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MyMercy – Login Portal – Your Health Online

Mymercy is an online health application software that is available for both Mobile Phones and PCs or Laptops through Mobile applications and web portals. This online health portal offers the registered users various functions such as contacting Mymercy Clinic Care Team, uploading your medical reports, accessing your health information Etc.

MyMercy and Some of its other benefits

There is a lot more to have it here, for example, View Lab Tests, Medication Prescriptions, Connect with Specialized Doctors, Access Health Summary, Current Health Conditions, and Concerns, Email the care team, Renew Prescriptions, Complete Questionnaire Online before appointments, Family and Personal Accounts, Apply for Doctor Appointments, Get discounts for the appointments and prescriptions, and many more.

Login page

Requirements for the Registration Process.

The registration process for the web portal is a bit complex and it requires a list of requirements which are stated below.

  • Mymercy access code if you are already using the Mymercy care services.
  • OR Insurance Member ID if you choose this login option.
  • Or your email address which is valid.
  • The official web address of the web portal in question.
  • A user of the care services.
  • Secured Web Browser with a High-Speed Internet Access.
  • A compatible device like Smartphone, Laptop, PC, and Tablet.
Registration Page

Registration Process for the Login portal.

There are four types of registration choices offered by the web portal, which are explained below along with the detailed tutorials.

Patient Information

  1. If you choose this option, enter your email address and press continue.
  2. A Validation code is sent to your mail, fill in those code into the section and press next.
  3. Now you can add all your personal info, health info, reports, lab tests, certificates.
  4. After which enter your Username and Password and confirm these credentials and finally press submit.

MyMercy Access Code

  1. If you visited a physician under the Nyymercy care program recently you will be sent an Access code.
  2. Fill in this access code, Date of Birth, Last 4 digits of Social Security Number(SSN).
  3. And complete the captcha and press continue.
  4. You can follow the 3 options in the patient information section from now and complete the registration.

Insurance Member ID

  1. Inspect your wallet card for the Insurance ID provided by your Health Insurance Provider.
  2. Follow the same steps mentioned above.

MyMercy Billing Account

  1. Enter your Account number given on your recent Billing Form.
  2. Follow the same steps stated above.

Login Process for the mercy health my chart web portal.

The Login Process for the mercy health my chart web portal is quite simple if you follow the detailed instructions stated here in this section.

What to do if you forgot your credentials for mercy my chart login portal?

To recover your account on mercy my chart portal without your username or password, follow the elaborate tutorial given below.

Username or User ID

  • Click on the Login web address showcased here – https://www.mymercy.net/login.
  • Once the login page is displayed, look for the “Forgot ID or Password” option below the credentials fields.
  • Another page is loaded, here click on the Forgot User ID option.
  • Now type first name, last name, and email address and press submit.
  • A web link is sent to your email ID.
  • Open this link and fill in your new username and confirm username and press submit.
MyMercy 3


  • Visit the MyMercy – Login through the link given here – https://www.mymercy.net/login.
  • After clicking the “Forgot ID or Password” option, choose the “Forgot Password” on the next page.
  • Enter your User ID and Date of Birth and click the submit menu.
  • Now verify your account by following the instructions on the page.
  • By completing these instructions and press the next option, a weblink is generated and is sent to your email address.
  • Click on this link and enter your password and confirm the password.

Using these steps, the users can also change their username or User ID and password for the web portal in question.

Features of the Web Portal.

There are many features offered by the MyMercy web portal for its registered users, these features are explained more briefly below.

  • Receive your Medical Prescription letters directly from the specialized doctors from Mymercy Care.
  • Connect with the Clinic Care team whenever required from the comfort of your home.
  • Upload your health reports, personal info, medical lab test results for doctors and Care Team to analyze your health condition.
  • Access Health Summary was written by the Mymercy Clinic Care team and lab test results applied before.
  • Get direct information from the portal about your health conditions and concerns.
  • Renew your prescriptions given by the doctors.
  • You and your family can maintain their medical profiles on the same account and access them when necessary.
  • Book your appointments with specialized doctors in advance and redeem discounts and offers.
  • The users can answer the questionnaires before the appointments online through this web portal.
  • Email your care team through this web portal.

Issues faced by the users of the mymercy.net login portal users.

There are multiple issues like Trouble Shooting Problems, Login Errors, Connection issues, Web server Issues, that are regularly faced by the users of my mercy app web portal. Although, these common issues can be avoided by following the precautions given here.

  • Make sure you have stable and high-speed internet access on your device.
  • Use secure web browsers which are updated with the latest versions namely, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
  • Enter accurate credentials into the login page, if not there is a possibility of your account being blocked.
  • Accept the Captch and Cookies when requested as they are ideal for working for the web portal.
  • Delete search history and storage regularly on your web browser to prevent it from slowing down.
  • Make sure the web portal is not included in the blocking list if you have using Anti-virus or Firewall software.
  • Inspect the web address before accessing the web portal, as there might be some fraudulent websites imitating the original web portals to steal personal data.


Here in this article, we have provided tutorials for Login Process, Registration Procedure, Account Recovery, Change Password, Change Username procedures, etc on the Mymercy web portal. We have also shared the requirements to log in to the web portal, issues faced by the users, and the numerous features of the said web portal.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What are the features of my mercy account web portal?

The web portal in question has an abundance of features as explained above, for example, accessing health reports and Medical Prescriptions, Renew Medical Prescriptions, Access lab results, uploading medical reports, updating your profile, contacting the care team and specialized doctors, booking appointments, manage family details on the same account and many more.

What are the general issues faced by the account users?

The general issues of the account users are Slow Web Servers, Trouble Shooting Problems, Connection issues, and Login Errors.

How to access the My Mercy web portal?

The MyMercy Care registered users can access the web portal by visiting the MyMercy – Login web address or downloading the application from the app store and android store for free – https://www.mymercy.net/login.

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