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DNA HR Block Portal

H&R Block is an American-based tax preparation company that operates in Canada, Australia, and other important locations. As tax operations and the need to instantly address the client’s needs is a Herculean task, H&R block has built an employee self-service portal called DNA. The DNA HR block is a one-stop destination that stores the documents, provides access to the files, and maintains the Workflow, making it easier for the employees.

The platform offers expert guidance in the field of tax filing and employs professionals and tax experts with over 12 years of experience in the field.

How to login to DNA HRBlock Portal

The service portal has a simplistic design making it easier to log in to the DNA HR Block. The steps to be followed are-

  1. Start the browser and open the HR block DNA employee portal – https://dna.hrblock.com/web/login
  2. Once the employee opens the page, click on the green enter tab
  3. This redirects the employees to the DNA HR block login page – http://dna.hrblock.com/
  4. Log in with your username and password and sign-in

The site classifies its associates as authorized users. Hence, the case of any misuse of the portal or sharing unauthorized information is strictly restricted. To seek assistance for signing up, the users can either look up their HRB login ID or set up the HRB password while seeking assistance from HR services.

How To Lookup DNA HR block Sign-On ID

To troubleshoot any further problems caused while logging in to the portal, users can seek assistance through the given options on the browser.

In the case of trouble to login because of the User ID for associates

If employees forget their User ID, they can recover the account by following simple steps, which are:

  1. Open the HR block DNA HRBlock login page
  2. Click on the “lookup you HRB login ID link” provided
  3. This redirects the users to HR Block Single Sign-on ID page – https://iam.hrblock.com/wpforms/hrbssr/forgottenusername.aspx
  4. Then the users are guided to fill in the details like first name, last name, date of birth, last 5 digits of the SSN.
  5. After filling in the details, click on Get Single Sign-on ID, through which employees can access their HRB accounts.

In the case of trouble to log in for the new users

  1. Start the browser and open the login page
  2. Click on the cannot “access your account” option
  3. If the account is set up with SSN, then look up the SSN
  4. Check the linked email account to verify your credentials to access the account

DNA HR Block Forgot/Reset Password

If the associates or employees forgot the password to the account, then they can recover the account by following easy steps-

  1. Start the browser and Open the DNA HR block login page – http://dna.hrblock.com/
  2. Click on the set-up your HRB password
  3. this redirects the users to the SSO page – https://iam.hrblock.com/wpforms/hrbssr/default.aspx
  4. The site asks the users to enter the Single Sign-On ID
  5. After entering the ID, verify the captcha
  6. After verification, the site allows you to set up a new password

For new users,

  1. Open the browser and click on the login page
  2. Enter your username and click on can’t access your account
  3. The site then redirects the users to a page where the users can either enter a security key or verify through a linked contact number to set a new password
DNA HR Block Sign in Page

H&R Block Employee Benefits

H&R Block offers a decent range of benefit plans for its full-time and part-time associates.

The benefits for full-time associates include-

  1. Medical plan
  2. Vision plan
  3. Dental checkups
  4. Flexible saving and spending account
  5. Life insurance and
  6. HSA

Additional benefits include- paid vacations, Dependent and supplement health plans, retirement plans, adoption assistance, tuition support, and employee stock purchase plan.

The benefits for part-time associates include-

  1. Employee discounts
  2. Retirement plans
  3. Medical plans

How To Apply For H&R Block Careers

H&R Block offers two kinds of job opportunities for the candidates, which are-

  1. Tax Office Jobs: The tax office job requires employees to work around the clock so that they can help the clients, and they have flexible work hours for the employees.
  2. Corporate Jobs: Corporate jobs are less flexible. These have fixed worked schedules and the employees need to be productive, addressing every concern.

Candidates can apply to the above-listed jobs in two ways, which are listed below.

Method I:

  1. Start the browser and open the H&R Block Careers Opportunities page – https://www.hrblock.com/corporate/career-opportunities/
  2. The site lists two tabs labeled as view corporate jobs and views tax office jobs
  3. The user may choose between them according to the preference and filter through the available options

Method II:

  1. Open the browser and visit the H&R Block Careers page – https://www.hrblock.com/corporate/career-opportunities/
  2. Scroll past the tax office and corporate jobs
  3.  Find the Join the Talent Community to receive updates about the latest job openings and job drives that are conducted by the firm.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How to sign in to my block on the DNA HR block portal?

Open the browser and visit the DNA HR block login page: http://dna.hrblock.com/
1. Enter your HRB Login ID and password
2. Click on the sign-in option.
The associates can also log in through the security key and GitHub that are exclusive to them.

Why use the DNA HR Block portal?

H&R Block has designed the DNA employee self-service portal to simplify the process of the document, files, and logs accessibility. It also helps inform them about the internal news and updates about the work.

How to join the Talent Community for job updates?

It can be done by following a simple process, which is-
1. Open the browser and visit the H&R Block careers page
2. Browse for the Join the talent community option at the end of the page
3. Click on the tab which redirects you to the Talent community page
4. Provide details like- first name, last name, email address, city, state, and phone number.
5. Give them insights about your skill by telling them your area of interest, the type of job that you want to get, and upload your resume.
6. Submit your application to receive further updates.

Is it easy to recover the account credentials on the H&R Block DNA portal?

Yes, the DNA H&R Block makes the options like- look up the sign-in ID or recover the password effortlessly as it has an option of a single sign-on ID through which the associates can use a single set of credentials to link and access multiple accounts.

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