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LabCorp Beacon- LabCorp Patient & Provider Portal – Login

The My LabCorp Beacon health web portal is designed for the patients who registered themselves for the patient care services offered by the Testing Laboratory Company officially known as Laboratory Corporation Of American Holdings.

The Login portal eases the way for the patients and providers to access their submitted lab test results, diagnostic test results, scheduling an appointment for specimen collection, accessing previous lab test results, managing the test results of children or family through the registered account, Learn info about the specific lab tests, their requirements, costs, availability, time taken to receive the test results, Pay bills online by assigning bank accounts or debit/credit cards to the web portal under discussion.

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What Is the Labcorp Beacon Login Portal?

The Requirements for Registering Your Accounts on the Labcorp Beacon Web Portal.

The individuals willing to open their accounts on the Labcorp Beacon login portal must possess the following requirements listed below.

  • Official LabCorp Beacon Web Address.
  • A Valid email address with a password.
  • A secured web browser with a stable high-speed internet connection.
  • Compatible devices like Mobile Phone, Website, Laptop, and PC.
  • Install security softwares such as Anti-virus and Firewall systems on your device.
  • Individuals applying for registration must be 18 years old or more.

Registration Process for the Labcorp Beacon Login Web Portal.

To register your account on the LabCorp beacon login portal, follow the detailed instructions cited below.

  • Connect to the LabcorpLink | Login web address on your device – https://www.labcorplink.com/ui/#/login
  • The Labcorp Link login page opened, requests your login credentials.
  • Search for the “Create an Account” option under this field and click on it.
  • Now enter your Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Initials, Labcorp Account Number(Bank Account), Zip Code and choose if you are a patient or provider.
  • After which accept the terms and policies, complete the given captcha and press submit.
  • The main account,allows you to add multiple accounts to the portal during this process for representing your Domestic Partner, or Family members.

Login Procedure for the Labcorp Patient Portal.

To log in successfully into your account on the labcorp patient portal without any issues, heed the comprehensive tutorial given below.

  • Click on the LabcorpLink | Login or Labcorp Beacon Sign-in web address provided here – https://www.labcorplink.com/ui/#/login.
  • Once the login page displayed, enter your Login ID or Email Address and password into the showcased sections on the same page.
  • Now press the “Sign-in” option under these login fields, and your login process is over.

How to Access Your Account on the Labcorp Provider Login Portal Without Your Password?

If you have forgotten or lost your password for the LabCorp provider login web portal, to recover your account, you must go through the detailed steps mentioned below.

  • Visit the LabcorpLink | Login website link given here through your installed web browser on your device – https://www.labcorplink.com/ui/#/login.
  • A login page displayed, look for the “Forgot Password” option in between the fields and assert this option.
  • Again, redirected to a new page, seeking your email address associated with the said account.
  • Enter your email address and now press submits menu under the field.
  • If the email address linked to the account, an email sent to your device.
  • Open this mail and click on the provided link on the page.
  • Another page opened, here enter your new password.
  • Don’t forget to confirm the password, and lastly click on the submit option.
  • After changing your password,
  • Now use this new password and your valid user ID to recover your account on the labcorp beacon login portal.

Functions of the Labcorp Beacon Login Portal.  

As previously stated, the Labcorp web portal has multiple features for the providers/patients with registered accounts on this web portal.


  • The patients can access the various details provided by the web portal, like different lab tests, and their requirements.
  • Moreover, the fees is payable from web portal, by assigning bank accounts to the portal for booking lab tests.
  • The patients can access the test results through this portal & monitor these tests’ progress from the day of submitting specimens.
  • They can also schedule their lab tests as well as specimen collection on the portal itself.
  • The users can visit this web portal to apply for various lab tests performed by the Labcorp company.
  • The web portal allows the registered patients to attach multiple profiles within the same account for the patient’s family members..
  • The patients can learn about the guidelines and precautions to take before applying for lab tests.


  • The providers can give suggestions to the patients on what lab tests must be performed.
  • The providers can access the patient details along with their complete medical reports giving insights into their current health condition.

Labcorp Drug Development Company

The LabCorp Beacon web portal we have discussed above is a product offered by the parent company LabCorp Drug Development. The organization is highly known for its research achievements and health(Lab test) services it offers by its two divisions Contact Research Organisation and Pharmaceutical Division. LabCorp has its headquarters in the Burlington City of North Carolina, and it has multiple research and lab facilities across 60+ countries around the world. The company under the leadership of Paul Kirchgraber(CEO) and Jonathan Shough(CIO) has established itself as one of the world’s largest central laboratory networks.

With their labs and research centers, it provides numerous services such as Research & Development, Pharmaceutical, Preclinical, Non-Clinical, Clinical, Commercialization Services, and many more. The LabCorp company was established in the year 1968, which was then officially named Environmental Sciences Corporation, and then later in the year 1996, it was named the Covance Company. This company name was again changed to LabCorp, in the next few years and the name has been stuck ever since. The company under discussion has a workforce of 70,000 people, the majority of which are stationed here in the United States of America, and the rest in the other countries where the company has its facilities.

Criticisms Faced by the Labcorp Company

However, the company apart from its achievements and faces many criticisms about its adherence to the industry principles of 3R, and Welfare Standards. Moreover, the company was considered to be responsible for the ebola virus outbreak, which was caused due to the finding of unique virus symptoms through the tests performed on a crab-eating macaque imported from the Mindinao Island chain of the Philippines. The company’s treatment of animals has caused an outcry from people all around the world due to a report produced by an undercover journalist in Germany and PETA organization in the United States of America.

Similar to the Labcorp web portal platform, the company also provides another web portal designed and developed for the employees working here. This login portal is popularly called Labcorp Employee Login. The web portal provides the employees’ access to their Health Insurance Plans, Dental Insurance Plans, Health Savings Account(HSA), Vision Insurance, Flexible Spending Account(FSA), Disability Insurance, General Life, and Supplemental Life Insurance, etc.  The official web address for this web portal is given here: https://www.mylabcorp.com/lc3000/Members/UserLogin.aspx.

Labcorp Beacon Mobile Application

The LabCorp Beacon Web Portal is also available as a health application for mobile phones users, which offers easy-to-use options, and all the features offered by the portal in an application platform. The application is free, to download the application on your device visit the links given here.

For Android Phone Users: Labcorp | Patient – Apps on Google Play.

For iPhone Users: ‎Labcorp | Patient on the App Store.

Benefits Provided to the Employees of Labcorp Company

The many benefits offered by the Labcorp company for its employees are listed below with a detailed description.

Health Benefits

  • Vision, Dental, and Health Insurance choices for employees.
  • Separate Health Savings Account(HSA) and Flexible Spending Account(FSA) to cover expenses or offer funds for employees’ wellbeing and health.
  • General Life and Supplement Life Insurance plans.
  • Long Term Disability and Short-Term Disability Insurance.
  • The company also cares about the employee’s wellness, as it provides confidential counseling programs,  telephone wellness coaching, and short-term counseling.
  • Vision, Dental, and Health Insurance choices for employees.
  • Separate Health Savings Account(HSA) and Flexible Spending Account(FSA) to cover expenses or offer funds for employees’ wellbeing and health.
  • General Life and Supplement Life Insurance plans.
  • Long Term Disability and Short-Term Disability Insurance.
  • The company also cares about the employee’s wellness, as it provides confidential counseling programs,  telephone wellness coaching, and short-term counseling.

Other Benefits

  • A stress-Free working environment with their own Cafeteria.
  • The company offers a Soft Skill Training program and as well a work skills improvement program for their employees.
  • Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the Work From Home option is available for the employees, located in severely affected Covid-19 countries.
  • Free transport options for employees to reach their office place every day.
  • If the employees are currently studying at any recognized colleges, the company provides tuition assistance for their course fees.
  • The option of paid holidays for Sick Leaves, Parental/Maternal leaves, and company-provided vacation plans for the employees working here.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan provides suggestions and assists the employees in investing their funds onto the stock market.
  • The popular 401K Retirement plan with offers and funds to assist you after retiring from the company.
  • The company provides assistance for employees looking forward to child adoption under its Adoption Assistance Program.
  • They offer free laboratory testing for the employees working here.


In this LabCorp Beacon article, we have shared information regarding the LabCorp Beacon web portal, its Registration requirements, Features offered by the portal, along with comprehensive tutorials on the Registration methods, the Login process, change password, and Account recovery procedures. The article also provides detailed information about the LabCorp Drug Development Company namely, Companys History, Top-level associates, various offered services, its divisions, founding date & place, headquarters location, Recent Criticisms, Employee Force, Employee Benefits, and Current Locations, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How can access the LabCorp web portal?

The LabCorp Beacon Web Portal can be accessed by the patients registered on the platform. And also by the health providers like physicians and specialized doctors.

What are the functions of the labcorp provider login portal?

The main functions of the LabCorp Beacon web portal are uploading personal information, medical reports, lab test applications, scheduling lab tests, monitoring lab tests, accessing lab test reports, managing multiple accounts, learning about various lab tests, accessing specialized provider suggestions, reports, etc.

How can the LabCorp employees access their employee benefits?

The LabCorp employees can use my LabCorp employee login web portal, to access their various health, financial, personal, and Other benefits online from the comfort of their homes or anywhere with a proper internet connection.

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