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MaryKayInTouch, an online website designed for the independent beauty consultants a part of Mary Kay Inc. The consultants can access website services and features 24/7, anywhere from the world with internet access and a compatible device. Moreover, the website offers various benefits for independent consultants. Such as booking orders online, adding products, view placed orders, companies’ latest news updates, participate in contests, access event schedules, yearly calendars. Above all, they can monitor attendance sheets, sales reports, earnings reports, participate in training programs, and many more. In other words, the MaryKayInTouch portal is a one-stop shop for independent beauty consultants employed here.

Mary Kay & MaryKayInTouch

Mary Kay is one of the most popular online beauty products sellers in the country. The company started as a multi-level marketing company has attracted people with its independent consultant program through its web portal. In other words officially known as the MaryKayInTouch portal.

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Mary Kay Login Page

Registration Requirements for Intouch Mary Kay Web Portal.

The consultants or the users registering their accounts on the MaryKayInTouch portal must have the requirements mentioned here.

  • Valid Consultant ID provided by the Mark Kay Company.
  • Official web address of the web portal.
  • The individual must be a male/female above the age of 18 years.
  • A secured web browser with good internet connection.
  • Compatible devices like Laptops, Tablets, PCs and Mobile Phones.
  • Install Antivirus software protection system on your device.

Registration Process for Mary Kay Products Consultant Online Portal.

To successfully register your account on the mary kay login portal, go through the steps given below. For Instance:

  • Click on the MaryKayInTouch Login web address from your installed web browser on your device – https://mk.marykayintouch.com/s/login/
  • After that, a login page is shown.
  • Firstly, look for the “New to InTouch” menu below the login fields.
  • Click on the given option, and enter your Consultant ID.
  • Now choose the “Phone” or “Email” option below.
  • Lastly, click “submit” icon.
  • A web link is sent to your email address or the phone number registered with the account.
  • Click on the link and choose “new user” menu.
  • Here enter your personal details such as Full Name, Email Address, Contact Number, Address, Experience and other info according to the instructions given on the page.
  • And click next, and choose your security questions & answer them and press next.
  • Fill in your password and choose your email or phone number for recovery process.
  • Press “submit” and you can access the account.

Login Procedure for the Marykayintouch.com Web Portal.

To log in to your account on the marykayintouch.com web portal, follow the instructions provided below.

  • Visit the MaryKayInTouch Login United States web address given here – https://mk.marykayintouch.com/s/login/
  • On the login page, type your Consultant ID and password.
  • Finally, press the “login” option.
  • Now you are successfully logged into the account.
MaryKayInTouch Password Recovery Page
Password Recovery Page

How to Recover Your MaryKayIntouch Login Account Without Password?

Even if you lost the password for the marykayintouch login portal, follow the detailed tutorial cited below.

  • Connect to the Mary Kay InTouch Login United States web address from your device – https://mk.marykayintouch.com/s/login/
  • Search for the “Forgot Your Password” icon below the sections.
  • Press this menu and type your consultant ID.
  • A Web link is sent to your device by choosing the mobile or email ID.
  • Open this link and answer your security questions.
  • After that, enter your new password and re-enter the password for confirmation.
  • Lastly, use this password and consultant ID to access your account.

Functions of the Intouch Mary Kay Web Portal.

There are numerous functions offered by the intouch mary kay web portal to its consultants or users. Such as-

  • The consultants can order their products online through the MaryKayInTouch portal, and also monitor the bookings of their customers.
  • Here the users can view new products and their details and also add these products to their lists.
  • They can also monitor the progress of the placed order here on the portal.
  • Relieve regular company updates and latest news info.
  • Receive updates about the events and contents occurring now or in few weeks.
  • Participate in these events and achieve the set goals in certain time period to receive gifts, cash prizes and offers.
  • Access Yearly calendars for event dates, and contest deadlines.
  • The users can use this web portal to monitor their sales report along with detailed stats of the earnings.
  • They can also participate in training programs provided by the company online to help improve your skills and work performance.
  • Access listings of all the independent consultants working for the company along with ranking lists showcasing the top earning beauty consultants.
  • The users can also participate in discussions in the many group channels available under the “Lets Talk” option.

Problems Faced by the Independent Consultants While Accessing the Mary Kay Intouch Login Website.

The users visiting the mary kay products consultants portal face some major issues. These issues are discussed below along with possible solutions.

Locked issue

Before accessing the portal, keep in mind that locking your account is possible. In other words, if you enter the wrong credentials 5 times, then your account is locked. So to avoid this issue, make sure you have entered the accurate credentials on the login page.

Website Maintenance

Being a popular website, the portal undergoes maintenance frequently to add features and solve issues. During this period, the website is not accessible for the consultants.

Login Issues

If you are unable to log in to your account. Inspect your credentials to verify they are accurate or not. Or it can be caused due to the locking of your account. In this case, you must contact the administration to solve your queries.

To submit your queries and issues, email the address: marykayintouch@marykayinc.com. Or call the Toll Free number: 800-627-9529.

More About Mary Kay Inc

Mary Kay Logo
Mary Kay Logo

This privately owned multi-level marketing company was founded 57 years ago, on September 13, 1963, in Dallas City of Texas State, United States. Mary Kay Ash, American Business Woman, is the founder of this company. The company has unveiled new technological advancements in the cosmetic marketing industry making like no other. In addition, it became the sixth-largest network marketing company in the year 2018. The company has its headquarters located in Addison City, Texas. Richard R. Rogers is the current Executive Chairman of the company, David Holl is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO). The company offers cosmetic and skincare products through its official Mary Kay website online and also offline through private-owned cosmetic/skincare stores.

The company with its independent consultant program has achieved more than 3 million salespersons worldwide. These people helped the company to mark its presence in most countries around the world. They also have more than 5000 staff members working in the corporate offices located in the United States and all over the world. The company has two operating manufacturing and packing plants in Dallas, Texas, USA and Hangzhou, China, and closed plant in Le Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland(closed in 2003)

. The company over the years went to court on two occasions. One was due to a petition filed by Claudine Wolff, Sales director of the Mary Kay products demanding to overturn the firing. However, the company reason was genuine and the case was dismissed. On the second time, the company went against Touch of Pink Cosmetics, who allegedly used the company’s names on their products to earn money. Ultimately, the company won the case and earned a compensation of $1.139 US Million dollars.

Benefits of Working as a Consultant for Mary Kay

The consultants earn multiple benefits provided by the company. Such as,

  • Receive a profit of 50% by selling the cosmetic and skin care products offered by the Mary Kay Company.
  • The consultants, as they grow in their career position, unlock the offers to purchase vehicles for themselves.
  • Being one of the top consultant by sales revenue, gives consultants offer to go on a exclusive Bahamas vacation with a team every year.
  • Selling some of the best quality and quantity products in the industry.
  • More than 300+ products available on the web portal, for your customers to choose from.
  • Participate in contests and earn rewards. Cash prizes and many more.
  • Get a starter kit and eStart subscription for affordable rates to start your consultant career.
  • The company offers flexible work schedules for the consultants.
  • Popular products make the marketing process easy, which in turn encourage your career growth.


The “MaryKayInTouch” article discusses the consultant position In Touch portal, its registration requirements, numerous features, and accessibility issues along with solutions. We have given detailed tutorials for Registration, Login, Account Recovery, Password Change procedures on the Mary Kay InTouch web portal. The article also provides necessary information about the Mary Kay Company, its achievements, products & services, founders, operating plants, headquarters, current leadership, consultant benefits, and many more. Through this article, you can also learn about the court petitions the company has faced and won.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the InTouch Mary Kay web portal?

The Mary Kay InTouch is a web portal for independent beauty consultants working for the company. The web portal helps the users to perform all their marketing and sales through the portal online.

How to access the mary kay login portal?

To access this web portal, the consultants must visit the Mary Kay InTouch Login web address from their devices with installed web browsers and better internet access – https://mk.marykayintouch.com/s/login/

Name the common issues faced by the mary kay catalog website users?

As stated in the above sections, the common issues generally faced by the users while accessing this web portal are Account Locking issues, Login errors, and Website maintenance.

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