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Mymorri – WM Morrison Employee Login Portal

MyMorri is a website specifically designed for the employees of the Wm Morrison Supermarket Chain, based in the United Kingdom. The login portal in question is frequented by the employees as it offers various features such as Monthly Payslip Deductions, Payroll Forms, Payroll Listings with Stats, Applying Leaves, Access Daily Work Schedules, Mymorri Staff discounts, Apply for Vacation Plans, Access Health, Financial and Other Benefits, and many more. The web portal is maintained by the company and also the employees can access discounts, gift cards, and offers while purchasing across one of the Wm Morrison Supermarkets.


Requirements for Registration Process on the Morrison Portal

The individuals or users must possess a set of requirements to get access to the MyMorri web portal, which are described in this section.

  • The official web address for the Morrison Portal.
  • Install Antivirus or Firewall protective systems on your device.
  • A Google associated account with an email address and password.
  • Employment opportunity in one of the supermarkets under Wm Morrison Supermarkets.
  • An updated and secured web browser with High-Speed  Internet Access.

Registration Process for the Morrisons Online Employee Login Portal

To successfully register yourselves on the “MYMORRI” employee web portal, follow the detailed tutorial cited below.

  • Visit the MyMorri web address provided here through the installed web browser on your device – https://www.mymorri.com/.
  • On this page, select the “Sign in with Google” option and a pop-up will be displayed, requesting your google associated email address.
  • Fill in your email ID and press the Next option below the section.
  • Now type your default password and press Sign In.
  • Finally, you are successfully registered on the said web portal and Google will share your personal info, profile pic, etc., with the MyMorri web portal.

How to Login to the Morrisons Online Web Portal?

For a successful login to the MyMorri web portal, go through the necessary instructions mentioned below.

  • Connect to the Login – Morrison’s web link provided here.
  • A login page is loaded, requesting your credentials.
  • Enter your User ID or Email Address and Default Password into their respective sections.
  • Press the “Login” option below the sections.
  • Here on this page, you can also choose the “Remember Username” option, if you are planning to access Mymorri web portal on the same device every day.

How to Recover Your Account on Morrisons Online Login Portal if You Forgot Your Password?

To recover your MyMorri employee account if you lost or forgot your password, go through the complete step-by-step information provided here.

  • Click on the Forgot Password? – Morrisons web address is given here through your web browser – https://apply.morrisons.jobs/forgotten-password.aspx
  • On this page, type your email address into the requested section and press Next.
  • An email is sent to your mobile phone with a link.
  • Press on this link, and a pop-up is opened.
  • Here, fill in your new password and confirm the password.
  • Now press Submit and use this new password and username to access your account on the MyMorri web portal.

Features of the Mymorri Online Login Web Portal

The MyMorri login portal offers various features for the users, which are described in detail below.

  • The website allows the employees to access their payslip deductions and payslip listings, which provide all the necessary stats of the Paystubs.
  • The employees can access their Payslip forms and download them if required, with detailed instructions for the application of bank loans.
  • The users can access their Daily Work Schedules with timings from the comfort of their homes.
  • The employees can submit their leave applications on MyMorri online portal for vacations, paid holidays, sick or personal leaves.
  • Monitor and Access their Insurance Plans for Dental, Vision, and Life.
  • The Morrison Supermarket employees also can access their Financial, Career, and Other Benefits Directly through this online portal.

Issues Faced by the Users of Mymorri Web Portal

Login Issues, Troubleshooting Problems, Connection Errors, Slow Servers, are the few common web issues faced by the employees accessing the Morrison portal, which can be effortlessly sorted out by following the suggestions given here in this category.

  • Make sure that the login credentials are accurate, as they tend to block your accounts if you have submitted the wrong credentials 2 or more times.
  • Check your device protective system, to verify if the website is not blocked, as the software usually blocks unknown sites.
  • To maintain your web browser’s performance, regularly clear cache, search history and update the browser to the latest versions.
  • The site can sometimes be under maintenance because of which the site becomes difficult to access.
  • Avoid using the Auto-Fill feature on your devices.
  • If the site is taking time to get loaded, check your internet connection and refresh the website a couple of times.
  • Make sure your internet connection does not cut off while accessing the web portal, preferably use Wi-Fi Connection if possible.

Employee Benefits Offered by the WM Morrison Supermarkets

The Wm Morrison Supermarkets offers numerous benefits for the employees working across the 490+ stores in the United Kingdom. All these benefits are explained in more detail below.

  • The company offers multiple life insurance policies for you to choose from with many benefits.
  • It offers various flexible benefits like Payroll Giving and Holiday Buy Schemes to help the employees save funds from the Tax and National Insurance.
  • It offers a Colleague Discount Card, which allows employees to access discounts up to 15% while purchasing in Morrison Supermarkets, while the family members of employees can get 10% discounts and also there are many deals and discounts on this card during the special discount days.
  • Employee Assistance Programs gives the employees suggestions, and support for issues like retirement, Well Being, Health, Financial, and Career support.
  • 401k Retirement Plan, which offers employees retirement funds that are taxed from your monthly salary.
  • Colleague Bonus Schemes provides employees bonus of up to 3% if the said employee can accomplish the set requirements in a particular time period.
  • The employees can also get cashback and discounts on leisure, travel, gym recreations, utilities, gift cards, and a lot more.
  • Healthcare Cash Plan with multiple subscription plans starting from just 1.80-pound sterling a week, which offers 100% Cashback, Insurance, and Coverage for optical and dental care.

WM Morrison Supermarkets

WM Morrison Supermarkets

The Wm Morrison Supermarkets is one of the popular supermarkets in the UK and stands 4th in line. This is a public limited company with 122 years of retail experience, with its headquarters located in Bradford City, England, UK. The Wm Morrison company has 494 stores across the country with more than 110,000 employees. William Morrison is the founder of the company, and it was established in 1899. The supermarkets offer various products such as Food, Drink, Petrol, CDs, Clothing, DVDs, Florist, Magazines, Books and Petrol, etc. Andrew Higginson is the current Chairman and David Potts is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Wm Morrison Supermarkets.

The chain stores became one of the biggest supermarket chains in the country due to the acquisitions of the Scottish supermarket line Safeway, which consisted of more than 474 stores across the United Kingdom. After the acquisition, some of these stores were modernized and converted to the Wm Morrison Supermarkets, while others were sold to other supermarket chains namely, Waitrose & Partners, Sainsbury’s, and Somerfield. At present, the Wm Morrison Supermarkets is operating Convenience stores, Online Retail Stores, and Supermarkets with Home-Delivery services. The company also maintains an online grocery mobile application, where you can book your grocery deliveries and access various discounts and benefits with daily notifications or alerts.

Wm Morrison Market Value in 2020-21

The Supermarket chain has been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic and frequent lockdowns in the United Kingdom due to the presence of a highly contagious Delta Variant. This, in turn, affected the Wm Morrison Supermarket’s annual revenue of 17,536 Million Pound Sterling, which is currently in decline. This also resulted in the rising of the operating income of the supermarket stores to 513 Million Pound Sterling. However, the company is slowly recovering as the lockdown periods are reduced due to increased vaccinations daily in the country, sequentially increasing the number of customers visiting these stores to an average of 11 million people each week. Apart from these, the Morrison Company also has stores in Wales, Gibraltar, and Scotland.


The “MYMORRI” article provides you with all the necessary information about the “Morrisons Employee” Login portal, its features, common issues, and requirements to login into this web portal. There are detailed tutorials here for the login process, account recovery, and change password procedures on the “Morrison Online” web portal. Moreover, we have provided you with detailed information on the Wm Morrisons SuperMarket Chain, its history, current locations, products, key people, revenue stats, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How to access the MYMORRI employee portal?

To access the web portal, the individual must meet the requirements stated above and use the web address link to access the web portal.

What are the features of the Morrison Employee web portal?

As stated above, there are many features offered by the online portal such as Paystubs, payslips, and forms, leave applications, access to health benefits, financial career, and obtaining daily work schedules.

How to apply for jobs at WM Morrisons Supermarkets?

The interested candidates can apply for jobs at Morrisons Supermarket chains by visiting the official website given above or by directly visiting the nearby stores and submitting the job application.

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