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Login Portal Guide for MyHRConnection

MyHRConnection is a web portal specifically designed for the employees of Giant Eagle Corporation. The Web portal allows the employees to access their Daily tasks, Bonus Updates, Extra Work Benefits, Applying Personal Leaves, check the status of Leaves, contact the Giant Eagle HR Connection for issues or queries, Access the Login profiles, Monthly, and Weekly Work Schedules, and many more. The Web Portal also helps employees learn more about the Giant Eagle Corporations Ambitions and helps you understand more about the company’s profile. As the name suggests, the web portal helps the Giant Eagle HR Department to directly interact with workers, which will help them find much skilled individuals in the long run.

MyHRConnection Giant Eagle Corporation

Giant Eagle Logo

Giant Eagle is a supermarket chain that offers numerous services such as Supermarkets, Gas Stations, Convenience/Forecourt stores, and other Specialty Stores, and it also has subsidiary stores like Rini-Rego Supermarket Inc, Getgo, RX-21 LLC, Ricker Oil Company, and See Grid Corporation. The Giant Eagle market is quite popular among people as it has more than 470 stores across the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland. The company makes revenue of 8+ million dollars every year and has a workforce of 37000 employees.

Requirements to Log in to MyHRConnection Web Portal?

The MyHRConnection as said above is an employee-only website and to log in to the portal, certain requirements are a must.

  • Laptop or Pc or Smartphone with stable internet connection.
  • Availability of the My HR Connection URL/Link
  • Employment opportunity in Giant Eagle Supermarket Chain.
  • My HR Connection Login Email ID or Team Member ID and Password provided by HR Department.
  • The latest version of Web Browser.

How to Register on MyHRConnection Website?

To register onto My HR Connection web portal, follow the steps given below thoroughly, but you must remember you need to have an employment opportunity in the Giant Eagle Supermarket chain.

  • Click on the Giant Eagle Login link and a new page will be opened.
  • Fill in your login credentials such as Email ID or Team Member ID onto the section.
  • And click Next, which will lead you to another page.
  • This page has multiple sections requesting your info such as Name, Address, Date of Birth, Zip Code, Email, and Phone Number.
  • Fill in the details into the sections, select the security questions & fill in answers and press submit button on the bottom right.
  • This will complete your registration process, and you will receive a confirmation email or phone number directly from the Giant Eagle Corporation.

How to Login to MyHRConnection Web Portal/Giant Eagle Employee Login?

MyHRConnection Login Page

To log on to the MyHRConnection Giant Eagle login portal successfully, follow the detailed tutorial given below.

  • Visit the MyHRConnection link provided here – https://my.gianteagle.com/?c=true
  • Which will lead you to the Giant Eagle Login Page.
  • Fill in the section with your Team Member ID or Email provided by the Company.
  • Now click on the Next button on the bottom right.
  • A New page is reloaded asking for your password.
  • Fill in the password and click submit, and your login procedure is complete.

What to Do if You Forget Your Password?

The MyHRConnection web portal can be accessed easily even if you forget your password, as the basic password given by the company after the registration process is GE+ SSN concluded last four digits+ your Date of Birth in the order YYYYMMDD. However, the default password has been changed by you, then follow the below-mentioned steps thoroughly.

  • Open the MyHRConnection Giant Eagle Employee Login link in your secured browser – https://my.gianteagle.com/?c=true
  • Fill in your login credentials as mentioned above.
  • Now, when the password section is showcased, look for the forgot password option on the bottom left of the page.
  • Click this option which will redirect you to a new page, Enter your valid Email ID and answer the security questions you have selected during the registration process.
  • Fill in your username or Team Member Number if requested, and select the next option.
  • A confirmation will be received by you through email or phone number.
  • Click on the link mentioned in the confirmation email, and follow the process mentioned in it.
  • A new page is opened, fill in your new password and confirm the password.
  • Press Submit and your password recovery process is complete.

Features of MyHRConnection

My HR Connection offers many features for their employees to make their work info ready that can be accessed from anywhere.

  • The employees are providence with a detailed list of daily tasks to be performed. The employees have the choice to choose from the list from the comfort of their homes.
  • Apart from the daily tasks, employees can also access monthly and weekly duties and can also view the progress made in the mentioned work periods or duties.
  • The employees can submit forms to perform overtime work and access the bonus or benefits of this work. This also provides an insight for the employees to further improve themselves.
  • The MyHRConnection portal acts as a medium between the workers and employers. The employees can contact the Giant Eagle HR Connections directly through this website for raising issues and queries.

About Giant Eagle Supermarket Chain

The Goldsteins, Porters, and Chait’s families from Pittsburgh established the Giant Eagle Grocery Market Chain. The Giant Eagle further multiplied its stores to 125 in the coming years.

The Giant Eagle Supermarket purchased many other supermarkets chains like Kroger, Ok Grocery, Kent, Ravenna, County Market stores, Rini-Rego Shop-n-Stop, Apple Supermarkets, and many stores over the years to expand its reach into many states as possible. The companies drive to be the front-runner in the Super Market(Retail) Industry. They achieved many goals like one of the largest private holding companies by Forbes, and #49 as the largest retailer in the United States of America.

The Giant Eagle Supermarkets managed to stay alive during the Great Depression and not just survived but also became one of the most prominent and well-known markets across the five states where it is located. The Corporation, further to attract customers, introduced the “Giant Eagle Advantage Card” which is an electronic loyal card that offers discounts and gift prices for the customers visiting the Giant Eagle Supermarkets.

Combing all the multiple brands and subsidiaries of Giant Eagle Corporation, the company has 99 stores in the state of Pennsylvania, 122 stores in Ohio, 2 in Virginia & Maryland, and 1 store in Indiana. To our surprise, the company also has an active banking partnership with popular banks such as Citizens and as well as Huntington Bank. Some current brands under the wing of Giant Eagle Corporation are Market District, Giant Eagle Express, Market District Express, GetGo, Giant Eagle Pharmacy, Giant Eagle Contact Lenses, Ricker Oli Company Inc, Phar-Mor, Iggle Video, Giant Eagle Optical, Value King & Good Scents.

Benefits of Working in Giant Eagle Supermarket Chain

The Giant Eagle Corporation offers various benefits to the employees working here and they can access these multiple benefits through the HR Department or by visiting the MyHRConnection Web Portal.

Medical Benefits

  • Prescription Drug Coverage and Discount.
  • Supplemental and Company Paid Life Insurance.
  • Short and Long-term disability insurance
  • Leaves for paternity and maternity for couples.
  • Domestic Partner can receive Health Benefits
  • Medical, Vision, and Dental Insurance
  • Biometric Health Screenings
  • Life Resources and Wellness Coaching
  • Physical Activity events and Weight Loss Challenges
  • Pneumonia and Flu shots for free paid by the company
  • Gym with Workout Area

Financial Benefits

  • Pension Plan paid by the company.
  • Team Member Assistance Program.
  • Flexible work schedules daily, weekly, and monthly offering some free time in between.
  • Retirement Planning and Investment Coaching.
  • Additional Discounts and Benefits while shopping in the Company’s Super Markets.

Reviews of Employees Working in Giant Eagle Corporation

We have gone through multiple review websites. We have found out that the Giant Eagle Corporation like all the other supermarket chains in the country has more positive than negative reactions from their employees. Thus we could give you a proper picture. Especially about the Flexible work schedules, Free time, Friendly Superiors, Weekly Pay, Great Work-Life Balanced. There are also Inclusive and support programs, Excellent Benefits, Good for Personal Improvement, and a lot more. However, there are few negative reactions from employees complaining about the Low Pay Wage, Less Workforce, More Work, Rude Customers, Not the Best Customer Service. Apart from these few negative aspects, the Giant Eagle Corporation is an ideal place to work if you are a high school or college student, and you can access many features and benefits.

Pros & Cons


  • Weekly Pay
  • Friendly Superiors
  • Good Work-Life Balance
  • Support Programs
  • Best for Personal Improvement
  • Flexible daily work schedules
  • Many Health and Financial Benefits


  • Low Wage compared to competitors
  • Hefty Workdays
  • Fewer Work Force
  • Bad Customer service
  • Rude and Discriminative Customers.

How to Contact the Management of Myhrconnection Login Portal or Giant Eagle Corporation?

Employees and customers who have queries and issues regarding the supermarkets can contact the management through the below details.

  • MyHRConnection Helpline Number – 1-888-826-3193
  • Visit the link Queries & Issues and fill in your queries into the section and also add personal info so that can answer you back directly – https://account.gianteagle.com/contact


The article above provides detailed tutorials on how to register, log in, recover passwords in the MyHRConnection Portal. Also, look through the requirements provided above. We have also provided complete information on the Giant Eagle Corporation and also the MyHRConnection Web Portal. We have provided various features you can access through the web portal mentioned above and also the multiple health and financial benefits provided by the company for their employees. Moreover, look through the various pros and cons of working here at Giant Eagle Corporation and also read through the reviews so that can you get an idea about the working environment.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to access the MyHRConnection Web Portal?

It is strictly restricted to access only by employees who work for Giant Eagle Supermarket Chain.

Are there any benefits for the people who work for Giant Eagle Supermarkets?

Yes, the Giant Eagle Corporation offers many health benefits, financial and other benefits for the employees which can be accessed by the MyHRConnection Portal.

What are the features of the MyHRConnection Portal?

The MyHRConnection offers four main features like Accessible Daily Tasks, Overtime Work Bonuses, Monitor Weekly and Monthly duties and Work Progress, Contact directly the HR Department for queries and issues.

Does the MyHRConnection have any accessibility issues?

No, MyHRConnection doesn’t have any issues and can be accessed from anywhere. However, certain steps must be taken to access this website like Good Internet Connection, The Latest Browser version, Clear cache, Check Anti-Virus and Firewall Software, etc.

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