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IConnectData – Comdata Cardholder Services – Login

IConnectData, an exclusive website developed for the Com data Fuel cardholders located across the United States of America. The users use this portal to monitor and manage their transactions for paying fuel charges and also for vehicle maintenance. This web portal is useful for the motorist and drivers who frequent the interstate highways all the time. The cardholders can make their transactions through this portal from anywhere having a proper internet connection. Apart from this, the website hots many applications for the users to access. Such as cardholder Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance, GL Code Profile Management, Invoice Date File Requests. And also Real-Time Transaction History, and Transaction Activity Maintenance.

IConnectData User Login Guides

IConnectData <a href=Login Page” width=”797″ height=”495″ />
Login Page

Requirements to Register an Account on the Com Data Login Web Portal.

All the new com data cardholders must possess certain requirements to open an account on the Comdata login portal. Such as,

  • Firstly, The individual must be a com data fuel cardholder.
  • Activation code sent to your device as a message or email after receiving the com data card.
  • Official or Valid web address of the IConnectData web portal.
  • An updated and secured web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari.
  • Lastly, A compatible device with High Speed Internet Connection.
IConnectData Registration Page
Registration Page

Registration Procedure for the Comdata Cardholder Login Portal.

To open an account on the Comdata cardholder web portal without any discrepancies, go through the necessary instructions cited below.

  • Click on the IConnectData Registration web address give here from your installed web browser on your device – https://w6.iconnectdata.com/
  • On the registration page, enter your com data card number and the activation code.
  • After that, click the “Next” option.
  • Now enter your personal info, account details and vehicle info according to the instructions provided on the page. And click continue.
  • Here on this page, enter your new username or user ID and password. Re-enter both username and password for confirmation on the respected fields.
  • Then, at last, hit the “submit” option.

How to Log in to the Com Data Cardholder Services Web Portal?

To log in to the com data cardholder services web portal, follow the detailed steps provided here.

  • Connect to the IConnect Data Login web address through the link given here – https://w6.iconnectdata.com/
  • A login page shown.
  • On this page, enter your valid username and password, set up during registration process.
  • Next, click on the “Login” option.
  • Now you can access all the applications available on the said web portal.
IConnectData Forgot Password Page
Forgot Password Page

What to Do if You Lost Your Username or Password for the W6 Iconnectdata Login Web Portal?

To recover an account on the w6 iconnectdata login web portal without either username or password. Follow the comprehensive tutorial provided below.

  • Visit the IConnect Data Login web address by the given link provided here – https://w6.iconnectdata.com/
  • On the login page, choose the “Forgot username” or “Forgot Password” options
  • After that, click on the chosen option.
  • Then enter your com data fuel card number and email address registered with your account on the said web portal.
  • You will receive an email address containing the username or password reset link.
  • Open the email and connect to the given link provided on the page.
  • Now fill in your username and re-enter the detail onto the respective field to confirm the username.
  • Or type your password and confirm the password by re-entering the page.
  • Finally, click the “submit” menu at the bottom of the page.
  • The method described above, effectively used to change password and username on the iconnect com data login web portal.
  • Now use the reset password and username to login back into your back by filling them on the login page.

Features of the W6 Iconnectdata Login Web Portal.

The w6 iconnectdata login has many features that are accessible to the users visiting the web portal in question. These features of the portal are explained further in more detail below.

  • The Com Data Holders can use this web portal to perform their transactions of the account for paying for fuel, vehicle maintenance, etc.
  • The Cardholder ID details are stored here on this page that can be accessed or updated from the comfort of your home or anywhere with internet access.
  • As the vehicle maintenance payments are performed through this portal, its also stores all the maintenance info about the vehicles like tax, date, etc.
  • Moreover, the cardholders on this web portal have the ability to access the transaction history in real time.
  • Access the invoice reports listed on the portal. And these invoice can be taken print of by following the instructions on the same page.
  • In addition, the web portal allows users to generate a virtual card which can also be used to perform transactions and also monitor its payments and account.
  • The web portal allows users to apply for new cards and as well as stop the working of existing card through the web portal.
  • The data holders can also use the said web portal to learn more about the other services offered by the portal. And also subscribe to these services by paying direct fees from the cam card account.

What Are the Common Issues Faced by the Users of the Cardholder Services Web Portal?

There are many common website users that the users face while accessing the cardholder services web portal. Such as,

Login Errors

If any issues account due to filling in the wrong credentials onto the login page, which leads to the account getting locked if one has filled in the wrong details 3 or more times. Hence, to avoid these issues, firstly store the login details in a separate folder on the device and access them later. Secondly, inspect the login credentials once before filling them into the web portal for any spelling mistakes, and also use the secured folder to compare them.

Website Down

As you all know, the CardHolders Services web portal similar to the other web portals undergoes maintenance for a certain period during which the website remains inaccessible to the cardholders or users registered on the said web portal.

Troubleshooting Problems

The Troubleshooting Problems mainly include web browser issues like slow servers, Time taking loading process, browser crashes, multiple pop-up windows, repeated reloading of the home page, etc. However, these problems can be easily solved, if you follow the precautions provided here.

  1. Update your web browser often.
  2. Use secured web browsers, for example Google Chrome.
  3. Accept Captcha & Cookies displayed on the home page.
  4. Delete search history and storage regularly.
  5. Refresh your page, if it is taking a lot of time to load.

Connectivity Errors

Connectivity errors as one can guess are caused by poor and inconsistent internet connection. This in turn results in loading errors and accessibility errors. So while opening the said website on the browser, make sure you have High-Speed Internet Access. Preferably a Wi-Fi Router Connection.

How to Add Money or Deduct Money on the W6 Iconnectdata Login Web Portal?

Firstly, to add money onto your account on the w6 iconnectdata login portal,

  • Login to your account on the web portal.
  • Click on the Open Account Management, then choose the “Comdata e-cash” option.
  • Now press the “load money” option and enter your card number or your email address.
  • Here on this page.

Adding Money

  • Enter the amount on the requested filed and hit the “add” button.
  • And your transaction is complete and you can access the transaction fee amount by clicking on the “show charges”.

Deducting Money

  • On the same page, enter the amount and press the “subtract” button.
  • The amount deducted will be confirmed by an email or message to your device.

Apart from this, here on this page, you can add direct deposits to one or more accounts by choosing the “Automatic Direct Deposit” option.

What is IConnectData Help Section?

The IConnectData Help Center is the one-stop destination for issues and queries regarding the web portal in question. The Data Help Section provides detailed tutorials or instructions on how to solve issues or perform multiple functions here on the web portal. For Instance, How to Reset a Password, Add & Edit Card, Block or Replace a Card, Assign Prompted Ids. And also, Paying Bills, Accessing Statements, Viewing Transaction History, and most importantly accessing multiple account codes and customer IDs at the same time. Visit this section to get answers to all your questions on the various processes on the said web portal.


A private company headquartered in the Brentwood City of Tennessee, USA offering payment processing services. And also issuing various fleet cards for employees or users in multiple industries to make they’re work-life easier. Such as Fuel Cards, Trucking Permits, Paperless Payroll Cards, and Corporate Spend Cars. For multiple companies or individuals located across the country. FleetCor Technologies Inc became the parent company of Comdata after acquiring it from Ceridian HCM company for around 3.45 billion dollars.

The company currently has ventured into many industries like, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Government, and Hospitality, from the Traditional Trucking Permits industry over years. And it has established itself as one of the market front-runners in some key industries. The President of the Comdata company is Brain Radin, under whose leadership the company acquired two companies, IZIUM, and SOLE Financial in the year 2017, & 2019 respectively. In addition, the company has a workforce of 3000-5000, employees.


Here in this article, we have provided complete details of the IConnectData web portal, its many functions, and features, requirements, issues faced by the users, and precautions. In addition, we have provided comprehensive tutorials for Registration Procedure, Login Procedure, Recovering Account without Username or Password, Changing Username or Password procedures on the said web portal. The article also provides detailed information about the Comdata Company, its history, and products & services. In addition, the article provides instructions for adding money or deducing money from the fleet cards. Above all, the elaborate explanation about the Help Center Section helps you to solve your issues and perform many functions on the web portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IConnectData web portal? Who can access it?

The IConnectData Web portal is a Fleet card management platform designed by the ComData company for its Data cardholders. The portals assist these cardholders in performing various functions and access info through the web portal online.

What are the features offered by the Comdata cardholder login portal?

The features offered by the Comdata Cardholder portal are performing transactions through fleet cards, adding money or deducting money, accessing transaction history, apply for new cards, receive invoice reports, generate virtual cards, and also subscribe to other exclusive services offered by the Comdata company.

Name the different types of payments you can make through the Comdata Fleet Cards?

The Comdata company has released different fleet cards for various industries which allow the users to make payments or pay taxes in an instant online. Through these cards, you can pay highway taxes, vehicle maintenance, paying fuel charges, and, etc to name a few.

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