesn’t guarantee a good service since some of their employees are rude, but it beats seeing their annoying faces. Just install the DG app on your Android or iOS device and shop online.

The app also provides weekly ads on offers and had various discount coupons for an affordable shopping experience.

Coupons at Dollar General

Shopping at a store becomes more fun when you know there is a sale or if you have some coupons saved up. Every retail store in the country accepts coupons from its customers, so does DG. All customers should make full use of coupons to get better discounts. The thing is, not everyone knows the kind of coupons that DG accepts.

DG accepts coupons like

  1. Digital Coupons
  2. Online Coupons
  3. Magazine coupons
  4. Newspaper coupons
  5. Text message coupons and
  6. Mail coupons

A customer can use both general and manufacturer’s coupons to get discounts. Their stores even accept it when one is looking to stack coupons, even from the app. Remember, each coupon can only be used once. For more info on this, check out this article on DG Coupons – https://querysprout.com/does-dollar-general-take-coupons/.

Customer Support

You will probably need this a lot since there can be many things that can go wrong with retail shopping, especially when you shop online. Sometimes you may issue with the DG app, delivery issues, payment issues, or some just good old problems with the cashier/employee. In any case, having contact info for customer support can come in handy. Click the link, and you can find multiple support options for store support, payment, shipping, et cetera – https://www.dollargeneral.com/customer-support/


If you keep aside some of their mishaps, DG is a great retail store that offers everything that you need. Their DGME employee portal is really useful to people working at their store to manage all their work activities. Also, check out the DGME general pay stubs portal. In case, you do not know how to access them, we have already listed simple steps on the same.

Remember to take a glance at the troubleshooting method when you forget a password or employee ID. Try their app for window shopping to order things to one’s doorstep. For any kind of issue, use the customer support info to get assistance. As I said earlier, if there is any sign of a zombie outbreak, find the closest DG store and get family & friends, and make a shelter there.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Dollar General Paystubs?

The Dollar General Pay stubs are the paycheck you receive from the company every month. Usually, the paycheck is deposited into your bank account between 9.00 P.M to 12.00 A.M. Paystubs contain all the info of your payment including gross pay, net pay, taxes, and other stuff.

Who can access the Dollar General employee portal?

The question should be self-explanatory as it says “employee”. Just to answer the question, the DG portal is only for employees and it requires an employee ID along with a password to access the portal.

Can a general customer create an account on the Dollar General website?

Yes, any customer can create an account on the Dollar general website. To shop online you need an account on their website.

What kind of employee benefits does DG offer?

An employee working at DG is granted various employee benefits of which some even include the employee’s families. Some of their benefits include healthcare plans for various insurances, employee assistance programs, paid leaves, Flexibility Spending Accounts(FSA), and many others. Check out their Employee benefits page for more info – https://careers.dollargeneral.com/benefits/

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