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My Ascension Portal

It wasn’t long ago, but Ascension became one of the largest healthcare facilities in the United States. Many other health care systems have existed for decades now. But in just 22 years, Ascension has hospitals in more than 20 states. It ranks second in the country due to the number of hospitals it has in those 20 states. They also have their very own portal called My Ascension Portal.

How to Access My Ascension Portal?

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Any employee of ascension has access to the My Ascension portal, with each employee having their accounts. Even customers of Ascension. By that we mean the patients. They can also create an account in My Ascension, but there is a separate Ascension Patient Portal that can be used by patients. Patients can use this portal to schedule visitations, get refills for medication, get an online checkup, and many other things.

Here we are going to discuss the My Ascension portal. Lets take a look at how to login into this portal. We have shared all the info that you need to login. This along with what can you do if you forget your password. You can find all the information with detailed steps explained below.

How to login into My Ascension portal?

As stated earlier, we will begin by explaining to you how to login into MY ascension portal, and later we will get into issues that can prevent login. Below you can find simple steps to login into this portal.

  1. Open the employee portal using the “My Ascension Portal” link – https://ihub-oci.ascension.org/login/login.html
  2. Now, on the login page, you can see that two fields need to be filled in to log in.
  3. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields.
  4. When that is done, click the Login button. This should get you in your portal account.

There are certain things to remember for you to be able to use this portal. First, you cannot enter a username that has any domain name or backslash. This will throw an incorrect username error.

Another thing is that there is a new authentication method that involves Multifactor Authentication. This method is employed in my.ascension.org. You can find all info on the MFA from the portal login.

My Ascension Portal

How to Unlock Your Ascension Account?

Sometimes we do dumb things like trying incorrect passwords too many times. The result is that the account is barred from use. Now you may not see any option to unlock your account from the ascension login page, but you still unlock it from another site.

Enroll in Ascension Health Password Management(AHPM) Tool

Though, there is one thing that needs to be done before that. You need to enroll in the APHM by using the same page link that you will use to unlock your account. Just enter the username, password, in the next field enter WIMIL, and hit log in. Then you have to click “click here” on the welcome page. Finally, go to the enrollment tab and answer a few questions. That’s it now you are enrolled in APHM.

Next, follow the steps below to unlock your account.

  1. Use the ahpmascensionhealth.org. This will take you to another ascension login portal – https://ahpm.ascensionhealth.org/showLogin.cc
  2. In this portal, you can see the option “Unlock Account” towards the left. Click on the option.
  3. On the next page, enter the domain username, WIMIL in the domain name field, and type the captcha.
  4. Then you have to answer a few questions and type the captcha.
  5. Finally, click on the “Unlock Account” option and your account will be unlocked.

How to Reset Your Ascension Account Password?

If you are one of those majority people who set a difficult password and then totally forget what they set their account password, then do not worry because we can help you with that. Using the same Ascension Health Password Management(AHPM) tool, we can not just unlock an account, but also reset your forgotten password.

To use this tool you need to be enrolled, and if you are not enrolled then you can check the above tutorial that explains how you can enroll in AHPM. When that is done, you get back to reset your password.

  1. Open the AHPM tool portal using ahpmascensionhealth.org – https://ahpm.ascensionhealth.org/showLogin.cc
  2. If you look closely you can see the “Forgotten Password” option. Hit that button.
  3. On the next page, enter details like your domain username, the domain name which is WIMIL, and complete the captcha. Then hit continue.
  4. Here you will see some questions which you have answered by enrolling for AHPM. Answer them here again.
  5. Now you will see a tab where you can enter a new password. When that is done your account password is reset.

You can check this logging again using the new password.

All About Ascension

Even though Ascension now is a for-profit organization, that wasn’t always the case because it was founded as a non-profit organization under the catholic system.  Ascension boasts personalized care for everyone, it promises to bring hope, health, and strength to anyone who enters their walls. Its headquarters is in St. Louis, Missouri, and its current CEO is Joseph Impicciche (Since 2019).

As ascension operates in so many places, there is a good chance that you can get the care you need from close to home. Since its inception in 1999, which took place due to the merge between two different Catholic health systems, it has grown considerably by many hospitals and other health care systems merging in. The initial merge tool placed between the Daughters of Charity Health National System and the Sisters of St. Joseph Health System.

Now it has 151 hospitals across the country with more than 150,000 skilled employees providing the best care possible. At one point in 2014, Ascension partnered with an Indian-based hospital called the Narayana Health of India to open a hospital in Caveman Islands with $2 billion. This was the Health City Caveman Islands, and both owned a 50-50 share.

In 2018, Ascension decided to back out of their partnership and sold their shares to the Narayana Health of India.


Apart from all these, Ascension has had its fair share of controversies. Like the 2018 lawsuit from the District of Columbia for violating the hospital license, another one is the defamation and fraud case against the hospital, where an employee of Ascension, Rebecca Denman won $4.75 million.

While all these controversies were contained, the Project Nightingale was another story. Ascension partnered with Google to share all its patient’s data like every kind of report to Google so that their AI system can analyze the data to make recommendations in health care.

This thing blew up pretty hard as many 3 senators and the Civil Rights Office of the US Health and Human Services started a probe on this project. While the president of Google Cloud assured that these data will only be used for the cloud and will not violate any further privacy of the patients, the terms of the contract were a little vague. Still, many experts believed that this is a massive breach of privacy.

Ascension Employee Benefits

An organization that serves its community should do well to support its employees as well, which it does so by providing a good deal of health, education, family, and income benefits to their employees.  Many employees can opt for various Ascension benefits and even customize them to their requirements.

Health Plans: Like every other hospital, Ascension provides its employees with various health benefits like many insurance plans for health, dental, and vision. Associates of this organization will get varied accounts like the FSA, HSA, and HRA.

Well-being Programs: People who need help with emotional, physical, and other kinds of stuff can opt for their distinct well-being programs.

Tuition Assistance: Ascension provides their associates both part-time and full-time, with a choice to continue their education with the help of tuition support.

Financial Wellness: Every organization needs to take care of its own by providing its employees with financial aid from their time in the organization to their retirement. You can count on Ascension to provide support with loan repayments, debt clearance, 401(k), and 403(b) plans.

Life & Family: Reimbursement for adoption expenses, maternity/paternity paid leaves, and a few other family benefits can be opted by eligible employees.

Other Perks: Apart from the ones mentioned above, employees can get many other perks and benefits like Educational enrichment, Work-life balance, Growth & Development, identity theft protection(Like Dwight would say, Identity theft is not a joke), and many other insurance options for accidents, home, and others.

Ascension For Associates

Since the Ascension is spread over 20 states in the country, each associate of Ascension, which is a working employee in the organization, can access their work info from associate myAscension portals. Each state has its separate portal along with email, myLearning, a standard of conduct page, mobile portal options, and many others.

Any associate of Ascension can use these portals to access different kinds of info. Currently, there are 15 associate portals based on different states. Those states include Kansas, Alabama, Marland, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Texas, Newyork, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Illinois, and the District of Columbia.

Associate Ascension


We hope the information you got from this “My Ascension Portal” article is enough. We are pretty sure that, the information in this article will give you a clear idea of how to login into the “My Ascension employee portal” and how to reset a new password when you forgot it. All you need to do is to follow the above steps, and you will get what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is My Ascension portal?

Employees and Patients can use the My Ascension Portal to login into their private accounts and manage their patients, scheduling, and other info if they are employees. In case you are a patient then you can use it for making doctor appointments, refilling medication, online checkups, et cetera.

How to use the My Ascension login?

To use the My Ascension login you have to enter your username and password in the required fields.

What is the Ascension employee email?

The Ascension employee email can be accessed from the Ascension Associate portal, which is a mail system used by only associates working in the organization.

Which tool is used to unlock the Ascension account?

You can use the Ascension Health Password Management(AHPM) tool to unlock your account and even reset your forgotten password.

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