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Check the Forbes 500 list of top companies. You will find the Lincoln National Corporation at #175 rank in their 2021 list. This is because the Lincoln National corporation or the Lincoln Financial Group is mostly known as is one of the high profile firms in the US. They provide many asset management and insurance services. They also have the MyLincoln portal for their employees.

While not everyone may have heard about this company, as it doesn’t always stay in the headlines. People in the financial sector will be familiar with this firm. Some of the services that this public company provides are advice and solutions for annuities. They also take care of group protection, life insurance, and retirement service plans.

What is the MyLincoln Portal and how is their quality of service?

As mentioned previously, the Mylincoln Portal is for the employees of this prestigious company. All these services are offered to businesses and any individual who can afford them. The previous statement may imply that their services can only be retained by the privileged. It should be noted that their client list of 17 million customers tells a different story.  This should tell you how much people trust this firm to provide various financial solutions and support.

If you still doubt their quality of services, let me assure you that this institution has very few complaints from its customers. I think it does a great job in terms of customer satisfaction. It also provides its services through quick calls for various policies.

If I were you, I would be more than thrilled to take services from such a company. One that has high standards in terms of its services. While this was a useful piece of information, most of you are here for something else. To make a guess, you are looking for info on mylincolnportal.com (MyLincoln Portal), which is their associate and user login portal.

MyLincoln Portal For Employees


It shouldn’t be surprising that every company has a web portal for its employees/associates. The Lincoln Financial Group does too. Some of you might have heard about the Lincoln financial login or mylincolnportal.com since you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

So I believe most of you are here to find out about this portal. To learn about a few details like, how to log in, register. Maybe you are one of those people who keep losing their passwords. Though I cannot help you with your loss of memory, the other things are something that we can solve.

Before we get into the whole boring tutorial, maybe you would like to know what can you do with this portal. The first thing you should know is that the portal can only be accessed by the associates at Lincoln financial group, so if you aren’t among those, then forget about it.

Users who log into the account can access all their work info on clients, other associates, work schedules, profile management, and many other things that come under their services. So the best way to find everything is to look at it yourself. In that case, the next tutorial is something that you might find helpful.

How to Login to the MyLincoln Portal?


I know it is a little embarrassing that you work for one of the top Fortune 200 companies but are here looking for a tutorial on how to log in to your employee account for the portal, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. So here is a simple guide on how you log in to your account in the MyLincoln portal.

  • All the users have to use the login portal mylincolnportal.com to access their employee accounts – https://www.mylincolnportal.com/customer/public/login
  • Now, on the login page, you can see two fields. One requires your account username and the other needs the password.
  • Enter the two fields with the mentioned login credentials and hit the Login button.
  • Now you have to do nothing because that was it, you will be logged into your Mylincoln portal after you enter the login credentials. See, told you it was a simple guide.

Now everything will go fine as long as you have the right login credentials. The other scenario is where you are missing your username or password for the portal, which we can deal with using a few simple steps.

What Should I Do if I Forget My Password or Username for My Lincoln Portal?

All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps and the process will be done in no time.

  • On the same login page mylincolnportal.com, you can find the “Forgot username or password” option right under the login section – https://www.mylincolnportal.com/customer/public/login
  • When you click the option, two other options appear on the screen.
  • Based on your situation, if you forgot your username, then click the forgot username option. In case you need help with the password, then select that option.
  • Let’s say you forgot your username, so when you click that option, you will see a field with the email address.
  • Enter your registered email address with the account, after which you will receive a mail with the forgotten username.
  • In the case of password recovery, you just have to enter your username. The system will then search the database for your account and help you recover your password.
  • After you recovered your account login credentials, just head back to the login page to get into your account.

Well, told you it was a simple process. We have covered the two most important requirements for the users of this portal, but there is still one more thing that many people are looking for. So users who are new and haven’t yet registered for an account in MyLincoln Portal can find the procedure for the same from the next tutorial.

How to Register for MyLincoln Portal?

Any new user who is looking to register their account in the Lincoln financial login portal will find this tutorial useful.

  • To log in, recover, and register an account at the Lincoln financial login portal, associates can use the same portal which is mylincolnportal.com – https://www.mylincolnportal.com/customer/public/login
  • There is a register option on the login page under the forgot password option.
  • Unlike other portals, this one requires new users to enter their company code to register for the Lincoln financial login portal.
  • To enter the company code and hit the validate button. On the next page, enter all the mentioned details.
  • Enter your username, password, SSN, personal details, and contact info to register.
  • When you are done, the account will be registered. You can check by going to the login page and try logging in.

Some Common Login Issues With MyLincolnportal.com

People who have read the previous sections will notice that we have already covered two login issues with this portal. One is where people need the password recovery procedure and the other one is for the username.

While these two are pretty standard issues that most of the users face, there are a few issues specific to this portal. So let us find out what they are.

The Password and Username Couple Breakup

If you are confused and thinking if I have lost my mind, then no, I haven’t. I’m talking about the situation where your password and username combination doesn’t work. While the obvious reason should be that either one is incorrect.

This may happen when you open this portal from an expired session’s URL. When you do that, the login page already has the login info of another account, maybe. So next time, avoid using bookmarks and links from another page, just type the portal URL in your browser.

A System Error Pops Up

Sometimes you may see an error message pop up saying, “System Error”. The message may also ask you to try later or contact the system administrator. When this happens, clear your browser cookies and cache files rather than restarting your whole system.

After that, restart only your browser. This should do the trick.

These two are the usual errors you might come across while using mylincolnportal.com.

A Little More About Lincoln National Corporation

The Lincoln National Corporation is one of the first companies to ever be named after the 16th US President, and it did after it received the green flag from his son, Robert Todd Lincoln. This happened in the year 1905 when the company was first established in Fort Wayne, Indiana by founder Perry Randall.

They have multiple subsidiaries that provide insurance and investment management solutions. All these business subsidiaries are successful and started in 1912 when the company first went into the reinsurance business. The result was that the company’s services became an instant hit, with as many as 14 companies using their reinsurance services.

The following years saw the rise of women in the industry, after the right to vote for women was provided by the 19th Amendment. One such incident was the appointment of Helen Williams as the Supervisor at Lincoln after she became the first person in the country to pass the Actuarial exam.

Arthur Hall, the president of LNC in 1928 established a library on President Lincoln by collecting his artifacts and books. This museum was available to the public till 2008 and had displayed all those books and artifacts before it was permanently shut.

Even when the world was hit by the Great Depression, the LNC stood tall and survived as it was way past its $1 billion insurance revenue mark. There are many landmarks in the growth of this corporation like the equal rights movement, becoming the 9th largest insurance company in the country, and many others.

For those of you who are curious to find out about their history and growth should check out their LNC Timeline page – https://www.lfg.com/public/aboutus/companyoverview/historyandtimeline?audience_page_id=1422918942386

Employee Benefits at Lincoln National Corporation

A company that offers its customers various insurance policies and investment management solutions is bound to offer its employees some great plans and benefits. Now, most of you who have been working for the organization for some years now might be aware of the employee benefits and plans.

If not, you might be among the recruits or someone who hasn’t been provided with all the info on the plans they avail. Regardless, we are here to provide you with all the good details on employee benefits.

The obvious thing that should be a no-brainer is the insurance plans. You cannot leave out your employee while providing insurance services to customers. So the company grants various insurance plans to its employees in the form of vision, dental, accidental, term life, disability, and critical insurance.

Each of these insurance policies can be availed by an employee by filing a claim from their accounts. All this is given to the employees by the Lincoln National Life Insurance company. Other than the insurance policies, the company also offers paid leave, maternity leave, the 401(k) retirement plan, tuition reimbursement for your kids, and Fertility benefits.


If you are in the market for great investment plans or insurance, I suggest you employ the services of Lincoln National Corporation or the company mostly known as the Lincoln Financial Group. They help you make the right decision when you look ahead and provide a sense of security for you and a literal one for your assets. So do check them out, and if you are having any trouble with the MyLincoln portal, we have multiple tutorials on the same.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How to access the Lincoln Financial Group portal?

If you are an associate or client trying to access their portal, use the mylincolnportal.com link provided above to access your account.

What do you require to access the LNC portal?

Users can use the login credentials like username and password to access their accounts in the LNC portal.

What should I do when the LNC portal says the password entered is wrong?

Try to recover it using the “Forgot password or username” option from the same login page. Also, check the recovery guide in this article for more information.

Who can access the LNCs mylincoln portal?

Any user who has an account in their portal can use their login credentials to log into the portal. If you are an employee and do not have an account, then you can register using the option available on the portal.

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