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MyEstub is an employee payroll management web portal created by Paperless Pay(or PPC). The PPC organization designed this employee management website for employees of various companies. The basic web portal was then designed and updated by several companies that use this portal based on Employee suggestions and recommendations. The employees of several companies can access this portal to get information. Especially about their Paystubs, Discounts, Payroll Status, Pay Checks, Schedules, W2 Tax Filing, New Announcements, Employee Benefits, Offers, and many more.

My Estub Web Portal also allows the employers or managers to monitor the work progress, project details, new projects, payment details, and other features. This Payroll Management website has been the base portal for many popular companies, which lead to the further development of the web portal to match the Companies or Organizations Requirements. Only the employees of the particular companies or organizations can only access this website. The Paperless Pay(PPC) designed this website mainly to reduce the use of papers in companies, so fewer trees are cut down which can save the environment from Global Warming.

MyEstub ©Paperless Pay(PPC) Corporation

Paperless Pay(PPC) is a Florida-based company that strives to reduce the use of paper in companies. Thus, they developed a complete employee website with various features. For example, Vacation Accruals, Payment Info, and Stubs, W2 Forms, Record Timings, Benefit Deductions, and a lot more. The organization gained popularity over the years and many companies have come forward to use their feature-rich My Estub Web Portal. The company has mainly focused on paperless billing, and it offers various benefits for organizations and users or employees alike. In today’s technologically advanced time, organizations or companies prefer to use this updated and technological web portal for various reasons.

Requirements to Log in to MyEstub Portal

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To log in to My Estub Login Portal(paperless employee login), you need to have certain requirements such as:

  • Login credentials like Username and Password provided by your company.
  • Make sure your company is affiliated with My Estub Login Portal.
  • You need to add your GSC+ Employee Number+ First four letters of your name in the username, while in the password add GSC to the given password(GSC means General Service Contractor or your Company name).
  • It is recommended to change your initial password after registration.
  • It is advised to add your recovery emails and phone numbers in case you forget your username and password.

How to Log in to the MyEstub Portal?

To successfully log on to the MyEstub Web Portal(paperless employee login) follow the detailed tutorial given below:

How to Access the Myestub Portal if You Forgot Your Password?

If you forget your My Estub Portal password, don’t worry follow the below-detailed tutorial thoroughly to access your account and create a new password.

  1. Open the MyEstub link – https://my-estub.com/
  2. When the login page is opened, look for the recover password menu below the sections.
  3. Click on this menu and a new page is restored.
  4. A new section will be opened, enter your UserID into the section.
  5. Now press the Next button, a new page is opened.
  6. Answer the security questions and enter your email ID and click the next button.
  7.  On this new page enter your new password and confirm the password in the section below.
  8. Now head back to the login page and enter your username and New password, and your account is recovered.
MyEstub Login Portal

Issues Faced by My Estub Users and How to Solve Them?

Sometimes the users or employees or various companies using MyEstub Portal cannot open their accounts or portals due to high traffic or other problem on your end of the companies end. To solve these problems please regularly follow the below steps to overcome this issue or difficulty.

  • Sometimes your account can be locked if you enter your password wrong 3 times in 24 hrs. If the issue persists contact through the email or phone number is given below.
  • Refresh your browser regularly.
  • If a certain browser is not working, try another browser.
  • Inspect your Anti-Virus or Firewall software, which sometimes blocks the site if they believe the website is suspicious.
  • Clear your Cache. Sometimes the stored cache can lead your computer to slow down and stop certain websites from opening or working.
  • Finally, check your Auto-Fill Feature, sometimes the passwords saved by this feature can vary for different websites or by you choosing the wrong password.

More About Paperless Pay Corporation

Paperless Pay is a Payment Management portal company that operates out of Jacksonville, Florida. The PPC Corporation receives revenue of 7 million every year by only managing this portal. The company provides various types of services like Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Payroll Services, Professional Services, Scientific and Technical Services, etc. The company was established in the year 2008 and has been running successfully ever since. Deloitte is one of the popular information and software technology companies that uses the My Estub portal.

The company has more than 40 employees who work in their Florida HeadQuarters or Office. The PPC corporation uses various tech stacks such as Microsoft IIS, Modernizr, Google Font, and Maps API to manage and operate their website without issues. The Florida Filling and Search Services, National Accounting Management, Arenson and Sandhouse PA, and Reeber & Associates Inc are some popular competitors of the Paperless Pay Corporation (PPC).

Features of MyEstub Portal

The portal has many unique and essential features for the employees of various companies. Especially so that they can access multiple details or info about their personal, career, or work information.

All the features are given below –

  • Email Delivery – This payment management portal has email delivery options where you can receive emails regarding recovering passwords, w2 tax forms, payment details, benefits available, work schedules, holidays, timings, and many more.
  • SMS – This feature is similar to the Email Delivery option. Get all the information mentioned above directly as messages are sent to your contact number. This is best suited in low signal areas where website access is not possible.
  • Payment Listing – Here in this portal you can assign all your paystubs accordingly. All the details about the present and previous paystubs and the dates when you received them can be reached from this portal. It contains instructions or detailed tutorials on how to print these payment slips.
  • Online Paystub- You can also add your payment listing online as a pop-up or window whenever needed on your PC or Laptop. This feature can only be accessed when you are online.
  • W2 online options – they are multiple options present in this web portal to receive the w2 tax and wage forms based on your requirements.

Benefits of My Estub Portal

This popular employee payment management portal has many benefits for users/employees and also for the employers or the heads of the organization and company.

  • Employees can print their various w2 tax forms, work schedules, payment details, and many more through PDFs. There are necessary instructions here on this portal on how to print these PDFs.
  • Employees can access all their payment details like paystubs, date of payments, list of paystubs through this portal from anywhere.
  • Good Security- the portal offers better security and encryption to all your payment details, personal info, and bank details from getting copied into third-party sites.
  • Helps in procuring loans, by allowing you to get prints and unfiltered access to your paystubs online and tutorials to print or PDF these Paystubs when necessary.
  • My Estub Portal is open 24/7 all year long and can be accessed from anywhere if you have a proper internet connection on your Smartphones, PCs, and Laptops.
  • Multiple notification modes where you can get details regarding all the info about payment and can choose what kinds of information you can get through these notification modes such as Email and Direct Messages.
  • You can activate 6 types of alerts received by notifications of your choice through these web portals.
  • It also gives employees access to their bonuses and various benefits such as Medical or Health, Financial and Other Benefits.
  • MyEstub is a secure portal and all the data is kept safe by the two companies through good encryption and software.
  •  My Estub Portal eliminates the payment of fees of accounting and payroll management services.
  • The Payroll Management Portal is constantly updated with new features, etc.
  • The employers can also monitor the work done by each employee, current projects and their progress, and the payment details of their employees

Reviews of MyEstub Portal

MyEstub portal has received mixed reactions across multiple review websites. Mainly the negative reactions were all about the locking of the sites, recovering password features, paystubs features, not the best customer service, sometimes the web portal takes more time to load up, etc. However, My Estub portal received many positive reactions. Especially for its encryption or security, features like Email and SMS Notification, Online W2 and Paystub info, Payment Listing, gives access to multiple benefits, eliminates fees payment for accounting and management of payments, accessible from anywhere, new features, and many more.


The MyEstub Web Portal is a good payment management website. Especially in the Southern United States which offers accounting, payment management, and other services for free. The portal is easy to access and can be registered by a user or owner. It offers various benefits and features. We have shared with you all the detailed tutorials about how to log in, recover passwords, and many features. You can access them here in this web portal. Moreover, we have shared with you the various types of pros and cons of this web portal, for you to decide.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can we access this portal from laptops or smartphones?

Yes, the MyEstub login portal can be accessed from smartphones as well as laptops and PCs.

What to do if your account is locked?

PPC’s My Estub accounts are locked only if you enter the wrong passwords 3 times, so wait for 24hrs and the accurate password your account will be opened.

What are the features of My Estub Web Portal?

My Estub portal has many features like Online Paystub, Payment listing, online w2 Tax forms, Email & SMS recovery, and notifications.

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