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Hollywoodbets Login – Accessing your account

Hollywoodbets are one of the biggest and most popular online bookmakers in South Africa. One of the most important things for any Hollywoodbets punter to know, is how to login into your Hollywoodbets account! As you aren’t going to be able to place any bets if you are unable to login. In this guide we’re going to explain to you how to make sure your next Hollywoodbets Login on mobile or Desktop is successful.

If you are having trouble accessing your Hollywoodbets account you need to contact Hollywoobets directly, otherwise leave us a comment and we will try to assist. If you’d like to know more about Hollywoodbets then head over to our Hollywoodbets reviewIf you don’t already have an account you can visit the Hollywoodbets registration page and sign up. You can also check out our Ultimate Betting Guide on how to get started with sports and casino betting, something perfect for new and experienced punters alike.

How to login to Hollywoodbets

The first thing you need to do in order to login in is visit the Hollywoodbets mobile site from your mobile phone. You can click here to go directly to the Hollywoodbets site, once on the site click on the mobile option which will redirect you to the previous mobile version of the site. There is a newer version of the mobile site that you might be able to use if the below doesn’t help, more on that later.

Once you’ve done that you’ll see the below where you’ll need to enter your username and password. These are usually your phone number but they may vary as you can also enter your email address in this field.

If you’ve forgotten both your username and password you’ll need to contact Hollywoodbets support to get help. Before clicking the Log in button you’ll need to click the terms and conditions box.

Once you’ve clicked log in you should not be logged in and ready to bet from your mobile phone! You’ll know you are successfully logged in if your welcome message and account no and balance are displayed.

Still not working, try the new Hollywoodbets mobile site

If you’ve tried the above process and the Hollywoodbets site just keeps loading or does not want to connect then you’ll want to try the new Hollywoodbets site to login. The new Hollywoodbets mobile site is slightly different and might take some getting used to, but it’s worth trying to access your account there is you are having no luck on the previous mobile site.

Login on Desktop

The login procedure is the same on desktop, simply pop in your username, password, accept the terms, click login and presto, you’ll be logged into your Hollywoodbets account. It’s that simple! You’ll have to remember to click the “I have read the terms” box otherwise the login will fail.

Hollywoodbets Login problems

If you are having trouble logging into your Hollywoodbets account you’ll need to contact Hollywoodbets support.

Often there are minor errors or even software bugs that might be preventing you from logging in. These range from forgotten password to being unable to access your account. Once again, if this happens to you then you will need to contact Hollywood to find out what the problem is.

Should you have any questions about how to access your Hollywoodbets account then let us know in the comments below.

How to register a new account with Hollywoodbets

If you don’t yet have an account with Hollywoodbets then it’s quick a easy to get signed up and claim your R25 free bet;

  1. Visit https://m.hollywoodbets.net/
  2. Click Register Now
  3. Enter your details
  4. Confirm your registration and you’re all signed up
  5. Once your registration is completed login to your new account

Hollywoodbets Login Problems and Solutions

  • Account is no longer active – Your Hollywoodbets account has become dormant or you have not used the account in a long time. You’ll need to contact Hollywood support to resolve this
  • Requesting that you login after being logged in – Usually this is a technical or browser issue, try logging out and logging in on a different browser
  • Account needs to submit Fica documents – You need to submit fica documents which will be verified by Hollywood before continuing using your account. Submit these via the site or contact the fica department who will be able to assist.
  • Account is invalid – Your account is suspended or possibly closed. You’ll need to contact Hollywoodbets support.
  • I’ve forgotten my username or password – You’ll need to request your username and password from the login screen. Click on forgot password to reset your Hollywoodbets password and get your username.
  • I don’t know my Login details – Contact Hollywoodbets support, give them your ID number and they’ll be able to assist you with your login by creating a new password and advising you on your username.
  • Client not active, please submit FICA or contact support – If you receive this error it means there is likely a problem with the FICa documents on the account and Hollywoodbets have suspended your account. You’ll need to contact support in order for them to explain how to resolve the issue.
  • Client Account Number is not valid – If you get this error it usually means that you have made a mistake in entering your username (phone number) Make sure you enter the phone number you registered the account under.
  • Please accept the terms and conditions error – You’ll get this error if you have not ticked the terms and conditions box below the login form.
  • Spina Zonke Login Problems – If you are unable to access the Spina Zonke games once logged in then you’ll need to refresh your browser cache, which should fix the issue.


Help with Hollywoodbets Login Problems

As mentioned, if you are struggling to login into your Hollywoodbets account you need to get in touch with Hollywood and describe the problem to them. You’ll want to be clear and advise them exactly what the problem, by doing so you’ll have your login problems resolved in a timely fashion. Have your account number and ID handy, we recommended calling them as their call centre staff are very friendly and helpful.

Hollywoodbets 520 Error

If you are receiving a 520 error when trying to access Hollywoodbets then the problem lies with the Hollywoodbets online servers and not your device. You’ll need to patient and wait until the error is resolved before you can access the site.

Try one of the other Hollywoodbets Mobile sites to login

If your login is still giving you trouble or is slow then we recommend trying to login on one of the other Hollywoodbets mobile sites with your Hollywoodbets account details. We’ve listed a few variations to try below;

Hollywoodbets Customer Support Contact Details

Hollywoodbets Help FAQ

Hollywoodbets have their own dedicated frequently asked questions, many of which are related to assisting punters login. We’ve included some of the most important ones below, you can view the full post on Hollywoodbets.

I have lost my password for my Hollywood account. How do I get a new one?

To get a new password, click on the link Lost Password, which can be found just underneath the login details at the top right hand corner of the website. Fill in the email address that you registered your account under, and click submit. This will send a new password to your email address. Use this password to login, and you will be able to change this under your profile settings.

How do I change my Hollywoodbets password?

Once you have logged into your account, click on the tab Profile, which can be found at the top right hand side. Click on the button that says Password. You will be prompted to enter the old password, and then enter your new password and confirm it. Click Update, and your password will be changed.

I have changed my email address on my profile, and now I cannot login to my account. How do I sort this out?

When you change your email address on your account, your password is reset. In order to receive a new password, click on the link that says Lost Password, enter your new email address into the entry box, and click submit.

This will send a new password to your new email. Once you have logged in with the new password, you will be able to change it under your profile settings. If you still have problems, then please contact our helpline.

More about Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets began as a small South African based publishing company, Winning Form, publishing and distributing horse racing cards in 1986. After opening our first branch in Durban in the year 2000 we took the leap and joined the online community with the launch of our Hollywoodbets website www.hollywoodbets.net in 2006.

Our Hollywoodbets mobisite www.hollywoodbets.mobi was created soon after that in 2009 as the business expanded. Hollywoodbets now has over 80 branches spread across six of South Africa’s provinces as well as a variety of platforms to bet on including USSD betting, via our Phone-A-Bet call centre, the mobisite and website as well as the feature phone application.

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