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mapquest.com – Maps, Driving Directions, Live Traffic

Once the most used GPS site in America is now mostly known to only a few. That’s right, Mapquest was the most used site to find places in the US. Before Google maps conquered the world, this was the go-to option for people, at least in the US. This web mapping service for Americans first came into existence in 1996. For the most part, it was owned by AOL(200-2015), and then it was taken over by Verizon(2016-2019) until it ended for scraps at System1.

While the current state of the mapping service might not be that interesting, the past was a different story. As I said earlier, before Google Maps, it was the site people went on to find directions. They initially started as a free mapping and mapquest driving directions funtionslityin America. Currently, it offers services like Maps, Get Directions, Mapquest Route Planner, Book Hotels, Rental Cars, and Covid-10 related info among a few others.

This mapping service uses geocoding to locate an address and this data for geocoding is taken from other companies that it has partnered up with. Using this data and the satellite images for streets, it provides tags for different places like hospitals, restaurants, hotels, etc to an online map. You can open their website or the app to search for anything, there’s a search bar on the left for that. It offers two routes to a particular location on the map.

While the services have been a little slow to catch up with its competitors like Google maps, Apple maps, etc. It still has millions of users for its site and the app that was launched in 2012. The app offers privacy, real-time traffic info, and accurate directions to its users, and is still used in the US.

Available Features

This is a service that uses Geographic Information Systems(GIS) and TomTom’s Service on the web. This is to find directions in a particular location, that isn’t the only thing it does. There are many other features/services offered to users. Here we will take a look at some of the services that a user gets.

  • Driving directions services.
  • Route Planner.
  • Users can also book flights, hotels, hospitals, rental cars, et cetera.
  • It’s mobile features include Mapquest mobile, which is paid services to use maps, directions on your mobile.
  • Also, services like Mapquest Traffic to get traffic info in a particular location. Mapquest Find Me to find and share your location with others.
  • It has services and products for other businesses, where they provide software services. This software is to find stores, directions, locate sales regions, et cetera.
  • There is also an app that offers all the above services to users through their Android and iOS mobiles.

Steps to Login to the Account

Anyone who doesn’t know how to use or even log in to their account should check out the next few instructions. We shall first discuss how to log in to the account, later we shall see how to create an account and use it. First, take a look below at the login procedure.

  • Visit the mapquest.com/signin or you can also just visit open the maps site and click the login option that is at the top left.
  • When you open the login page, first enter your email address and press enter.
  • Then enter your password and click Sign in. This will log you into your account.
  • In case you forgot your password, just click the “forgot your password?” option. Now you have to enter the email address to receive instructions to reset your password.
  • Open the mail and check for a link to reset the password for your account.

How to Sign up for an Account?

The above procedure helps if one already has an account on the mapping services site. In case this isn’t the case, then it is advisable to create one. Anyone who doesn’t have an idea of how to sign up for an account can get help from the next few instructions.

  • Head over to the website and click the sign-up option that is on the left side menu – https://www.mapquest.com/
  • This takes you to another page that has a bunch of empty fields.
  • Fill those empty fields mentioned details like name, email ID, password, etc. When done, click continue.
  • You will receive a mail with a code. Enter this code on the mentioned field on the site and click continue.
  • With this, your account is created, and you’re redirected to the login page. Now enter the login credentials and use the mapping services for desired tasks.

After you have logged in to that account, you can see options to find hotels, restaurants, shopping, grocery, etc. Click on the required option to see those places on the map. If you are looking for a specific place then look for it from the search bar.

The Route Planner

The website offers a router planner for users to get the best route to the desired location. Its features provide users route options, quickest or shortest route, traffic info, satellite and street view, multiple stop points, and many others. Many users and companies use this to get the best route plan for their work or personal use. It isn’t a complex procedure, and you just have to add a few things. We are going to list out a few simple steps to help you use the route planner.

Guide to use Route Planner

  • Open the website and login to your account. If you don’t know how, then the above tutorial will help with that – https://www.mapquest.com/
  • When you are in, go to options by clicking the three lines seen on the left menu.
  • This will show you a bunch of other options. In there, click the Route Planner option.
  • There are three ways to enter address, one is by using the line-by-line. Others are Copy/paste and import.
  • In the line-by-line option, you have to enter the address manually. With copy/paste, copy the address from a file and paste it in the appropriate fields.
  • In case of import, use a CSV or an XLS file that has the required address.
  • Choose the required option by clicking on the appropriate tab.
  • Let’s say you chose the line-by-line option. Enter the start point and the destination location. If you don’t know the format for inputting the address, then scroll down to find examples.
  • When you are done entering the address, click preview route to check the route on the map.
  • There are few customization options available in route planner. You can choose between the shortest distance or the quickest one, make a round trip plan, and re-order stops.
  • If you want more options, then click the “View Route Settings”.
  • When you are done, click “View Route Directions”. This shows you the travel info like the distance, time required, IRS reimbursement, and options to print or share the location. Check out this map quest Route Planner Guide for more info – https://help.mapquest.com/hc/en-us/articles/215153326-How-Do-I-Use-Route-Planner-

The App for Smartphones

When it was introduced, no one would have thought that this service can be used on a mobile. The development of smartphones and improvement in their technology led to many services being imported to mobiles, as apps. While Google was already leading in the location services department with their Google maps app, Mapquest came in pretty late.

Their app was released in 2012 to compete with the already established Apple maps, Waze, Google maps, and others. It may not be the most used app for direction services, but millions of users still prefer this app over others. This navigation app is available for users in the United States and Canada. It offers many features for a better and easier user experience along with a voice navigation option.

Some of its features include

  • Updated images and maps through satellite.
  • Traffic updates for users in real time.
  • Users can use the voice navigation for a turn-by-turn instruction while driving or even for a walk.
  • Settings are available to check for highways and toll road, because we all want to avoid them sometimes.
  • Multiple route options to choose from to save time and fuel.
  • Find all kind of hotels, restaurants, and many other interesting locations along with awesome deals to book them.
  • Info on local weather so that you can take preventive measure to avoid a specific route and plan in advance.

These are some of the most used features in the app. To download the app visit hello.mapquest.com and choose the app for the appropriate device. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phones.

Troubleshooting Methods

Some of you may have had some kind of problem with the app or the website. It could be a locations access issue, browser problem, or something wrong with the mobile app. Regardless, we are here to help you find and fix any common issues that you have with the website or application. Check out the below info.

Location doesn’t work in Google Chrome

While using the website for location services, some users have reported this issue. The problem is that chrome doesn’t detect any location when using the mapping services. To fix this, first, check if the browser has access to the location.

  • Open Chrome in your device and go to its settings. To access settings, click the 3 dots seen in the top right corner.
  • Then scroll down till you find the location settings. Under location, click Site settings.
  • In there, under default behavior, select “sites can ask for your location” settings. This will allow you to select to decided which sites should be given location access.
  • In case you see the mapquest.com under exceptions or blocked/restricted location then remove it. In some browser this can be found under “manage exceptions” setting.
  • With that taken care of, the next time you open the site, the location services will work.

Cannot use the website on Chrome or any other browser

Even though the browser is compatible with the website, some users may encounter issues. This may lead to the services not working. The solution for this will vary depending on the browser, but since a lot of people employ Chrome we are going to see the solution for it. To fix this, remove and clear the cookies and cache files from the browser.

Remember, if you remove those files then you will also lose the previous searches, routes, and other location histories as well. So proceed with caution.

  • Open Chrome on your device and then open the settings menu from the top right corner.
  • Hover down till you find History, and click on it to open the history tab.
  • Now you have to clear the cookies, and cached files. Click the “clear browsing data” option that is on the left pane.
  • This will open a window that has options to delete the cache files, and cookies. Select them all and make sure that the time range is “All time”, then hit clear data option.
  • This will remove all those files. Now check again to see if the problem persists. Also, try updating the browser.

Cannot Hear the Voice Navigation in Android Devices

Most of us who use the navigation services while on the road, use the voice navigation feature. If that doesn’t work then we are gonna have a bit of a problem. So it is better if we fix it ASAP, in that case, the next instructions should help with that. The first thing to do is check if the volume is high enough, if it is and there’s still a problem then restart the application.

One other way is to change the app’s voice which is another method to fix the issue. Thought this won’t change the voice of your navigation app. To do this, take a look below.

  • Install Google’s Talk-to-Speech app on your Android device, this is if you don’t already have it on your device.
  • Now go to Settings and head over to the Language & Input settings.
  • Then click/tap the text-to-speech options, and in there, enable the Google Text-to-Speech engine option.

If the above option doesn’t help, then check these additional voice troubleshooting options – https://help.mapquest.com/hc/en-us/articles/207686856-Using-Bluetooth-with-the-app-Android-

Similarly, there are a few other issues for Android and iOS devices. All of those issues can be fixed with appropriate steps. Just use the above voice troubleshooting link and navigate to different solutions from the left pane options. There are a plethora of troubleshooting options for various issues, so explore them all.

System Requirements

This website doesn’t expect much from a device, all it needs is minimum hardware along with a supported browser updated to the latest version. The browser must be updated to the latest version because certain features wouldn’t work otherwise. Browsers that support this mapping service include Internet Explorer 10 & 11, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari Mac versions.

Apart from the above-mentioned browsers, there is no guarantee that the other browsers will provide optimum results. For full support info, check this compatibility guide – https://help.mapquest.com/hc/en-us/articles/205940710-MapQuest-com-System-Requirements

Mapquest Vs Google Maps

Maybe during 2007 or 2006, you would have argued that mapquest is the best mapping service available for users. Though now, I don’t think apart from a very few people anyone would argue if I say that Google maps offer the best services when the comes to maps and directions. That’s because it’s true, and anyone who has used both services will say the same.

They both offer driving directions and options to find hotels, hospitals, and other places. One of the major differences is that Google maps have more options when it comes to navigation. Also, it doesn’t have ads like mapquest which makes it more appealing and less frustrating to use. When it comes to advantages that trump google maps, mapquest offers fuel prices along with directions. Another feature is the option to add multiple stops between your starting point and destination. This is sadly something Google doesn’t have.

Mapquest also has a one-button option to find hotels, gas stations, grocery stores, food places, etc. This also provides an easy way to make reservations. In case you want to change routes, then switching to another is easier when compared with Google maps. Also, the database is limited in terms of the database that Google maps and not as accurate.

Mapquest Review

While its features are comparable to other maps like Apple, Waze, and Google they aren’t as accurate as some of them. The interface is quite simple and offers most options with just a single button tap, like finding hotels, and other usual fun spots. It offers users to save addresses by logging in to the account, which makes it easier to use since you don’t have to always enter the address.

One unique feature that it offers, is the option to add stops points without a specific limit. It offers directions to almost every store in the country, except for a few which is surprising since they have been there for a while. Like the Fairway Market Harlem. The direction services work well for cars though not so much when you want to take a walk.

The traffic info is pretty accurate as well as provides real-time updates, so you don’t have to get stuck. The app is even better than the desktop website as it has easy navigation options with just a few taps. For the most part, it works well but is still far behind Google maps in terms of accuracy. With less accurate directions and no directions to public transportation, it still has a lot of ground to cover to catch up.

Contact Information

In case there is any sort of trouble with the site or even their app, use the contact us link to get in touch with them – https://developer.mapquest.com/contact-us. This link is for the application developers, just open the link and enter the info mentioned in the empty fields. Then enter the message and click submit. There is another site for users’ help, this can be used to submit a request – https://help.mapquest.com/hc/en-us/requests/.


There is no way that one has been living in the United States and never heard of Mapquest. For that 1% of people who have never heard of it, or people who want some help or extra info, should check out all the above info. Make sure to check out the tutorials for setting up an account and logging in, if one didn’t already know-how. Also, the troubleshooting instructions should help.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is www.mapquest driving directions?

The www.mapquest driving directions is to use the driving directions feature available in the mapquest’s website maps and app. This helps to find directions while driving.

What devices does the Mapquest app support?

The app supports devices like Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

What do you need to use the maps?

All you need is a computer or a mobile device and you can use the maps. if you are using it on the computer then you need a good browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. In the case of mobile, you can just install the app.

What are some alternative apps for directions?

Some of the best alternative apps for maps include Waze, Bing Maps, Here WeGo, Apple Maps, and Google Maps, etc.

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