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MyFordBenefits – Ford Automaker Employee Login Portal

MyFordBenefits is an online web portal that is developed and maintained by the Ford Automaker Company. It is for its present as well as retired employees. However, keep in mind that the website is only accessible to employees working from the United States of America. The MyFordBenefits Login Web Portal was launched under the MyFordBenefits Program. This was created to give employees unrestricted access to their retirement funds.

Additionally, many more features that are on this web portal are Learn more about Life Insurance Policies, Print Temporary Medical Plan ID Card, Monitor, and Access Retirement Funds Find A Doctor feature to contact specialized doctors online, Access MyFordBenefits pay stub and Payslip forms for applying for bank loans, Access Facility Providers Directories, Access Health, Financial and Other Benefits, Ford Motor Credit option offering bonus and cash prizes at the Showrooms.

MyFordBenefits Login

Requirements to Use MyFordBenefits Login Portal


The MyFord Benefits portal is not accessible to everyone, and it needs certain requirements to allow access to the web portal and its features.

  • An updated version of the web browser, i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.
  • A Secured Internet connection.
  • Anti-Virus or Firewall Software installed on your device.
  • Employment opportunity at Ford Motor Company.
  • Company provided Username and Password.

Registration Process for MyFordBenefits Portal

Registration Process for MyFordBenefits Portal

If you are a new employee or retired employee who is visiting this web portal for its features and to access benefits, you must undergo a registration process, for which there is a detailed tutorial below.

  • Visit the MyFordBenefits Login web address given here through a secured browser.
  • A Login Page is showcased to enter the Ford Benefits User ID and Ford Benefits Password provided by the company.
  • Look for the new user menu under the section, and click on it.
  • Another page is loaded, requesting the Last 4 digits of your SSN Number and your Date of Birth.
  • Fill in the requested details and press the continue button.
  • Now on the redirected page, enter your default MyFord Benefits Password.
  • On the next page, create your new Ford Benefits User ID, Password, and NESC (National Employee Services Center) PIN.
  • Next, select your security questions and answer them.
  • Now, you are logged into the portal, where you can edit or add your personal info for instance Name, Phone Number, Email ID, etc.
  • After completing the above step, the MyFordBenefits Account is set up successfully.

Login Procedure for MyFordBenefits Web Portal

In order to successfully log in to the MyFord Com Login Portal, go through the step-by-step tutorial cited below.

  • Connect to the MyFord Benefits Login web portal through the link provided here – https://leplb0770.upoint.alight.com/web/ford/login?forkPage=false.
  • MyFordBenefits Login Page is opened.
  • Enter your credentials like FordBenefits username and Password into their respective sections.
  • Submit the Login button and your MyFordBenefits account is opened.

MyFordBenefits Password Reset

A detailed tutorial on how to access your account if you forget or lose your password is provided here in this section.

  • Click on the MyFord Com Login weblink mentioned here – https://leplb0770.upoint.alight.com/web/ford/login?forkPage=false
  • Once the Login page is illustrated, inspect the page for Forgot User ID or Password Option.
  • Press this option, which will redirect you to a new page.
  • On this page, fill in your SSN Number(Last 4 Digits), and your Date of Birth.
  • Next, answer the security questions you have selected during the registration procedure.
  • Once this process is complete, you will receive an email containing your temporary password.
  • Or through a post directly to your home.
  • Fill in this password and username on the login page and click log in.
  • Now you can access the MyFordBenefits account and its various features.

Features of MyFordsBenefits Login Portal

As stated above, the MyFord com login portal has numerous features, which are explained in further detail under this category.

  • The most important feature of the MyFord Benefits Web Portal is its ability to grant access to the retired and working employees to a good deal of Health, Financial and Other Benefits offered by the Ford Company.
  • The “Find a Doctor” feature grants access to specialized doctors whenever required(in times of Illness, Diseases, or accidents).
  • Monitor your Payment Slips and print the pay stub forms when necessary(for applying for loans).
  • The Login Portal makes it easier for retired employees to access their retirements funds. Or they can access benefits directly through another web Portal, AXZ Plan – Login given here – https://www.myplan.ford.com/myplanweb/login.do
  • Ford Motor Credit features offer discounts and offers while buying vehicles at Ford Showrooms.
  • Access Company’s Achievements, Policies, and Directories.
  • Access Your info and edit when required.

Issues Faced by the MyFordBenefits Login Portal Users

Login Issues

These issues generally occur if you enter the wrong MyFords Benefits Password and Username. Which will block your account, so before entering your credentials in the login portal inspect your Username and Password once more. If the credentials are correct, and you still cannot open your account then contact the MyFords Customer Care Number: NESC – 1-800-248-8888 on weekdays from 9 am to 9 pm.

Connection Issues

The Connections issue as their name states usually occurs due to Inconsistent and bad internet connection. These issues as stated are easily resolved by having improved the internet connection, preferably a Wi-Fi Connection.

Other Issues

The other issues the users face are errors which are occurred when a site is under maintenance or a problem within your systems. The problems within your systems can be resolved by –

  • Clearing Cache and History Regularly.
  • Using Anti-Virus or Firewall Software.
  • Prohibiting the use of the Auto-fill feature.
  • Making sure your protection applications are not stopping the website.

Ford AXZ Plan Login

Apart from the MyFordBenefits Portal, the ford company has another web portal which is known as Ford AXZ Plan Login Web Portal.

MyFordBenefits Login

This web portal was specifically designed for the employees planning to buy ford automobiles in the country as well as outside the country. This web portal can be accessed through the same login credentials of the MyFord Benefits Login portal and has offered multiple features such as assistance, discounts, savings, offers for employees buying ford vehicles. Visit this AXZ Plan Login web portal, if you are planning to buy new automobiles – https://www.myplan.ford.com/myplanweb/login.do.

Ford U Point Mobile Application

This is a mobile application developed by the ford company for the employees which gives similar benefits and features like the MyFord Benefits Web Portal. And allows you to perform all tasks like on the web page directly using your mobile phone. The Application can be downloaded free from the Play Store and iStore for Android and Apple Phones, respectively. The Login credentials and procedure are also similar to the MyFordBenefits web portal.

Benefits of Working for Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company offers multiple benefits for the employees working under their wing. The Ford Company Management puts a lot of effort and expense into making sure that their employees can receive all the benefits which are explained briefly below.

  • Multiple Health Care Options such as Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage.
  • 401k Plan for Retirement Savings and Funds.
  • Savings and Stock Investment Plan(SSIP) which provides assistance and suggestions for employees looking for investment in the stock market.
  • Basic, Optional, and Dependent Life Insurance Policies.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Program.
  • Salaried Tuition Assistance Programs(STAP) for helping employees currently studying in universities and colleges.
  • Student Loan Wellbeing Program helps students to apply for loans to pay their college or university fees.
  • Several Disabled Benefits Plans to choose from, with long-term and short-term benefits.
  • Relocation Coverage and Expenses for employees who got promoted to other offices inside the United States of America.
  • Severance Benefit Program for eligible employees.
  • Annual Incentive Compensation Plan which provides prizes and cash bonuses for the employees participating in this plan, who need to fulfill a set of accomplishments during their work to receive their rewards.
  • Merit and Pay Performance programs for employees who are achieving merits in their work and skills.
  • Flex Bonus Rewards(FBR) is similar to that of the Annual Incentive Compensation Plan, however, this plan is a quarterly bonus program unlike the plans mentioned above.
  • Family Leaves, Sick Leaves, and Paid Vacations.
  • Ford A Plan and X plan which allows assistance, offers, and discounts for employees buying vehicles from Ford Showrooms.

Customer Reviews of Ford Automobile Maker

Customers usually buy Ford Automobiles due to their high reliability, better performance, multiple features, and value for money. So most of the reviews given by the ford automobile owners across various social media platforms are positive with high ratings. While there are also some negative responses complaining about faulty equipment and Navigation systems, starting issues, and no high-quality interiors. However, we need to keep in mind the quality of interiors is purposefully degraded so that the automobiles are affordable to all the customers in the United States and as well as the World.

These mentioned issues are also taken care of by the manufacturer without any additional expenses. Although, the Ford Navigation system cannot compete with the makings of Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Toyota, Lincoln, Cadillac companies, but the company has recently put a lot of effort into the navigation system, so we must assume ford will soon resolve the issue. Also, the companies’ advancement into electric vehicles was appreciated by the customers, and they prefer to buy more electric vehicles than normal combustion vehicles.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is a Multinational Automobile Manufacturer which operates across many countries around the world except for a few countries namely Sudan, Japan, North Korea, Iran, Indonesia, and Cuba. The Ford Automobile Company was founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903, whose ultimate goal was to become the front-runner in the Automobile World in the United States. However, the country overtook its goals and is currently one of the most reliable Autocar makers in more than 150 countries. The Ford Motor Company’s headquarters are located in the Dearborn City of the State of Michigan, United States. William Clay Ford Jr is the current executive chairman of the Ford Company, and Jim Farley is the President and Chief Executive Officer(CEO).

More About Ford Company

The Ford Automobile Company offers multiple products like Commercial Vehicles, Luxury Vehicles, automobile, Automotive Parts, SUVs, and Pickup trucks and also offers services such as Automobile Leasing, Vehicle Leasing, and Vehicle service. The Ford Corporation is currently owned by three groups Evercore Wealth Management, Ford Family, and The Vanguard Group, and it also has popular automobile divisions like Motorcraft, Lincoln, and Ford. Apart from this, the Ford Company also has many subsidiaries such as Ford Performance, Ford Australia, Ford of Europe, Ford do Brasil, Ford Lio Ho, Auto Alliance Thailand, Blue Diamond Trucks, Ford Sollers, Otosan, Changan Ford, Jianling Motors, Getrag, Automotive Components Holdings, Ford Credit, and many more.

Moreover, the Ford Company formerly owned many popular cars manufacturers under its wing-like Mercury, Continental, Edsel, Merkur, etc. After its historic win on the 24 hours of Le Mans, the company put a lot of effort into increasing its racing heritage further by participating in famous championships every year such as IndyCar, Formula One, Formula Ford, Stock Car Racing (NASCAR), Rally Championships, Rally Cross Events, Touring Cars, Drag Racing, and Drifting events. Further, the company has taken steps towards a green future to reduce vehicle pollution by taking initiatives such as Developing Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Developing Plug-in Electric Vehicles, Working on Hydrogen-Powered Terrains, Increasing Fuel Efficiency, and Developing PC Power Management Systems.


This article provides all the necessary information about the MyFordBenefits Login Portal, Ford Automaker Company, Ford AXZ Web Portal, etc. We have also provided step-by-step tutorials for recovering passwords, login procedures, registration processes. Also, the features of the web portal and the requirements to login to the web portal. Benefits and Customer Reviews of the Ford Automobile manufacturer are also mentioned here in this MyFord Benefits Login article.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to access the MyFord Benefits Web portal?

The MyFord Benefits Web portal can be accessed by the employees with proper web address and secured web browser from the comfort of their home or office through compatible devices like Mobile Phones, laptops, PCs, and Tablets.

What are some features of the MyFordBenefits Online Login Portal?

The web portal offers multiple features such as payslips info, payslip forms, access financial, health, and other benefits, find a Doctor features, Retirement Plans and funds (For retired employees as well as working employees), Company News and Updates, Offer and Bonuses on buying Ford Vehicles, Company Policies and Achievements, Company History, Edit and View Personal and Career Profile, and many more.

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