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Lexis Advance Sign In

Lexis Advance Sign In, an online legal research site developed for law students located across the United States of America. The portals assist the students pursuing law to perform research and access legal information through the published case studies online. LexisNexis portal, often recommended to law students, because it helps the students to engage more with their course. In other words, gather real-life cases and compare them to their studies to further improve their learning experience. It uses AI Technology and Analytic tools providing powerful insights to increase your performance, speed & efficiency. In addition, the site helps law students to develop strategies from their research through more than 60k public records, business, legal, and news resources available on the site.

Lexis Advance Sign In – Login User Guides

Lexis Advance Sign-in Page
Sign In Page

Requirements to Register an Account on the Lexis Advance Platform.

To open an account on the lexis advance sign-in platform, the users must have the requirements listed below.

  • Original web address for the Lexis Advanced Sign In portal.
  • A Google verified email address.
  • The user applying for registration must be attorney or law student.
  • A secured web browser with stable internet connection.
  • And a compatible device like Smart Phones, PC, Tablet and Laptops.
Lexis Advance Sign In Registration Page
Registration Page

Registration Procedure for the Lexis Advance Sign In Web Portal.

To open an account on the lexis advance sign in the web portal, follow the elaborate steps provided below.

  • Firstly, connect to the Lexis Advance Sign-in web address on your web browser – https://www.lexisnexis.com/
  • A login page is shown, enter your first name, last name, email address onto the “New to LexisNexis?” tab and click submit.
  • Now fill in your organization name, zip code, phone number.
  • Choose “Yes” option on the “Are you an attorney” field and press submit.
  • After that, a LexisNexis representative contact you to discuss the available subscription plans.
  • After choosing the plan, the representative will assist you in creating your account. And setting up of user ID and password.

Steps to Login to Your Account on the Lexis Advance Sign In Online Platform.

To log into your account on the lexis advantage web portal, go through the comprehensive instructions cited below.

  • Click on the Lexis Advanced Sign-in weblink provided here from your device – https://www.lexisnexis.com/
  • On the login page, fill your User ID and Password onto the respective fields.
  • Choose the “Remember Me” option if you want to automatically access your account next time.
  • Lastly, click on the “Sign-in” option below the sections.
Lexis Advance Sign In Password Reset Page
Password Reset Page

What to Do if You Lost Your Password/user ID for Your Account on the Lexis Advance Sign In Web Platform?

The recovery account procedure is quite simple if you follow the necessary tutorial provided here.


  • Here choose the forgot user ID option.
  • After that, type your email address linked to your account and password.
  • Now press submit, and email is sent to your device.
  • Open this email, and click on the link.
  • Then enter your new username and confirm the username.
  • Finally, press “submit”.


  • Choose the forgot password option on this page.
  • Enter your User ID and email address.
  • Again press ‘submit”.
  • Another link is sent, open the link and enter your new password.
  • To confirm the password, re-enter your password once again and lastly hit the “submit” icon.

How to Change the Username and Password for the Lexis Advance Sign in Portal?

You can change your username and password for the lexis advance sign in the portal through the following method.

  • Login to your account on the lexis Nexis login web portal.
  • On the home page, choose your profile option in the top-right corner.
  • Now choose the account settings option from the displayed menu.
  • After that, press the “User ID and Password” icon.
  • Then, hit the “change username or password” option.
  • Here enter your default username and password.
  • And now fill in your new username and password and press “submit”.
  • Your accounts username and password is successfully changed.

Features of the Lexis Advance Sign in Platform.

The Lexis Nexis login portal offers multiple features for its registered users. Such as,

  • The users can access various cases details on this portal and also learn about the state Legislations and Administrative codes.
  • They can view and download the study materials, e-books for the subjects from the online portal by following the given instructions on the page.
  • Users can learn about the various federal laws, codes and regulations details opted for several types of cases under the state and federal govt.
  • View the international cases & the popular cases reports and the judgements given to understand more about the process & also subject.
  • Users will be able to use the search tabs to research for the cases they are looking for.
  • This case listings will be provided by multiple trusted resources, and they can use the filter options to further narrow down the cases by your chosen means.
  • Access Administrative and secondary materials related to your subjects on the portal online.
  • Look through the various forms needed for multiple purposes for the cases.
  • Learn more about the case with the help of expert witness materials and Jury instructions.
  • Access the Jury Verdicts and settlements for various cases on this web portal.

Issues Faced by the Lexis Advance Login Web Portal.

There are certain issues faced by the users accessing the lexis advance login portal. Such as Technical errors, display issues, troubleshooting problems, login, and connectivity issues. However, we don’t need to fret anymore, because we can avoid the occurrence of these problems by following the precautions given here.

  • Use the LexisNexis Browser Troubleshooting Guide to identify the troubleshooting issues and resolve them effectively.
  • Make sure the browser version and the device meets the requirements of the lexis advance login portal.
  • Add LexisNexis domains as a trusted browser or site on your device.
  • Disable browser add-ons, autofill feature and also Compatibility View.
  • Refresh and relaunch your browser is the time taking to load is increasing.
  • Copy the URL into the web browser and press the ‘enter’ key.
  • Also disable the running password manager applications on your device to avoid the login errors.
  • Make sure you have a good & high-speed internet connection.
  • Delete the cache, search history or browser storage regularly.
  • Make sure the opp-up blocker is disabled on the web browser.
  • Update your web browser regularly.
  • If requested, accept the Captcha and Cookies option on the page for better performance of the web browser.

LexisNexis Corporation

LexisNexis Logo
LexisNexis Logo

An American data mining corporation operating all over the United States from its Headquarters located in the famous Helmsley Building of New York City. LexisNexis is generally a publishing company that earns profits from selling the data mining platforms to other companies. RELX is the parent company of the LexisNexis organization. Apart from the US, the company also has its presence in France, Canada, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa. The corporation was first established in the United Kingdom in 1888, by Henry Butterworth. Which eventually ventured out into other countries worldwide.

Through the years the company has recognition and awards due to the products and services offered by the company. For instance, SIIA CODIE Award for the Best Information Solution in the year 2014 and also Best Political Information Resource in 2012. And in the year 2013, the LexisNexis corporation bagged the Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service and many more. Apart from this, the company has received multiple received criticisms due to their deportation work on the refugees for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The company also shut down its operations in China due to the persuasion by the Chinese Govt to follow the rules and guidelines see up by the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) in 2017.

Products and Services Offered by the LexisNexis Corporation

The said company offers a wider variety of products and services for its clients which are described below in detail.

Case Laws

Case Law reports services help the clients to understand the jurisdictions passed by the judges using the facts provided, and not instead of following jurisdictions guidelines. These case laws reports are provided by the company for the clients.


The company creates and publishes its article for the users and as well as the public. Generally related to the popular cases, jurisdictions, and also news.


Apart from the articles, the organization also issues publications in the form of books, journals, e-books, guides, and research papers.


LexisNexis offers real-time verified news updates for interested clients and the public as well. The portal stores more than 10,000 news articles on its platform for users to access.

Court Documents

The company stores all the court documents related to various cases on their servers which can be accessed by the clients to learn more about the court cases and the judgment provided by the court.

Lawyer Marketing

It offers Lawyer Marking services for the interested and the registered attorneys of the LexisNexis Advanced Sign-in web portal.

Law Practice Management Tools

The clients and attorneys registered for the LexisNexis services can get access to modern law practice management tools. That will help them understand the case details and assist them in strategizing their plans.

Sales Intelligent Solutions

The sales intelligent solutions offered by the company provide insights and effective strategies to improve the sales performance for the business industries.

Market Intelliegence Tools

Using data mining, AI for comparing the previous marketing plans employed by successful companies, the company creates a set of market intelligence tools. These tools will assist the registered companies to research and employing better marketing plans.

Media Monitoring

LexisNexis offers media monitoring systems for business organizations. Which involves, monitoring the internet, newspapers, TV or Media channels, and radio for company mentions. And to effectively formulate PR strategies to curb the negative responses or increase the positive responses.

Supply Management Tools

They also offer supply management tools for registered organizations. To assist them in handling the process of goods and services supply in the most effective ways, reducing the time and resource wastage.

EEmployee Benefits Offered by the LexisNexis Corporation

The LexisNexis organization offers multiple benefits for its employees. For instance,

  • Variety of Health Insurance plans to choose from based on their income.
  • Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance and Coverage.
  • Insurance for Dental and Vision.
  • The company promotes employees fitness and wellbeing by reimbursements and discounts on Gym Memberships.
  • Currently studying employees can receive tuition assistance from the company under the Tuition Reimbursement program.
  • The best performing employees are eligible to receive bonuses offered by the company.
  • The company also offers assistance and support for legal issues of the employees.
  • Company Social Outings help the employees to mingle with one another along with their family members.
  • Generous Paid Time Off periods for sick, personal, vacation, maternity & paternity leaves.
  • The company also offers volunteer programs for social institutions for the interested employees.


This article provides detailed information regarding the “LexisNexis Advanced Sign In” portal, its registration requirements, common issues, offered features, etc. As well as User login Guides for the registration process, sign-in procedure, account recovery, and change username or password methods. Apart from this the article also helps you to learn about the company its history, present service countries, top managements, criticisms, along with brief descriptions of the products and services offered by the company. We have also shared the employee benefits offered by the company for interested candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What are the common issues faced by the users of the “Lexis Advanced Sign in” web portal?

Login & Connectivity issues, Display problems, Troubleshooting Problems, and Technical errors are the general issues faced by the “Lexis Advanced Sign in” portal. Although these issues can be resolved by following the precautions given in the above sections.

How to access the “lexis advance” web portal?

The “Lexis Advance” portal provides access only to the Attorneys and the Law students registered on the said web portal. And it can be accessed by visiting the LexisNexis Advance Sign in web address – https://www.lexisnexis.com/en-us/products/lexis-plus/

Are the services offered by the “lexis advantage” login portal free?

No, the “lexis advantage” portal only offers free services during the one-month free trial period after which the users are asked to choose from the subscription plans offered by the company.

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