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Progressive Agent Login – ForAgentsOnly.com Log In

ForAgentsOnly is a login web portal developed by the Progressive Corporation, which is one of the largest insurance companies across the world. The Portal in question was developed for the many employees working in this Insurance Firm. The Portal has multiple features namely Insurance Related Information Updates and News on regular basis, monitor your attendance and working hours daily, Access performance info of the company as well as personal performance info when required.

ForAgentsOnly Login

Requirements to Access the ForAgentsOnly Web Portal

The ForAgentsOnly Portal can only be accessed by the people who possess the requirements cited below.

  • Secure Browser which is updated regularly like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.
  • A good internet connection with no connectivity issues.
  • Compatible devices such as PCs, Laptops, or Smartphones.
  • Web Address to access the Login Portal.
  • The company provided User ID/Agent Code and User Password.

How to Login to the ForAgentsOnly Portal?

To access the Progressive Corporation ForAgentsOnly Portal successfully, follow the detailed tutorial given below thoroughly.

  • Visit the Progressive For Agents Only Login Web Address through a secured browser as mentioned above.
  • The Login Page will be loaded, requesting the User ID/Agent Code and User Password.
  • Fill in the details into the respective sections and press submit.
  • Your Login Process is completed.

Forgot Password for the Progressive Agent Login?

The “Forgot Password” issue is quite common if it is especially a default password or company-given password. To recover the ForAgentsOnly Web Portal account and change the password, follow the detailed steps cited below.

  • Connect to the Progressive For Agents Only Login(www.foragentsonly.com) web address mentioned here.
  • A Login Page is opened, look for the forgot password option below the section.
  • Click on this section, which will redirect you to a new page.
  • On this web page, select the User ID or Agent Code option based on the username given by the company.
  • Once you have selected the option, enter the respective credentials into the section.
  • Select continue and follow the Verify Agent Code/User ID instructions to change your password.
  • After completing this, enter your New Password and click on Confirm Password on the new page.
  • Now, press Submit, and your ForAgentsOnly account recovery process/change password process is completed.
ForAgentsOnly Login

Features of ForAgentsOnly Login Web Portal

The ForAgentsOnly Web Portal has multiple features as mentioned above which are further explained in detail in this section.

  • Employees can monitor or view their attendance percentages for certain periods.
  • The Employees can receive daily updates and news features of the Progressive Corporation.
  • Also, can access their daily work schedules.
  • Monitor or view their skills and work performance.
  • Access the regular and current updates in the Insurance sector so that the employees can be up-to-date with their Jobs.

Issues Faced by Users of ForAgentsOnly Portal

The ForAgentsOnly Portal suffers from minor issues like Login Errors, Incorrect Password Errors, Errors while entering User ID/Agent Code, and Connection Errors. These errors are similar to errors faced by other portals and can be easily solved by following the necessary tips given here.

  • Make sure you are choosing the right username, whether it is the User ID/Agent code given by the company.
  • Make sure you know the difference between the 2 types of usernames, so you can easily recover your account if needed.
  • Ensure you have a proper and consistent Internet Connection.
  • A Secured Browser as mentioned above.
  • Clear Cache regularly to reduce the slowdown of the system, and prevent shutting down of many web portals.
  • Switch off the AutoFill Feature.
  • Use Firewall or Anti-virus software to prevent third-party applications from accessing your personal information.
  • Enable the Cookies Feature if requested.
  • Make sure that security applications like Firewall/Anti Virus are not blocking the website.
  • Clear History and remove the corrupt cookie files.

Benefits Offered by Progressive Corporation

The Progressive Corporation offers multiple benefits to all the employees and agents working here. These benefits are discussed further in detail in this section.

Health and Fitness Benefits

  • Employee Assistance Program which provides Wellness & Emotional Support for employees all year long.
  • Fitness Center with events and programs for Physical fitness and well-being.
  • Access to Medical Clinic, Health and Wellness Seminars, and also Farmers markets(To buy fresh and organic vegetables).
  • Medical, Vision, and Dental Insurance Plans & Coverage.
  • Health cares flexible spending accounts(FSA), and Health Care Savings Account(HSA).
  • Life and Disability Insurance Plans and Coverage.

Financial Benefits

  • 401K Retirement Plans which taxes 6% of the employees’ monthly salary to add to their Retirement Savings.
  • Tuition Assistance and Coverage for students studying approved educational courses.
  • Choices of Multiple Life Insurance Policies.
  • Basic Pay, which increases further with getting promotions to better job positions in the company.
  • Annual Bonus Programs offering a bonus for employees upon company improved performances every year.

Personal Benefits

  • Reimbursement programs for employees opting for the adoption of children.
  • Maternity Support programs and paid leaves.
  • Paid leaves for parents to promote their bonding with their newborn child or adopted children.
  • Expert Financial Advice and Recommendations for Adult care and also disabled children.

Other Benefits

  • Discounts, free, Bonus programs for products services especially real estate and other legal acquisitions.
  • Paid Time Off(PTO) feature for all the employees. 19 days for the freshers which increases further with no of years working for the Progressive Corporation.
  • Paid Holidays and Leaves for Volunteers & Jury Duties.
  • Flexible work schedules and free time.
  • Employees can participate in Charitable events and programs conducted by the Progressive Foundation.

Employee Reviews of the Progressive Corporation

ForAgentsOnly Login

By going through hundreds of reviews across multiple web portals, we have concluded that the working force of the Progressive Corporation is very happy and content with the company, work-life management, and the many benefits provided to the employees. The Positive responses given by the employees are mainly due to the following features as Flexible Work Schedules, Health, Financial, Personal, Financial & Other Benefits, Specifically Designed Employee Portals, Job Choices(Independent or not), Stress-Free Environment and Friendly Superiors, Skill Improvement Programs and a lot more. While there are also some negative reviews or responses by the employees mainly due to low wages, Shift times, Not Friendly Customers, and Fewer Growth Opportunities

Pro & Cons


  •  Various Types of Benefits
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Employee Portal with multiple features
  • Job Choices
  • Stress-Free Work Environment
  • Skill Improvement Programs
  • Paid Time Offs
  • Friendly Superiors & Management
  • Salary Rise with experience


  • Shift Timings for certain professions
  • Lower wages compared to competitors
  • Not Friendly or receptive customers or clients
  • Fewer Growth Opportunities.

About Progressive Corporation

The Insurance Agents working for the Progressive Corporation are known as Progressive Agents. These Agents are the main workforce of the Corporation, which helped the company to achieve greater positions in the Insurance Sectors. The Insurance Firm has independent agent positions which are often chosen by travelers and students(as they work alone), receiving updates and work guidance through the portal by people who sell insurance policies, not from one company but many other popular insurance firms.

This helps the independent agents to achieve multiple bonuses with the addition of new clients. However, in the market Insurance Industry, the Progressive Corporation is a front-runner with most insurance policy sales from the Independent Agents and their agents. This popularity is mainly due to its many features like Nearby Insurance Agents(independent), Flexible Coverage Plans, Loyalty Rewards, and Discounts for Long-term users, Fast Claims and Repairs (unlike the other Insurance Firms), Find Agents nearby easily through the Find Agents link provided here – https://www.progressive.com/agent/find-an-agent/.

History of Progressive Corporation  

The Progressive Company was established in 1937 by Jack Green and Joseph Lewis, who further ventured into the vehicle insurance sector, altering the company name to Progressive Insurance Company in 1956. The Progressive Corporation has its primary location is in Mayfield Village, Ohio, and it offers insurance services for Cars, Commercial vehicles, Homes or Houses, Rental Properties, motor homes or trailers/RVs, Boats, and PWC, Motorcycles, and ATVs.

Awards and Honors Received

Lawton W.Fitt is the Chairman of the Progressive Corporation and Tricia Griffith is the CEO and President. The popular insurance firm makes a net income of 5.704 $ Billion and annual revenue of $42.68 Billion. Because of this, the Insurance Company has a ranking of 99th in the Fortune 500 list of the largest total revenue earning corporations in the United States and also caused the expansion of this insurance firm into Australia.

The Progressive Corporation further gained popularity by Corporate Title Sponsorship Events worldwide namely International Motorcycle Shows(since 2010); Bikes, Blues and BBQs (from 2015); Sturgis Motorcycle Rallies in Sturgis City, South Dakota(since 2017); Fred Hall Shows from 2016; Laconia Motorcycle Week(from 2012), Ohio Bike Week(Since 2016), Lake Eerie Marine Trades Association(LEMTA) from 2016, Quartz site Sports, Vacation and RV Show (2014- now), Haydays Insurance Sponsor since 2018, The Handbuilt Bike Show Presenting Partner(from 2018), and many more. These events helped the company to attract clients for multiple services all over the United States of America.


ForAgentsOnly article provides answers or solutions for your questions such as “How to Login?”, “Requirements to log in?”, “Recover Account & Change Password” with detailed step-by-step tutorials. Moreover, the article provides detailed information about the Progressive Organization – Its History, Multiple Title, and Presentation Sponsorships, ForAgentsOnly Employee Portals & Its Features, Employee Benefits, and Reviews of Employees Working in the Progressive Corporation. We have also provided you with some issues faced by users and their solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can the for Agents only login portal be accessible for their employees as well as Independent Agents?

No, the Agents Only employee portal can be accessed only by the employees, while the independent agents do not get access to the portals as they independently work for multiple insurance firms.

What are the features of an agents-only web portal?

The progressive agent’s employee portal has several features such as Company’s news & Latest Updates, Attendance Percentage & Timesheets, Daily Work Schedules, regular insurance trends and News Updates, Company and Self performance Sheets.

What type of Insurance Policies are covered by the progressive Corporation?

The Progressive Corporation offers a wide range of insurance policies for Cars, Motorbikes, power and Sail Boats, ATCs, Carry Vans and RV’s, Homes & Rental Properties, etc.

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