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Evey college and school now have its student and administration portal that students or faculties use for their day-to-day activities. They can schedule their classes, access student account info, send emails, can be used for online classes(since we are still going through a pandemic), also keep up with everything that’s happening at the Morehead State university like events and announcements. This portal is officially known as the ‘My Morehead State portal’.

Any student or faculty that gets enrolled into the MSU is provided with MyMorehead state account which should be created, activated, and then logged in to be used. There are many other portals for students like the MyMoreheadstate blackboard. Since not everyone is a computer wizard, some people have trouble using this account for the first time.

For such people, we have provided simple tutorials on how to activate, and log in to their MSU accounts. Also, people who tend to keep forgetting their passwords can check the password recovery steps.

My MoreHead State
Page

How to Login Into the My Morehead state Email Portal?

If you are having trouble logging into your My Moreheadstate student account then follow the simple steps provided below to log in to your account.

  1. First, you need to go to the MyMorehead State login page, which you can do by using this mymoreheadstate.com link.
  2. Here, you have to enter your username and password that you have sued while creating this account. So enter those two in appropriate fields.
  3. Your username is probably going to look something like id@moreheadstate.edu. The ID is your MSU ID.
  4. Use the “Remember me” option, if you tend to forget passwords often.
  5. Now hit the “Sign in” button.
  6. With that, you will log in into your My Moreheadstate account.
  7. There is another login portal for shared accounts, which is the organizational account. You can log in to that account by using this my morehead state portal. Use your username and password to log in, but make sure that read the terms and conditions.
My MoreHead State 2
Password Reset Page

What Should I Do if I Forget My Mymoreheadstate Password?

Do not be embarrassed on the off chance that your password has been lost in the ether as most of us have been there. Instead of that, try to get your account back by resetting the password. To do that follow the below steps to the point.

  1. Use the mymoreheadstate.com link to the login portal.
  2. There you can see the “Forgot Password” option under the password field. Hit it.
  3. Now enter your email address on the new page
  4. After that, you will receive a password rest link containing email.
  5. Open the link, and enter the new password.
  6. After completing this process, on the login page.
  7. Use the new password and username to login back into your account.

If you are using the organizational account to login into the “my Morehead state” portal, but do not remember the password, then you can click the change password option under the Sign-in button. To change the password, you need to use the Eagle ID and Eagle Pass.

When you can see a “Forgot password” option on the left menu of that page. Follow the instructions and enter the appropriate details to recover your password.

How to Activate My Morehead State Account?

Before you can initiate the My Moreheadstate account, make sure that the registration is successful and admitted to the My Morehead state. Use myMorehead state id and password to register. Now activate your account using the few simple steps shown below.

  1. To activate your account, you need to use the Eagle Account Center, and only then can you use the my Morehead State email and your Eagle pass.
  2. Now go to the Eagle Account Center, and you can observe two fields. One is the Eagle ID and the other one is Eagle pass – https://eac.moreheadstate.edu/.
  3. You may think that the whole point of doing this was because you have forgotten the password, but then how am I supposed to enter a password here. Do not worry, we got you covered.
  4. In the ID field, enter your MSU ID, which starts with “m”.
  5. Then in the place of Eagle pass, you have to enter a 12-digit number which is going to be your temporary password.
  6. This 12-digit number consists of the last 4 digits from your social security number as the first four digits, the next two digits are the birth month, then the 2 digits are the birthday, and the final 4 digits are the birth year. Hit “Login”.
  7. You will be logged in to that account, and then you have to enter the temporary password again.
  8. Now you have to assign a new password which should have a letter and number, and the password should be 8-12 digits long.
  9. Re-enter the new password, then select and answer a few security questions. Hit “Login”.

This is how you can activate your my Morehead state account.

How to Lookup Your Eagle Id?

All the above procedures are a piece of cake if you already have the necessary login credential or the ones that are needed to reset the password and activate your account. What if you do not know your Eagle ID or don’t remember it? Well, there is a simple procedure to find that out.

  1. Visit the Eagle ID Lookup page from Eagle Account Center on your MSU home page – https://eac.moreheadstate.edu/.
  2. When you are on that page, you can see a note explaining you to enter the registered email address and SSN.
  3. After you have entered your email and SSN (last four digits), you will get a mail to the provided email address with your Eagle ID.
  4. You can check your mail to retrieve the Eagle ID, and that you can look up your Eagle ID.

My morehead state Help Desk

Doesn’t matter if you are a freshman or a senior, everyone has to take help from the help desk at one point and another. So in such cases, you should know to get help and to do that you can contact the IT Help Desk. On this page, you can find any info you want regarding the contact options – https://www.moreheadstate.edu/technology.

If you just scroll down a little then you can see the contact info on the left side menu. There’s an option to call them using the helpline, email them or visit 111 Ginger Hall to sort out your queries.

All About MSU

My MoreHead State 3
MSU Logo

MSU is one of the oldest universities in the country since its establishment in 1887. While now it’s a university that offers many graduate and undergraduate programs along with doctoral programs, it started as a school during its establishment.

The school was referred to as the Morehead Normal School and was a church-supported school with just one student. Later, the school shut down, making its way to the MSU Normal School. After a few more name changes they finally settled with the MSU.

MSU has been graced by 14 different Presidents since 1923. The current President is Joseph A.Morgan who has been serving the term since 2017. The University has many programs that span two and four years with 211-degree programs. Their campus is located in a 700-acre rural area, and their mascot is a Beaker.

Their Mission Statement is to provide scholarships, let students achieve success at a global level, promote diversity in every way, provide support to their communities, and cultivate new ideas, creative thinking, and novelty.

You can join their various degree programs, offered in 4 of their colleges.

  1. Caudill College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.
  2. Ernst & Sara Lane Volgenau College of Education.
  3. College of Science.
  4. Elmer R. Smith College of Business and Technology.

Apart from the graduate and undergraduate degrees, these colleges also offer master, specialist, associate, baccalaureate, and doctoral degrees to their students. You can find more about their academics, programs, and other services through mymoreheadstate.edu.

How to Apply for Admissions at Msu?

In case you want to join this university and are wondering how to apply for admissions at this institution then we have got you covered, as in we can help you to apply for admissions. Before you can apply for admissions, there are certain requirements that you need to meet.

Requirements for Admission

  1. First, you need to fill out the application for Undergraduate Admission and Scholarship – https://www.moreheadstate.edu/Admissions/Undergraduate/Apply-Now.
  2.  To do that you also require paying a non-refundable amount of $30.
  3. You also require submitting the GED scores, recipients, high school transcripts, and other certificates to the Enrollment Services Office.
  4. If you want to apply for the Eagles Scholar program.
  5. Then you have to have a 3.0 GPA along with an 18 composite ACT score.

When you meet all these requirements, then you can apply for admission at MSU. To apply, you can fill the registration form for a course or use the Apply link – https://morehead.elluciancrmrecruit.com/Apply.

To utilize this application link, there needs to be an account at the MSU. In case one does not have it, then use the “create an account”. Then you have to fill in the contact info and academic info to create the account. After creating an account, go back to the “apply link” and apply for admission. For more info on this, you can check out their official university website on how to apply – https://www.moreheadstate.edu/Admissions/Undergraduate/Requirements.


MSU is one of the good universities that is located in Kentucky, anyone who meets the above-mentioned criteria can take a look at the admissions at school. Though one will need an account in the portal, which can be created by sharing out standard information.

If you are an existing learner or an employee but do not know how to login into the mymoreheadstate portal then you can take help from the tutorial which explains how you can do that. In case you forgot your password, there’s also a simple explanation on how to reset it and activate it if it isn’t already activated.

Even after trying the simple tutorials you still mess up, then you need some expert help from the university help desk. You can also check the details of your registered courses by using the Morehead state blackboard, which is a course management system for students at MSU.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Morehead state email?

The Morehead state email system allows organizational accounts to send out mail to students and faculties using the mymoreheadstate portal.

Is there a Morehead State bookstore on campus?

Yes, you can find the Morehead State bookstore on campus. Its address is 100 University Blvd, Morehead, KY 40351. You can also the university’s online bookstore portal to get books – https://secure.mbsbooks.com/login?s=www.bookstore.moreheadstate.edu.

What is the Morehead State University blackboard?

The Morehead State blackboard is an online portal that can be used to manage the courses that you are enrolled in. It is a course management system.

How can I get Morehead State University scholarships?

If you meet their eligibility criteria for a scholarship which is a minimum of 3.0 GPA, and if your test scores for ACT/SAt are good enough, then you can opt for a scholarship. More info on this can be found on their admissions page – https://www.moreheadstate.edu/Admissions/Undergraduate/Requirements.

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