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Not everyone has credit cards, but maybe they should. If you want an answer to that statement, then you probably have never used one before. Credit cards increase your credit and offer you emergency funds, provided you have a good credit history. It means that as long you keep paying your credit card bills, you can grow a positive credit history and get rewards and benefits. But how does one keep track of all this? Why you use the MyIndigoCard Portal of course.

What is the Myindigocard Portal?

The issue with getting a credit card is that some cards ask for a security deposit. This could cause an issue in that, it will not be possible for everyone (Broke People, like me) to do so. Well, for such people, there is the Indigo Platinum MasterCard. Anyone can get this card as long as they meet the prequalification application for the card, which doesn’t have a 100% approval rating, but it ain’t difficult either.

All the details of the Indigo Platinum MasterCard can be found on the MyIndigoCard portal. The MyIndigoCard portal is for the Indigo Platinum MasterCard holders who can log in to their accounts and access all kinds of info on their credit such as taking a look at their history, managing the account, seeing indigo payment options, viewing statements, and many other things.

This MyIndigoCard portal is accessible 24/7 for all registered users. Before we discuss further the MyIndigoCard portal, let’s learn about the Indigo card.

Indigo Platinum Mastercard

As I have stated earlier, your capability to loan money and pay it back on time provides you with good credit. With good credit, you get extra rewards, cashback, and additional benefits. This is for the other premium credit cards that need a certain amount for a safety installment. These credit cards require a hard inquiry on the applicant to learn all their credit history, which can also have a bad impact on your credit score.

The Indigo Platinum MasterCard doesn’t make you go through all those things, though it does require an application to make sure that you are able to return any of the expenses accrued through the use of this card. While the process for this isn’t as harsh as others, there is still a possibility that your application can get declined.

So let us assume that your request did get accepted, then get the credit card and start improving your credit rating. Now, all this sounds good, but there are certain limitations to the things that are easy to get in life. As long as you have this credit card, you cannot use it for more than $300 bills in your billing cycle. What!?…

If you expect to get a credit card with unlimited credit but without any security deposit, then you, my friend, are living in a fairyland. This might feel like a tight restraint on the budget, but it is what it is. On the bright side, you can get a fancy-looking card of any design.

How to Apply for the Indigo Mastercard?

Indigo master card example

We have already mentioned this multiple times, that you have to meet the pre-qualification before you can apply for the card. So do not be scared about these prerequisites, I’m here to guide you through the process of applying for the Indigo Mastercard. All you have to do is follow my lead and the application process will go smoothly.

  • To apply for the card or the pre-qualification, you have to visit their site, which is indigocard.com – https://www.indigocard.com/home.
  • Now, right on the home page, you can see two options. One is “Pre-qualify Now” and the other one is “Apply”.
  • Assuming you are not already pre-qualified, I suggest you go with the first option.
  • When you click the “Pre-qualify now” option, the site takes you to another page where you have to enter a few personal details. Enter information like Name, address, email, phone number, and SSN.
  • After that, your credit profile will be checked to make sure if you can apply for their Indigo Mastercard.
  • So after you qualify for that, head back to the homepage and click on the “Apply” button.
  • Then you will be asked to fill in the Invitation number you received after you have pre-qualified, along with the zip code.
  • Hit “Get started”, and in case you see any other applications, fill them using the instructions provided on the page.
  • This will register your application for the Indigo credit card.

MyIndigoCard Portal and Its Features

Told you we would get back to this. Now assuming your application was accepted for the card, and you have got one, or maybe someone who already had one. Regardless, if you are here, it means you want to find out about the MyIndigoCard portal. More specifically, how to log in to that portal.

Before we get into the whole procedure, let me point out a few things that you can do with this account. Every user can access all their card info from this portal including their statements, check the balance, check credit balance, credit limit, look for indigo payment options, and many other things. You can also change or request to change your account info.

If your card isn’t activated, then you can do that too from this portal. To do all those things, you just need to log in to your account. Now, those of you who are eager to find out the login procedure, proceed to the next section.

How to Login to the MyIndigoCard Portal?


Here is the main event most of you have been looking for. So without further ado, let’s get down to it.

  • To log in, you must first visit their portal, which is myindigocard.com – https://indigo.myfinanceservice.com/
  • This takes you to their homepage, where you can see the login section on the right side.
  • You will need the indigo login ID, which is the username and the password.
  • When you have all those things, enter the indigo login ID and password in their respective fields.
  • Then hit the “Log-in” button, and that’s it. Now, you are logged into your My Indigocard account.

That wasn’t very difficult now, was it?

One other interesting piece of information is the forgot password option. Most of us tend to forget our username or password for many portals. So it isn’t surprising if you did forget it for this portal as well. There is no point in crying over spilled milk, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it.

What Should You Do if You Forgot Your Username or Password for the MyIndigoCard Portal?

The whole point of this article is to provide you with all sorts of info regarding the indigo card and its web portal. So it is natural that we would help you in your time of need. Just look at the tutorial given below.

  • While trying to log in, you might have noticed the “Forgot username or password” option right under the login section.
  • So what are you waiting for? Just click that option, and for those who are looking for the portal link, here it is myindigocard.com – https://indigo.myfinanceservice.com/
  • When you click that option, you will see two separate sections. One is for when you forgot the password, and the other one is for the username.
  • Based on your situation, choose the right option, though both sections require the same information for recovery.
  • So fill in all those details like email/username, Date of Birth, SSN, and your account’s last four digits. Click the submit button when you are done.
  • Now check your mail for a link to reset your password or to find out your username based on the option that you have chosen.
  • Use the link to reset your password, after that, go back to the homepage of the portal and try logging again using the new login credentials.

How to Register for the MyIndigoCard Portal?

The above tutorials are useful for those who already have an account in this portal, but for the ones who do not have one, registration is required. So the next tutorial is helpful for the registration process.

  • Again, on the same portal https://indigo.myfinanceservice.com/, click on the “Register” option.
  • To register on this portal, a few details are required.
  • So enter your account number, date of birth, and SSN.
  • Click the Next button, if the other pages ask for any other information, then enter those details as well.
  • When all that is done, you will be registered in the My Indigocard portal.

How to Activate Your MyIndigoCard?

In case you are looking to activate your card, then the same option is available on this portal. Looks like this portal has everything you need, well, no one is complaining anyway. So let us look at this thing as well.

  • Look for the “Activate Your Card” on the login page, and just like other options, it is located under the login section too.
  • When you click on the option, the page redirects you to a page that requires login.
  • After you are logged in, enter your card details and assign a PIN for your card. Make sure that you assign something that you do not forget.
  • Then enter all the personal info along with the SSN and other contact info to activate your card.
  • There is another method to activate your card using your phone. Just call this number, 1-866-946-9545, and talk to the customer service executive to activate your account.

Indigo Mastercard Review

Aimed at customers who are unable to keep a decent credit score, the Indigo Mastercard is a decent credit card for such users. Since you won’t find as much fuss about a security deposit, many people can afford to get this credit card. While the card does seem to provide a good start to build your credit, is all that glitters really gold?

Well, the answer is a “No”. Why you might ask? Now, to make you understand this better and support my answer, let us consider a few things. The whole premise of improving credit is a good one, but is that enough for every customer? Also, things like the $300 limit, normal APR, and no rewards condition make it a card, which is not worth spending those few bucks.

All this doesn’t make it look good, and is only useful for those who are in dire need of an emergency loan and your credit isn’t optimal. Also, the annual fee is around $59 – $99 based on your credit. If you are lucky, then the annual fee will be limited, but for the first year, the fee will likely be $75. So with an interest rate of 23.9% APR for the carried balance, it may not be such a great deal.

It all depends on the individual customer and their requirements as to what they are looking for with a credit card, and why they are going to use it. I would suggest you take a hard look at the requirements and this review to make the right decision. In case you are not sure, then check other reviews as well.

In case our review wasn’t enough to make up your mind, then probably some user reviews might help you. So check these Indigocard reviews – https://www.creditkarma.com/reviews/credit-card/single/id/IndigoPlatinum.

Few Other Cards for Bad Credit Users

The above review clearly states that, while the Indigo Mastercard is a decent choice for users with not-so-great credit, it isn’t the only card for such users. Few other cards are even better options for such users. Well, what’s the delay? Then let us check those cards as well.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

This card is pretty similar to the Indigo card, as this one also is an unsecured credit card that doesn’t offer any extra perks. So why is it a better choice, you might think? This is a better choice because it doesn’t need any annual fee, the APR interest rate is reasonable, and no transfer fee of any sort. This is by far the best-unsecured credit card, now, I leave it to you to think about it.

nRewards® Secured Credit Card

With no annual fee and a low regular APR of 18%, this is an excellent option for Navy federal members to build and improve their credit. This is a Navy Federal Credit card and requires a $200 minimum deposit. All this makes it a good choice for bad credit users, but it doesn’t offer any rewards and requires Navy Federal membership.

Discover it® Student Cash Back

The name should probably give it away, and for those people reading this, let me tell you that this card is best suited for students who are looking to start their credit. The card offers reasonable interest rates, %5 cashback and other benefits on rotating quarterly categories, no annual fee, decent transfer APR, and a cashback of 1% on all kinds of purchases.

SKYPASS Visa® Secured Card

All those citizens of the USA who do not have good credit and love to travel should opt for the SKYPASS Visa® Secured Card. That’s because it offers its users 1 mile for every $1 they spend with this card. Although the card is connected to an annual fee of $50 and a $300 minimum deposit. Now if you are not happy with this then you can upgrade it to an unsecured card after a year.

Wells Fargo Business Secured Credit Card

This one is a little different from the other cards on this list, as it is meant for small business owners. So they can improve their credit from bad/zero to good and earn cashback and points. There is no annual fee and a manageable APR interest.

How to Check Your Indigo Card Activation Status?

The best way to find out your card activation status is to contact the Indigo card customer service. You can do so by using the “tel:+18669469545” number. Since this is the Indigo card customer service number, you will not be directly connected to a customer service executive. To talk to a human, keep on hitting that pound button till that automated voice asks you to press 1 for the customer service executive.

When you are finally connected to a human, explain to them the situation and then provide them your SSN, name, and any other appropriate details they ask for. That’s it, the executive will then check the status of your card and inform you of its status.

Before you go ahead with all this, you might want to know that the contact hours are between 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM PST, and only on the weekdays.


If you are looking for an answer that tells you, should you get the Indigo card? Then I cannot give you a definite yes or no because you have to decide that for yourself based on your requirements. Though, all the information in this article will help you come to a proper conclusion on your dilemma.

So all I would like to say is to read the article carefully, check the various tutorials on how to register, log in, and recover your MyIndigocard portal account.  Also, check other similar cards that provide better options to improve your credit score.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Can you check Indigo payment options from the MyIndigo portal?

Yes, after you have logged into your account, you can check many things from the account. Including the Indigo payment options and even making payments.

How to contact the Indigo customer service?

You can use their customer service contact number “+18669469545”. If you specifically want to talk to an executive, then keep tapping the “1” button on your screen till you are connected.

How to activate the MyIndigo card portal?

The option to activate your account can be found on the login page of the portal. Click the “activate your account” and fill in any details mentioned.

Who can use the MyIndigoCard portal?

Customers who have an account in their portal along with the Indigo Mastercard can use their portal.

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