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MyAnfcorp – Abercrombie & Fitch Employee Login Portal

MyAnfcorp, an employee web portal designed for the people working for the Abercrombie & Fitch lifestyle retailer company. The portal is designed specifically to provide employees access to their work-related tasks and details from anywhere across the world. The web portal is very useful for employees in accessing their paystubs, w2 tax, and wage forms. And also Daily Work Schedules. Here on this portal, the employees can submit their leave applications and monitor their progress. In addition, they can view their employee benefits, project details and also connect with the managers through mobile phones, laptops, or pcs. Above all, the portal displays career-seeking opportunities on its dashboard.

MyAnfcorp User Login Guides

MyAnfcorp Login Page
Login Page

Requirements to Log in to the A and F Login Web Portal.

The Abercrombie & Fitch employees must possess certain requirements to log in to their account on the MyAnfcorp web portal.

  • Original web address of the web portal in question.
  • A secured and updated web browser with High-Speed Internet Access.
  • A compatible device such as Laptops, Smartphones, PCs and Tablets.
  • Username or Employee ID and Password provided by the company after recruitment process.

Steps to Log in to Your Account on My Anfcorp Web Portal.

To log into your account on the MyAnfcorp web portal successfully without issues, follow the necessary instructions provided here.

  • Click on the Login Abercrombie & Fitch web address from your installed web browser on your compatible device – https://wamclstr2.anfcorp.com/
  • On the login page, type your Username and password in their respective sections.
  • Now you can access all the features provided by the MyAnfcorp web portal.

How to Recover Your Account on My Anfcorp Web Portal, if You Lost Your Password?

My anfcorp web portal does not provide an option for users to use the “forgot password or username” option to recover their account. Instead, the employees need to visit the HR Department and submit their application stating the requests. These departments process your request and reach back to you with your login credentials.

Features of the Hollister Employee Login Web Portal.

The Hollister employee login portal offers multiple features for the users to connect with their work from anywhere with proper internet access. For instance,

  • The MyAnfcorp web portal lists all your recent and past paystubs on a tab for you to access the payments slips. But also in addition, to gather more enhanced stats about the paystubs like amount, date, etc.
  • In addition, the web portal also displays the W2 Tax and Wage forms. Which can be converted to PDF or downloaded by following simple instructions.
  • The employees can access their daily work schedules here on the login portal from the comfort of their homes or anywhere. Trading or Changing work schedule requests can be made on the portal.
  • Apart from this, the employees now have the ability to submit their leave applications for confirmation from the Management Online. And to monitor the progress of the applied leave forms.
  • Above all, the medical, financial, career and health benefits offered by the company can be accessed and monitored here. Also, the employees can submit their appeals for accessing the employee benefits.
  • The employees working here can view their currently working project progress and share its details with superiors or their colleagues through the MyAnfcorp web portal.
  • Moreover, the web portal also showcases the openings or job listings for employees interested in career change. And also they can share these listings with their friends and other members looking for the particular job position.

Precautions to Take to Avoid Facing Technical Issues While Accessing the Abercrombie Employee Login Web Portal.

The Abercrombie employee login portal users face minor technical issues like Website Maintenance, login, Connectivity, and Trouble Shooting problems. While this issue may persist for all website users, it can also be avoided by following certain precautions. Such as,

  • Make sure you have stable and High-speed internet access.
  • A compatible device like Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone or PC.
  • The web portal under discussion will undergo maintenance after specific time intervals. Mainly to solve the bug issues and add new features to the portal. During this process, the web portal will remain inaccessible.
  • For data security and safety, use secured web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari.
  • Update these web browsers regularly to get access to all the features provided by the web portal.
  • Delete Cache and Search History on your web browser to prevent the screen freezes and slow loading servers.
  • Accept Captcha and Cookies option if requested by the MyAnfcorp web portal.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch Logo
Abercrombie & Fitch Logo

A multinational company was created on June 4, 1892, in Manhattan, New York City, United States. By the founders David T.Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch, whose initials were combined for naming the lifestyle brand. The company offers various products for its customers worldwide. Like Footwear, Apparel, Personal Care, and Accessories. Through more than 854 stores as of Feb 2020, and also through its recently developed e-commerce or online shopping portal. Apart from this, it incorporates four divisions under its wing. Such as Hollister Co, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gilly Hicks, Abercrombie Kids.

The Abercrombie & Fitch headquarters are located in New Albany City, Ohio State, of the country. The company currently has more than 44,000 people working for them not just in the United States, but all over the world. Fran Horowitz and Terry Burman are the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) and Non-Executive Chairman respectively of the company. The company has become a popular lifestyle brand over the years by expanding further into new countries and also into new divisions. However, the company also face a fair share of lawsuits through the years for its employment practices, customer issues, and others.

In addition, the lawsuits affected the company’s profits and customers. Although, the company has once more gained strong ground in the industry almost after a decade and decided to follow the rules and regulations. In addition, the company has incorporated an online portal to offer services to many countries around the world. And the high-quality accessories offered by the company attract leisure customers. This, in turn, improved the sales, resulting in the company earning a revenue of more than 3.623 Billion dollars every year. And also net income of 39.36 Million dollars or more annually.

Employee Benefits Offered by the Abercrombie & Fitch Company.

The company in question offers many exclusive benefits for its employees. Such as,

  • Work From Home option for the employees due to the rising Covid-19 cases across many countries.
  • Promotes fitness of their employees by providing On-site gyms at the work places or stores or corporate offices. And also reimbursement on memberships for Gym centers all over the country.
  • Employee Stock Purchase plan providing employees discounted company’s stocks and also assist them in buying and selling good stocks available on the stock market.
  • 401K Retirement Plan providing funds for retired employees of the company along with pension plans.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Plans.
  • Multiple Health Insurance Plans and Life Insurance Coverage Plans.
  • Generous Paid Time Off Period providing paid holidays or vacations, personal or sick leaves and Maternity/Paternity leaves.
  • Temporary and Long-Term Disability Insurance.
  • Vision and Dental Insurance.
  • Discounts for employees purchasing products from the company’s online portal or the retail stores located across the world.
  • Free Meal Plans for the people working for the said company.

How to Apply for Jobs at the Abercrombie & Fitch Retail Company?

To apply for opening positions at the Abercrombie & Fitch Company, follow the guidelines thoroughly given below-

  • Connect to the Careers/Home Office website address mentioned here – https://corporate.abercrombie.com/careers/home-office
  • On the careers page, choose the type of job you are looking for.
  • Now use the filters such as Department, Location, Job Position, etc. To narrow down the shown job listings.
  • After that, click on your selected job listing.
  • All the jobs requirements, skills and qualifications are shown.
  • Read the complete info provided regarding the job position.
  • If you meet all the posted job requirements.
  • Then, press the “I’m interested” option in the top right corner of the page.
  • Now attach your resume, add your personal info, work experience, educational qualifications, etc.
  • You can also add your social media accounts for reference on this page.
  • After that, enter a short message answering “why you are the right one for this position?”.
  • Lastly, hit the next option.
  • If you are selected, the company will reach out to you within a few days.
  • If not, continue the job hunting on the said web portal.


The MyAnfcorp article provides user login guides or tutorials for Login, Change Password, Recover Account procedures on the said web portal. The article also explains the various features offered by the portal and the requirements needed to log in to the portal. We have also provided the general user issues and how to avoid them by following precautions. In addition, we have provided a comprehensive description of the company, its history, products, service areas, profits, scrutinizations, and many more. The article also showcases a detailed tutorial for applying for jobs at the said company and lists all the employee benefits offered by the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MyAnfcorp web portal?

The MyAnfcorp web portal is an employee portal developed for the people working for Abercrombie & Fitch retail stores. In addition, the portal also acts as a career portal for interested employees looking for a career change.

What are the main functions of the MyAnfcorp login portal?

The main functions of the MyAnfcorp web portal are to provide employees access to their work-related info and also help them to share and connect with their superiors as well as colleagues.

How to access the MyAnfcorp website?

As stated above, only the employees of the respective company can access the web portal or the online mobile application for free through their compatible devices.

Name some common issues faced by the MyAnfcorp web portal users?

Login Errors, Website Maintenance, Connectivity, and Trouble Shooting problems are some of the main issues faced by the users or employees while accessing the said web portal.

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