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Michaels Workbrain – Michaels Employee Schedule Login

Michaels Workbrain is a set of employee-only portals designed by Infor Global Solutions for the workers of various companies like Darice, DSI, Artistree, which are under the wing of Michaels Stores and Companies Inc and also the employees of the Michaels Stores Inc.

The Web Portal is used by the employees to access their Daily Workbrain Michaels Schedules from anywhere with a proper internet connection, using a secured browser through Laptops, PCs, and Mobile Phones. Apart from this, the Web Portal can provide other services like Payment Slips and details of the payments received payment listing, you can also print these payslips from the portal, contact the HR Department or other departments directly for queries, and other issues.

Michaels Workbrain Employee Portal

Michaels Logo

The Michaels Stores have many other portals for the associates of the retail stores for various other purposes. This Portal is popularly referred to as Michaels SSO Login, which is the SSO Login/ Michaels Workbrain portal provided here.

Michaels Worksmart Portal

Michaels Worksmart Portal

The Michaels Worksmart Portal is another portal developed by Infor Global Solutions that offers multiple features such as Monitoring and Accessing Health, Financial & other benefits, Apply for Sick Leaves, Vacations, Personal Leaves.

Other than that, get discounts and offer across their vast Retail Stores; Monitor the 401k Plan for retirement savings, Get access to year-end benefits and bonuses given by the company. However, the Michaels Worksmart web portal can be accessed only by the employees of Michaels Stores directly through the Worksmart General Login link mentioned here.

Michaels Worksmart ETM Portal

Michaels Worksmart ETM Portal

The Worksmart Michaels ETM Portal is quite similar to the Michaels Worksmart Portal offering similar features and services for the employees of Michaels Stores Inc. However, the main difference of this web portal is that it has the ETM Menu which shares all the Workbrain Login Portal features like  Work schedules, Payslips, Payment Listing, Connect with Administration or Management, etc.

This portal can be accessed directly through the Worksmart General Login Link provided in the above section and press the ETM option once the login page is opened, or by visiting the Worksmart ETM Link (worksmart.michaels.com/etm) directly here through a secured browser.

Requirements to Register for the Michaels Workbrain Portals

Every employee portal managed by big companies like Michaels Stores and Industries has certain requirements you need to possess to successfully log in to the portals and access their various features and services.

For Michaels SSO Login Portal

  • People must have employment opportunities in Michaels Stores, Darice, DSI, Artistree, which are under the wing of Michaels Companies Inc.
  • People need to possess a Username and default password given by the HR Department of Michaels Companies Inc.
  • Michaels Web Portal Link.
  • A secured internet browser with a good internet connection.
  • Also, answer the security questions.

For Michaels WorkSmart General & ETM Portals

  • Workers must have employment opportunities in the Michaels Retail and Art Stores in either of the countries.
  • They also need to possess the User ID or Username and Default password provided by the Michaels Stores Inc HR Department.
  • Michaels Worksmart General link and Worksmart ETM Link.
  • Internet connection and a secured browser.
  • In case you loose the password, answer some security questions to recover your account.

How to Login to the Michaels Workbrain or SSO Login Web Portal?

Michaels Workbrain or SSO Login Web Portal

If you are an employee of Michaels Companies such as Artistree, Darice, and DSI, follow the detailed tutorial below to successfully log in to the Michaels Workbrain or SSO Login Portal.

How to Access the SSO Login Account if You Forget the Password?

IMB Security identify manager

To access the SSO Login or Michaels Workbrain Account, follow the detailed steps below.

  • Click on the Michaels Workbrain SSO Login link through a secured browser on your smartphone or PC – https://signon.michaels.com/wps/myportal
  • Look for the Forgot Password menu under the menu of the SSO login page.
  • Click on this menu, which will redirect you to the IBM Security Identity Manager Page.
  •  Here on this page enter your Username or User ID, and click the Forgot Your Password Option on the bottom left.
  • The next page requests your personal info and security question answers.
  • Fill in your personal info like Name, Email, Address, etc., and answer all the security questions and click next.
  • The next option will redirect you to a new page if your info and answers are correct.
  • On this page, enter your new password and confirm the password.
  • Press Submit and to recover the account, then visit the login and enter the credentials.

How to Access the Michaels Worksmart and Etm Web Portals if You Forgot Password?

The Michaels Worksmart General Portal and Michaels Worksmart ETM Portal don’t have recovery options, unlike the SSO portal. To access these accounts contact your administrative department and submit an application requesting the Username and Password of your account.

Features of Michaels Workbrain (SSO Login) Web Portal

The Workbrain login Portal offers various features that are mentioned below in detail –

  • The Michael Workbrain portal’s primary feature is Daily Work Schedules Information, which can be accessed by all the employee’s in several companies under the wing of Michaels Companies Inc.
  • Access payslips every month and previous paystubs listings with all information like the amount, date and time, etc.
  • Contact the Administration directly for any issues and queries directly.

Features of Michaels Worksmart Web Portals

General Portal

  • The web portal gives information about the Health, Benefits, and other Benefits and provides the means to access them when necessary.
  • Applying for Sick Leaves, Personal Leaves, and Vacation Plans on the web portal.
  • Get discounts and offers while visiting the Michaels Retail or Art & Craft Websites.
  • Monitor your Retirements Savings 401K Plan.
  • Receive bonuses and salary benefits for year-end and other occasions.

ETM Portal

  • This Web Portal as said above has all the features of the General Portal mentioned above.
  • Access Workbrain Michaels schedules daily.
  • Access Payment listings, and monthly pay stubs.
  • For contacting the management or other departments for issues and queries.

Benefits of Working in Michaels Companies Inc

The Michaels Companies Inc is one of the largest companies operating in the United States of America and Canada. As a result, the company strives to offer as many benefits as possible to its thousands of employees across the two countries. The next few points explain all the benefits.

  • The Company offers various medical plans for employees which include prescription and drug coverage.
  • Insurance for disability, loss of life, and Critical illnesses.
  • Partnership with the Alight helps you get more offers and benefits for prescriptions and drugs.
  • 401k Plan for your retirements savings and coverage.
  • The company strives to maintain a good work-life balance for employees as they can take sick leaves, vacation leaves, and personal leaves when needed.
  • They also offer no-cost benefits for all your family members.
  • Alex Artificial bot helps you choose the best benefits and insurance plans for you and your family.
  • Access to Tealdoc application which provided direct contact to specialized doctors through phones when needed for a reasonable price of 40$.

How to Apply for Michaels Stores Job Positions?

The next few steps should help those who want to work for Michaels Companies Inc and its many other subsidiaries companies.

  • Connect to the Michaels Careers link through a secured browser.
  • A new career page displays all the available job listings.
  • Filter this listing by the filter features by adding the Job Position you are looking for, are (State, City, Town, Country), and Experience, Salary, etc.
  • This will help you narrow down the job listings further.
  • Once you have found the right job posting, click on them.
  • Which will redirect you to a new page.
  • This page has all the information on the job.
  • After going through the information, click the Apply menu on the bottom of the page(If Interested).
  • Fill in all your personal details, professional information and attach your CV/Resume on-the-job application letter and click submit.
  • You will receive an email stating the confirmation of the job application.
  • Selected candidates receive an email from the company.
  • Or else, you can visit the stores nearby you and submit your job application letter there.

About Michaels Stores

Micheals Stores Inc is a retail industry giant which was established in 1973 by Micheal J Dupey. Michaels is a private organization that has more than 1252 art and crafts stores. Both in the United States and Canada. This is a subsidiary or part of The Micheals Companies Inc. Its headquarters is located in the Irwin City in the State of Texas. The Company has been recently acquired by Apollo Global Management which is an equity company in March 2021.

Moreover, the company manages the Aaron Brothers Custom Framing Stores. Apart from this, the company currently has various departments or industries. Like Whole Sales Stores, Art and Crafts Stores, Retail Stores, Framing Stores, and Wall Decor. Also, Framing Shops, and provides merchandise for Do it yourself(DIY) maKers and home decorators.

Micheals Stores Inc has received a revenue of 5.271 Billion Dollars in the year 2020. It has an impressive workforce of 45000 people across the 1252 stores in the United States and Canada. The Micheals Stores sells various products such as art, craft products, floral items, homed decor, kid’s craft, paints, various seasonal items, greenery items, baking, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, Knitting, Beading and a lot more. Apart from this, the company also produces products like Studio Decor, Recollections, Ashland, Createlogy, and Bead Landing.


This article “Michaels Workbrain” offers all the necessary information about the Michaels Company & its subsidiaries and all the employee web portals. There is a detailed tutorial on how to apply for jobs in this company.

Moreover, we also provided you tutorials on how to log in, requirements to log in, recovery method, and  Features of the portal(SSO Login) portal, Michaels Worksmart General, and ETM portals. Furthermore, check the detailed information on the multiple benefits the company provides for all its employees across the two countries.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the different employee portals of Michaels Company Inc?

The Michaels Company Inc operated and manages multiple web portals with various features and benefits such as Michaels SSO Login Portal (Workbrain), Michaels Worksmart General portal, Michaels Worksmart ETM Portal.

What are the requirements needed for employees to access these web portals?

The Michaels Company’s employees require many requirements as mentioned above to access the multiple web portals like Company Provide Usernames & passwords, Secure Latest Version Browsers, Good internet Connection, Anti-virus and Firewall software installed, weblinks, etc.

Why are the uses of these web portals?

The Michaels Web Portals are used for multiple features such as Access Daily Work Schedules, Paystubs, payslips listings, benefits(Health, financial, Other Benefits), Contacting Departments and Management, apply or leaves (Sick, Personal & Vacation), Discounts and offers while visiting stores, and to receive and access year-end bonuses.

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