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MiWAM – Claimants Login – Unemployment Insurance Agency

The Michigan Web Account Manager(MIWAM) is a web portal designed for unemployed individuals from the state of Michigan. To access their unemployment funds offered by the State-Federal Government through the MiWAM insurance agency. The web portals in question offer various benefits or functions for the users, such as Checking Insurance Claim balance, Updating Personal Info. Even Submit queries through email, file appeals online, submit monthly work search information, Making Transactions, assign your Bank accounts. You can even choose your account or debit cards to receive payments, Benefit Payment History, and many more. The insurance agency was established under the Social Security Act by the Federal Government in the year 1932.

Login Page

How to Login to the Miwam Portal?

Requirements to Register yourself on the MiWAM online login portal

The web portal under discussion requires some necessities to access the unemployment insurance offered through the web portal, these necessities are listed below.

  • The candidate applying for unemployment registration must be more than 18 years old.
  • He/she should have a residence permit in the state of Michigan.
  • They must be a recently unemployed employee.
  • The official web address for the MiWAM web portal.
  • A compatible device with an installed secured web browser and High-Speed Internet Access.

How register your account on the Michigan unemployment web portal?

The detailed instructions for the registration process of new users for the Michigan Unemployment web portal are given below.

  • Visit the MiWAM Login web address given here.
  • A login page is showcased, click on the new user option at the bottom of the page.
  • Another page is loaded, here enter your personal info, namely, your First Name, Last Name, email address, Confirm the Email address, and Mobile Number.
  • Now answer the verification question and click on the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” and press next.
  • Here on this page, enter your user ID and password and select the security choices given below.
  • Three options are shown such as Email Address or Mobile Number, or  Security Question.
  • If you have chosen the email option and verification code is sent to your email address.
  • On choosing a mobile number, two messages are sent, one confirming the application and the second one with the verification code.
  • Upon choosing Security Questions, select the security questions and answer these questions and press submit, and a code is displayed on the page.
  • Enter this code or PIN into the next page.
  • And finally, press the confirm option, and click on the create account menu at the bottom of the page.
  • Now you have successfully opened your account on the MiWAM web portal.

Login Process for the miwam login web portal.

To successfully log in to your account on the miwam web portal, follow the detailed tutorial stated below.

  • Connect to the MiWAM Login web link provided here – https://milogin.michigan.gov/eai/login/authenticate?URL=/.
  • Once the web portal is opened, enter your Username or User ID and password.
  • Now press Login, and you are successfully logged on to your account.
  • Visit your settings and connect both MIlogin and MiWAM websites by following the instructions given on the page.

What to do if you forgot your credentials for miwam for claimants online login portal?

In case of losing or forgetting your password/User ID for your account on the miwam. That is used for the claimant’s online web portal. Recover your account and change your User ID/password, follow the comprehensive instructions provided here.

For Password

  • Click on the MILogin – Login web address through our installed web address – https://milogin.michigan.gov/eai/login/authenticate?URL=/.
  • On the login page, look for the “Forgot Your Password” option.
  • Click on the mentioned option, and you will be redirected to another page.
  • Now enter your User ID and answer the verification question and press the next button.
  • Here again, three options are provided, mobile number, email address, and security question.
  • Both Mobile Number and Email Address options. A web link is sent to your phone or email respectively, click on this link and enter your new password and confirm the password and click submit.
  • If you have chosen the security questions option, answer the questions accurately and press submit.
  • Another page is opened, fill in your new password and confirm the password and click submit.

For User ID

  • Visit the MILogin – Login web address given here – https://milogin.michigan.gov/eai/login/authenticate?URL=/.
  • Once the page is loaded, search for the “Forgot Your Username” option and press on the mentioned option.
  • Another web page is displayed, here type your email address and answer the verification question.
  • A recovery link is sent to your email address.
  • Click on this link, and enter your new user Id and confirm the user ID.
  • And Finally, press submit.

Using these instructions the users can also change their user id and passwords respectively for the web portal in question.


What are the functions of the Michigan unemployment login web portal?

There are numerous functions offered by the Michigan unemployment login portal for the registered users which are described in much more detail below.

  • The users can access their unemployment insurance claims account balance online through this web portal from the comfort of their homes.
  • They can submit their appeals about certain functions of the insurance policy through the online portal.
  • Updating info such as personal and professional information.
  • If the users have any queries regarding the policy or web portal they can submit their queries by sending an email directly to the department.
  • Might as well know, the unemployment insurance users must finish or submit the monthly work search information. Especially to verify that they are unemployed, however, unlike the other states in the country, Submit these forms online directly from the portal.
  • The insurance funds on the web portal can be accessed to make transactions on the online portal.
  • There is also an option of assigning your bank accounts to the web portal to receive direct payments every month.
  • Further, you can choose to add or remove your debit cards on the web portal to receive the unemployment claims offered by the Michigan Government.
  • The benefits payment and the transaction history are safely stored on the portal and it also offers various enhanced stats on the payments or benefits.
  • You can also check the pending time period until, after which the unemployment insurance claims are stopped, and you need to renew the claims which can also be performed through this portal.

Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency & Unemployment Benefits

This is agency was set up by the Michigan State Federal Government to help the unemployed individuals in the state. To offer funds for their daily needs until they find their jobs or work. The agency under discussion is managed by the United States Department of Labour. This agency provides insurance claims for unemployed individuals. Employees who have worked here in Michigan for the past 12 months, actively seeking workers, and minimum wage amount workers.

The agency also employs agents who assist the unemployed individuals while applying for insurance claims and also has many insurance claim offices across the cities, towns, villages in the State of Michigan.

The US Unemployment Insurance Policy was created under the Social Security Act of 1935 and the policy was stated that the federal state governments must provide unemployment insurance claims for the people for 6 months. However, during the great recession period, the period was extended to more than 70+ days. Currently, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in job loss for many individuals not just in Michigan State but all over the country. Ongoing pandemic and continuous lockdowns have led to unemployed individuals demanding a raise in their insurance claims, as the given wage is not enough for them to buy food and pay their home rents. Fortunately, the Federal Government under the New Biden Administration welcomed the idea and assured an increase in the unemployment insurance claim through the America Rescue Plan.


The MiWAM article provides you with all the necessary details about the United States Unemployment Insurance Policy. This along with a brief description of the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency and the MiWAM web portal. Here in this article, we have also provided you the complete instructions for how to register your account. Even how to log in to your account, how to change your username or password, how to access your account without Username/Password.

The article provides you with all the login requirements along with individual eligibility for accessing the web portal, and the multiple functions or features the users can unrestricted access from the web portal in question.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How to apply for Unemployment Insurance Claims if you are from Michigan?

To apply for the unemployment insurance claims offered by the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency, the users must have certain requirements and eligibility stated above, and if they meet the requirements follow the Registration procedure stated above in the article.

Are there any issues faced by the registered unemployment benefits users while accessing the web portal?

Yes, there are certain issues faced by the users generally like expiry of insurance claims, login errors, connectivity errors, detailed errors, troubleshooting problems, and most importantly the time is taken for the insurance claim to be accepted. However, these issues can be easily resolved by following some precautions.

How to contact the agency if you have queries?

To contact the agency customer care, call the contact numbers: 1-866-500-0017, 1-855-484-2636 from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5 pm or send an email through the MiWAM web portal or Use the “Chat with the Agent” option displayed on the portal.

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