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MYONEONTA, a web portal designed for the students of the Suny Oneonta College located in Oneonta town, New York City. This portal allows the students to perform various tasks online. For instance, submit assignments & projects, view course details, connect with classmates & lecturers, access their course grades, share project progress, etc. Moreover, the portal provides access to daily class schedules, scholarship applications, School rankings, and many more. The My Oneonta is essentially a blackboard portal, and it became one of the best companions for the college students currently unable to visit the college premises. Because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic which resulted in the rising Covid-19 infections and increasing lockdown periods in the state.


Login Requirements for the suny oneonta blackboard

The individuals accessing the myoneonta login web portal must have the requirements listed below.

  • Valid web address of the My Oneonta web portal.
  • A secure internet connection.
  • Updated web browser namely, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Compatible Device like Mobile Phones, Laptops and PCs.
  • Username and password given by the college.

How to Sign-in to Suny Oneonta college web portal?

To log in to my Oneonta blackboard online portal successfully, follow the comprehensive instructions mentioned here.

  • Visit the Suny Oneonta Student Sign-In web address from your device.
  • After that, a login page is shown.
  • On this page, fill in username and password.
  • Lastly, press “Sign-in” and you will be redirected to your account’s home page.

How to access your oneonta blackboard login account if you lost your password?

If you have lost your password for your account on the MyOneonta platform. Then follow the detailed steps given below to recover your account.

  • Connect to the Suny Oneonta Student Sign-In weblink through a secured browser on your device – https://sts.oneonta.edu/adfs/ls/?wa=wsignin1.0&wtrealm=urn:federation:MicrosoftOnline.
  • On the login page, search for the “To reset your password” option given below the sign-in fileds.
  • After that, another page is shown.
  • Here, enter your username or email address.
  • Then answer the captcha using the audio or image and press next.
  • You will receive an email containing a password reset link.
  • Click on this link and enter your new password.
  • Don’t forget to confirm the password.
  • And lastly, confirm the “Submit” option.

Functions of the suny oneonta blackboard login portal.

As stated above, the myoneonta web portal offers multiple functions for the students visiting this portal. Such as –

  • The students can access their subject info and study materials online through this portal.
  • They can apply for scholarships on this portal by using the submiting the financial aid option on the web portal.
  • The students working on projects. In other words can share their project progress and reports with their lecturers.
  • The portal stores all your course rankings, subject GPAs online on this website for the students.
  • Students can access their daily class schedules on this web portal, along with assignment submittion and project completion dates.
  • Above all, they can submit their assignements online through the portal.
  • The portal also has another messaging feature, that allows engagement between the lecturers and students and also between the students themselves.
  • The lecturers share their online class links through this portal for particular class students.

What are the issues faced by the students using myoneonta blackboard web portal and how to resolve them?

The students accessing the myoneonta sign-in portal face similar issues like other online blackboard portals. Such as-

Maintenance Issues

The web portal usually needs to undergo maintenance every week based on its basic platform. Therefore, this process helps the site owners to remove glitches and add more features. In other words, to update the website to meet the user’s needs. Similarly, the MyOneonta platform also undergoes maintenance periodically after a certain period during which the web portal is inaccessible.

User Device problems

The web portal in question stores the IP address of the device every time a student signs in. If the user is using multiple devices the portal remains inaccessible sometimes. So to avoid this issue, it is advised to use the same device while accessing the myoneonta login website.

Trouble Shooting Problems

The users face various troubleshooting problems such as slow loading times, connection errors, error loading pages, etc. These issues are caused mainly due to their web browsers and connectivity. To avoid the occurrence of these issues update your web browser, clear search history & cache, use secured web browsers, and make sure your device has High-Speed internet access, likely a Wifi Router connection.

If these issues are repeating and are persisting, then email helpme@oneonta.edu or call the number: (607)-436-4567.

The State University of New York College(SUNY)


The SUNY College was established 132 years ago in 1889 in the town of Oneonta as an endowment value of 52.8 Million dollars by the Federal Government. Then called Oneonta Normal School evolved into a college in 1948, officially becoming a member State University of New York system. Alberto Cardelle is the current president of the college. The college located in Oneonta has 6,046 undergraduates and 497 postgraduates. This college has the nickname “Red Dragons”, given by the students of the college over years. The SUNY Collge Oneonta’s campus spread across an area of 250 acres located in the rural part of the Oneonta Town.

The college under discussion has various graduate programs for undergraduates as well as postgraduates to choose from. The college housed many famous conferences over the years. Such as SUNY Pride Conference, James & Susan Fenimore Cooper Conference & Seminar, John Burroughs Nature Writing Conference & Seminar to name a few. Over the years the university has had two celebrities Blake Fleming(Founder of Dazzling Kilmen & The Mars Volta Rock Bands) and Jeremy Wall(Founder of Spyro Gyra Jazz Fusion Group) as lecturers for music classes for a short period. The college has scored 55th rank in the 2019 United States News & World Report List of the best regional universities in the north.


This article provides a comprehensive description of the “MYONEONTA” web portal. With a detailed tutorial for Login, Change Password & Account Recovery Process. We have shared here in the article, the web portal login requirements, student user issues & how to solve them, and many features and functions of the said portal. The article also provides detailed information about the State University of New York College Oneonta, its history, courses offered, current president, parent institution, nicknames, its achievements, housed conferences, Celebrity Lecturers, and a lot more.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How to access the suny Oneonta blackboard web portal?

The web portal is only accessible for students currently pursuing graduation courses in SUNY College Oneonta. The students can access this web portal, by visiting the Oneonta Student Sign-In web address given here from their devices with an internet connection – https://sts.oneonta.edu/adfs/ls/.

What are the difficulties faced by the users of the myoneonta login portal?

The users opening the myoneonta login website face common web problems such as User Device Problems, Trouble-Shooting Problems, and Maintenance Issues. The precautions to avoid these issues are mentioned above.

What are the features of the suny Oneonta login portal?

The web portal offers many features as listed above such as course materials/guides, submitting project progress & reports, applying for scholarships, Class Schedules, Course GPAs & Rankings, and connecting with lecturers and co-students, etc.

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