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Disney Hub Login – Disney.com Employee Enterprise Portal

Disney Hub is a popular employee enterprise portal designed for the employees working for Walt Disney or by the cast participating in the events and movies produced by the said company. The portal is quite popular as its users are some world-renowned Hollywood actors casting for various movies and TV shows under the Disney Banner. However, it is mostly frequented by the 200,000+ employees of Walt Disney working across 40 countries around the world. The Disney Hub in a way was one of the first employee portals created by any company across the world, and most importantly it was created by the founders Walt Disney and Roy. O, Disney.

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Requirements for registration process on the Disney Hub web portal.

The process of registering your account on the Disney Hub portal seeks certain requirements which are stated below.

  • User ID or Email ID provided by the Disney company.
  • Employment opportunity or cast opportunity under the Walt Disney Company.
  • The official web address of the Disney Hub web portal.
  • A compatible device with an installed & updated web browser with High-speed Internet Connection.
  • Install Antivirus and Firewall protective systems on your device.

Disney Hub Login Portal Registration Process

To register your accounts successfully on the Disney hub login web portal, please follow the detailed instructions stated below.

  • Connect to the Disney Hub Self Service registration web address given here.
  • Once the registration page is loaded, enter your Company Assigned ID or Email and your last name and press next
  • On this page, fill in your personal details and confirm your identity.
  • Click next, and you will be requested to choose security questions, answer these security questions and again click next.
  • All the information you have filled in the previous pages is displayed, go through this information and update any additional information about your experience and educational qualifications.
  • After making sure the information is correct, submit the next option.
  • A new page is opened, here type your new password and confirm the password and finally press submit.

Login Procedure for the Disney hub schedule online portal.

The process of logging in successfully into your account on the Disney hub schedule web portal requires the registered users to follow the elaborate tutorial cited below.

  • Visit the Disney Hub Login web address from your device.
  • A login page is showcased, fill in your Company Assigned ID or Username into the section and press the next button under this section.
  • On this page, enter the password you have set up during the registration process and press the Login button.
  • If you use the same device for accessing this web portal all the time, there is “remember me” option, which stores your login credentials and automatically logs into your account when you open the web address.

How to recover your account on the Disney enterprise portal if you forgot your password?

To recover your account on the Disney enterprise portalgo through the comprehensive instructions given here in this section.

  • Click on the Login to MyID | Identity And Access Management weblink mentioned here – https://login.myid.disney.com/help
  • You will be redirected to the “Need Help” displaying multiple choices or options.
  • Choose the “I forgot my password option” and “Password reset page is reloaded.
  • On this page, enter your Company Assigned Email or ID and your last name and submit next.
  • Now answer the security questions correctly and click the next option.
  • After completing the above task, on another page fill in your personal details and professional info into the fields to verify your account and finally press next.
  • Now fill in your new password and confirm the password and click submit.
  • Using this new password and your company assigned ID or email, you can visit the login page and access your Disney Hub account.
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Features of the Disney cast member hub web portal.

There are multiple features that the registered users and cast members can access through the Disney cast member hub web portal, that are explained in more detail here in this category.

  • The Disney Hub allows the employees and cast members to interact with each other through direct messages from their registered accounts.
  • The Disney employees who have chosen the weekly payment slips option can receive direct payments by assigning their bank accounts to their online portal.
  • The employees can receive information firsthand regarding the events hosted by the company and the movies the company is planning to release in the coming days.
  • The cast members can access their reports or schedules through the web portal, along with the possible shooting locations and more details related to the script of the event or movie.
  • The employees of Walt Disney get various benefits and discounts while visiting the Disneyland locations and also while visiting the Disney-produced movies and events.
  • The monthly pay stubs are showcased in their accounts on the Disney hub, which also displays paystub listings which provide enhanced stats of the Payment slips and offers the options to download the payslip forms for applying for bank loans.

Other Features

  • The cast members can get access to the exclusive events which are conducted mainly for them like movie promotions, cast meets, etc.
  • Access the exclusive magazine “Eyes and Ears” which specifically publishes to improve the internal communications between the various departments and divisions of Walt Disney.
  • Apply for the various skill improvement and training programs held by disney for the interested employees.
  • The employees can access the locations,library resources, activities of the Iconic Disney University through this page.
  • The employees can spend their time on this web portal to learn disney trivia and facts for free.
  • They can also access complete details of the upcoming product with the release dates, and also the info about the on the market famed disney products.
  • The web portal in question is also useful to look for fresh openings or job opportunities showcased across the multiple disney locations for interested individuals.
  • Also get regular news, music, movie, sports, special events, and many more entertainment updates on this web portal.

The Walt Disney Company

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This is one of the most popular companies in the world, which has fan bases at every age group with its iconic Hollywood films, anime TV shows, Disney video games, amusement or theme parks, specialized cruise ship tours, and far more. Disney was founded by Walt Disney and Roy O.Disney, on October 16, 1923, at that time the company was named Disney Brothers Cartoon Studies. In the coming years the names have been continuously changed to Walt Disney Studios, and then Walt Disney Productions. Finally, at the end of the 20th century, the multiple names of the company were made into a diverse division of the company, which is known as “The Walt Disney Company”.

Background on Disney

Disney Company has its headquarters in Team Disney Building, Walt Disney Studios, Burbank City of California State, USA. The company in question offers Radio, Publishing, Broadcasting, Television, and Streaming services worldwide and has multiple divisions under it such as Disney Experiences and Products, Disney Media and Entertainment Division, Disney Studios Content, Disney Parks, ESPN, and Sports Content, Entertainment Content and Disney General. Apart from this, the Walt Disney Company owns many worldwide entertainment ventures for instance Marvel Entertainment, National Geographic Partners, and A+E Networks. Robert Allen Iger alias Bob Iger is the Chairman of Walt Disney Company, Bob Chapek is the Chief Executive Officer, these both leaders were chosen as the right persons for these roles due to their 25+ working experience with the company in many roles over the years.

These two top officials pushed the company into a new era with its digital streaming services through Hulu, Hotstar, Disney+, Star+, Film studios through Lucas Film, PIXAR, Searchlight Pictures, 20th Century Animation & Studios, Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios and Television Broadcasting Networks such as ABC Broadcast Network, Freeform, National Geographic, FX, Disney Channel, and ESPN, etc. The organization is one of the top revenue makers in the world, with annual revenue of $69.388  US Billion Dollars, and with a total assets value of $201.54 US Billion Dollars. Disney has its presence all over the world in one form or the other and has an impressive workforce of 223,000 people.

My Disney Experience Mobile Application

The Disney My Experience is a gateway application for the people visiting any one of the 12 Walt Disney Amusement Parks across the world. The App acts as a guide for the visitors and offers various details and GPS locations for the multiple theme locations located inside the park. Here on this application, the interested individuals can pre-book their tickets for themselves or their family members, in advance and most importantly access stories and videos uploaded by previous visitors and park officials. Secondly, the application in question can be used to order food and beverages, Browse through menus, book dining reservations, and Check-in to restaurants. Thirdly, the application’s Personal Guide Feature allows visitors to navigate through the park with detailed maps and GPS location, Monitor the special attraction events timings, join virtual queues, access showtimes and park hours, and also chat with other visitors through this application.

Apart from these three main functions, the Disney My Experience Application can be used to access the new Disney Magical Mobile Passes, Room booking, and Services at Disney Resort Hotels, and Finally edit your pictures taken at the Disneyland Amusement parks. To download this application for free on your devices, visit the links given below.

iPhone Users- ‎My Disney Experience on the App Store

Android Users- My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World – Apps on Google Play

Employee Benefits Offered by the Walt Disney Company

There are numerous benefits offered by the Walt Disney Company to their employees, which are described in detail here under this section.

  • The cast members working for Disney Produced movies and programs will receive weekly payments with direct deposition feature as an option.
  • Disney offers full time working employees Vision Coverage & Dental Coverage Plans and multiple Health Insurance plans,  to choose from.
  • The Tuition Assistance Program provides 100% paid tuition assistance for the employees studying in any of the universities or schools under Disney Aspire Network Schools.
  • Employees can access complimentary theme park experience brochures after two weeks of employment for their families and themselves.
  • The company promotes employee career development, by offering online learning tools and programs for free for both cast members and employees.
  • The company offers commuter assistance programs which fund, or offer discounts across popular travel networks that are used by the employees to reach their work location.
  • They get unrestricted access to exclusive discounts while visiting select dining merchandise, hotels, recreational locations, disney cruise tours, disneyland amusement parks visits, etc.
  • The Disney VoluntEars program is designed to provide employees the opportunity to work as volunteers for various social programs and events in the sense of giving back to the community.
  • The employees can apply for vacation plans and personal holidays based on their experience .
  • 401K Retirement plan which offers additional funds for employees retirements by taxing their monthly pay stubs.


Here in this article, we have provided complete tutorials for various processes such as Registration Procedure, Login Procedure, Account Recovery Process on the Disney Hub Web Portal. The article also provides detailed information about the Disney Hub Portal, its registration requirements, Features or Functions, Common Issues faced by the users. The Walt Disney Companies details are also provided here along with the brief description of their My Disney Experience Mobile Application, and finally the various benefits the employees can get access while working here.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the Disney Hub web portal?

The Disney Hub Login Portal is a web portal, which can be used by employees and cast members of the “Walt Disney Company” to access the various features provided by the company.

How to apply for jobs at the Walt Disney Company?

By visiting the Working at DISNEY | Jobs, and Careers at DISNEY web portal, you can choose the job position you are looking for through the showcase listings and apply for the jobs and receive interview dates if selected by mail – https://jobs.disneycareers.com/

Is the My Disney Experience Mobile Application available for free?

Yes, the “My Disney Experience Mobile Application” is free and is available for Android Phone users and iPhone users through Google Playstore and Apple App Store respectively.

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