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Flyingtogether.Ual.com – United Intranet Login

FlyingTogether is the official employee login portal for the employees of United Airlines. The UAL employees access this website to find details about their Paystubs, Schedules, The Latest Company News, Communicate with the Departments of the United Airlines Company. This portal can also be accessed by retired employees to check their retired medical benefits, health benefits, and personal information here. Moreover, the web portal offers more information about the Human Resources Department and how to contact or connect with them directly through this Intranet Portal.

FlyingTogether Employee Login

Let’s take a look at the United Flying Together Web Portal.

Requirements to Log in to the FlyingTogether Intranet Web Portal

The United Airlines Employee web portal needs certain essential requirements to log in to the portal successfully.

  • Employment opportunity in the United Airlines Company.
  • UAL HR Department provided username or Login ID.
  • The HR department provides a default password. Change this after the login.
  • Good Internet Connection.
  • Secure Browser or Web Application Software installed in your PC or Smartphone.
  • Your system or mobile phone should have an Anti-virus or Firewall.
  • Login ID or Passwords

How to Log in to the FlyingTogether United Intranet Portal

FlyingTogether Intranet Portal

The login procedure for this Web Portal is simple, however, we have given you the detailed steps to follow to log in successfully.

  • Click on the  flyingtogether.ual.com employee login web link provided here.
  • Which will open the login page requesting your Username or UAL ID and password.
  • Enter the company-provided credentials into the sections and press Login.
  • The United Flying Together Portal login is now successful.

What to Do if You Forgot Your Password for FlyingTogether Web Portal?

To access your employee account on this web portal, follow the given tutorial thoroughly.

  • Connect to the FlyingTogether United Intranet Login link provided here through a secured browser.
  • On the UAL Login Page, look for the “Password Help” feature on the top of the page below the sections.
  • Enter your Username or Login ID and click on the above-mentioned button.
  • Redirected to a new page, requesting security questions.
  • Answer these questions and press submit option on the bottom right.
  • On the next page, enter your new password and confirm the password. Press submit.
  • Now enter the credentials on the login page to access this portal.

How to Access Your Account on FlyingTogether Portal if You Forgot Your Username or User ID?

Even if you lose your User ID or Username you can still access the Intranet Portal by following the necessary steps given below.

  • Visit the Forgot UID link mentioned here – https://idm-authquestions.ual.com/
  • See the look-up page.
  • On this page, request an application form to ask for the User ID.
  • Fill in the necessary details like personal info, career info, employment info, etc., and the type of reason you are applying.
  • After review by the management, you will receive an email ID stating your Username or User ID. If the process is taking too long, directly contact your administrator for details.

Features of FlyingTogether Intranet Web Portal.

This Intranet Portal has many features for the employees. This is accessible through their home menu after the login procedure. 

  • Access Paystub or payment slips.
  • View the Payment Listings stored in the portal.
  • Access working schedules for the day directly through the web portal.
  • The Web Portal acts as a medium between employees and the administration. This is also useful to solve your issues and queries.
  • The portal provides the latest company news and also the goals and achievements of United Airlines.
  • To view and make changes in your personal and professional information.
  • To access and monitor the medical, financial, and other benefits provided by the company.

What Are the Issues Faced by the FlyingTogether Intranet Web Portal Users?

Login issues or login errors are the only problems faced by the users which can be prevented by following the necessary precautions mentioned below.

  • Make sure you have a secure internet connection and compatible browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox.
  • The passwords submitted in the login portal are case-sensitive, so it is ideal to make sure your CAPS LOCK option is turned off.
  • The requested passwords or the new passwords must have varied types like uppercase words, lowercase words, and numbers.
  • Remember your United Username or User ID begins with the letters U, N, L, & V.

If the issue persists, then contact the numbers given below.

  •  International Call Center – 001-847-700-5800
  •  Domestic Call Center – 847-700-5800

Buddy Pass Riders Login Procedure(RIDER PASS)

Buddy Pass Riders Login Procedure(RIDER PASS)

The Buddy Passes can be issued to retired employees by the currently working ones, and they can get discounts and offers through these passes. For more information on the buddy passes, visit the site Flyingtogether Rider Passes Info. Now to access the buddy passes you must follow the detailed tutorial below.

  • Click on the Eres PassRider Login web link given here and visit the Buddy Pass Rider Official Login Page.
  • Enter the Username and Password provided by the United Airlines Employee in the credentials section.
  • Press the Sign-In button, you should be successfully logged in to your account. You can apply or look for the buddy passes, offers, discounts, and available flights here on this web portal.

How to Login to Crew Communication System Web Portal?

Crew Communication System Web Portal

The Crew Communication System(CCS) is a portal that helps employees connect and also to share important news and work schedules. By following the detailed tutorial below, you can successfully log in to the Crew Communication System portal.

  • Connect to the Crew Communication System Login portal through a secured browser.
  • On the login page, enter your United User ID and Password into the respective sections.
  • And Submit Login menu and the procedure is complete.

How to Recover the Crew Communication System Account if You Lost Your Password?

The Crew Communications System(CSS) password requires a few steps. The given below steps should suffice.

  • Visit the Crew Communication System Login web portal from your smartphone or system – https://ccs.ual.com/CCS/default.aspx.
  • The reloaded page will display the change password or forgot password menu.
  • Click on this menu, which will redirect you to the Flying Together Intranet Portal and follow the recover password procedure mentioned above.

Compatible Devices

This Web Portal can be accessed through a secure browser from Android Phones, MacBooks, Windows Laptops and PCs, etc. The Flying Together Portal is also available as an application or software that you can download for free on your Mobile phones through iStore and Play Store.

Benefits Offered by United Airlines to the  Employees 

United Airlines offers many benefits to their employees as they are one of the reasons why the company managed to attain its global rankings and make revenue every year.

Social and Professional Benefits

  • United Airlines offers Volunteer Programs where the employees can spend their time volunteering to charities, support groups, Fundraisers, parades, athletic events, Foodbanks, and many more.
  • Allows or promotes employees to participate in Social Clubs, Athletic Clubs, and Activity Clubs.
  • It has Business Resource Groups(BRGs) like Background groups, LGBT Community, Veterans, Women in the Workforce, Cross Generation Community, Disability Community, etc.
  • Professional Development Programs for improvement in skills based on your interests.

Health Benefits

  • Physical, Financial, and Emotional Wellness programs and events.
  • Dental and Vision Coverage or Insurance.
  • Insurance for Disability.
  • Life Insurance.

Financial and Vacation Benefits

  •  401K Plan for retirement pension or bonus.
  •  Financial Security Insurance.
  •  Profit-Sharing Bonuses.
  •  Personal Vacation Plans with offers and discounts.
  •  Paid Vacation Plans.

How to Apply for Jobs in United Airlines Company?

Apply here for the Jobs in United Airlines Company

If you are interested in working for the United Airlines Company while possessing all the necessary skills and educational qualifications, then follow the tutorial below thoroughly.

  • Visit the United Airlines Careers link mentioned here.
  • On the new page, look for and explore all the roles menu by scrolling down the page.
  • Click on the menu, and another page will be reloaded.
  • All the different types of opening positions are on this page.
  • Fill in the Title, City, State, Country, Region, Type sections to further filter the results.
  • Once you found the job position you are looking for, and you have all the requirements, select the posting.
  • The new section displays complete information about the job.
  • Submit the Apply now button, which will redirect you to the Join Talent Network where you have to fill the First Name, Last Name, Email ID, Area of Interest Section.
  • Once you filled the info in the sections, select join and click apply.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail for the Job Application.

United Airlines

United Airlines is a popular American Airline Company, operating Long and Domestic routes all across the United States of America and the six continents of the world. These Airlines consist of 8 major hubs such as Chicago-O’hare, Houston-Intercontinental, Newark, Los Angeles, Washington-Dulles, Denver, Guam, & San Francisco with more than 342 destinations worldwide and an impressive aircraft fleet of 834 commercial aircraft. Because of this, United Airlines has become the third-largest airline in the whole world.

Moreover, the airline is also a member of an affiliation known as Star Alliance consists of the 28 most popular airlines in the world. United Airlines offers Domestic, Cargo, International Services for customers worldwide. United Airlines also provides rider pass for the friends or family numbers of the employees, called “buddy passes” when the aircraft has sufficient space to accommodate. These passes can be accessed by the United Airlines Passrider Login Portal or the FlyingTogether Portal from anywhere.

The Headquarters is located in the iconic Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded on March 28, in the year 1931. This was after the company and Transport Corporation bought many airlines like Varney Air Lines(VAL), Pacific Air Transport, National Air Transport, and Stout Air Services, in a matter of 28 months.

Later on March 3, 2012, Continental Airlines and United Airlines merged into the United Continental Holdings Inc. However, the parent company’s name was once again changed to United Airlines Holdings recently on June 27, 2019.

United Airlines Services

It offers various types of services for the passengers such as United Polar Business, Transcontinental, United First, United Premium Plus, Basic Economy, Economy Plus, and Economy for both domestic and international passengers. Popular United Airlines also offer reward services such as the Mileage Plus Frequent Flyer Program, United Club Lounge Areas for different streams of passengers.

With the news of rising temperatures worldwide and the severe Global Warming Phenomenon occurring now, United Airlines decided to reduce the unwanted usage of aviation fuel as it is one of the major causes of air pollution. The Company decided to take environmentally friendly initiatives such as investments and usage of sustainably produced low carbon aviation fuels.


This article provides you with all the necessary details about what exactly this Portal is, How it works, and the Features of the Portal. More detailed information is provided about the United Airlines Company such as its history, fleet, employees, hubs, destinations, and other employee portals. Basic Login Procedure, Recover Password, Requirements for Login Procedure, are provided for the three employee portals mentioned above such as Flying Together Portal, Crew Communication System, Buddy Pass Rider Portal. We have given the details of the benefits of the employees working here at United Airlines and also how to apply for the job opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the Flying together Web portal, and What are its uses?

The Flying together Web Portal is a United Airlines employee-only website with various services like access Pay Slips and payslips listings access Daily Work Schedules, Direct Connection to HR Management, Access Information about Company and Latest News, To Monitor or access various benefits mentioned above.

Are there any other employee portals for United Airlines Employees?

United Airlines has three employee web portals for employees like Crew Communication System used for communicating and sharing info with colleagues, Buddy Pass Rider Login Portal for access buddy passes with offers and discounts for your friends, family members, old employees, or for yourself. And the Flying Together portal for the features mentioned above.

Can the flying Together Intranet Portal be accessible from any device?

Yes, as mentioned above the Flying Together Intranet is available as a web portal(that can be accessed through a Server) and Applications (For android as well as iPhones). So it can be accessed from Windows, Laptops, Macbooks, Windows PCs & Apple PCs, Android, and iPhones.

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