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MyTraderJoes – Trader Joe’s Employee Portal

Dayforce MyTraderJoes Login web portal is specifically designed for the employees working at MyTraderJoes. A chain of grocery stores in the United States of America. The employee portal is designed for the employees so that they can get access to features such as submitting documents and applications online, creating your schedule, accessing daily work schedules, inspecting their work calendars, accessing pay stubs, assisting employees to save time, and performing productive work, payment slips for loans and contact the management for queries and issues.

MyTraderJoes Login Portal

Requirements to log in to the MyTraderJoes Web Portal.

The MyTraderJoes Web Portal needs certain requirements to gain access to the employee web portal and its various features & benefits.

  • The web address for the MyTraderJoes Web portal.
  • Secured Browser updated with the latest versions namely Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.
  • A good and consistent internet connection, preferably a Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Employment opportunity at one of the Grocery Stores of the Trader Joes Company.
  • The company provided the Crew Member Number and your last 4 digits of Social Security Number(SSN).

How to Login to the MyTraderJoes Web portal?

To log in to the MyTraderJoesDayforce Login Portal, follow the necessary steps given below thoroughly.

  • Visit the www.mytraderjoes.com day force login web portal through a secured browser
  • A login page is shown. Fill in your credentials such as Trader Joes Crew Member Number and SSN Number into their respective sections.
  • Now submit the “Sign In” Option and now the login process is complete.
Trader Joes Crew Mwmber Login Page: MyTraderJoes

How to Access Your Account on Mytraderjoes Web Portal if You Lost or Forgot Your Crew Member Number?

If you have forgotten or lost your Crew Member Number, you need to contact the HR Department and Management at your workplace, where you need to submit an application letter requesting your Crew Member Number to access the account. Or you can email your queries and issues directly to the HR Department through the Email Address – lmead@traderjoes.com or call the Toll Free Customer care number- 626-599-3700.

Features of the MyTraderJoes Web Portal

The many features offered by the Trader Joes Company to their employees through this web portal are explained in detail below.

  • The employees can effectively use this web portal to submit their applications and documents online.
  • Easy to use portal which secures all the data safely from the 3rd party applications and websites.
  • A special feature that allows creating your schedule to plan and accomplish tasks during your work time.
  • Monitor or view the Daily Work Schedules from anywhere through the website.
  • Examine or View their work calendars and look for the deadlines of some tasks and holidays in that particular year.
  • The web portal assists employees in reducing the periods and increasing work performance.
  • Acts a medium between the employees and management, where the employees can directly send their issues and queries through the MyTraderJoes Web Portal.
  • Employees can access their monthly payslips, detailed statistics of payslips, and print the payslip forms whenever necessary while applying for loans.
  • The portal also has detailed pay stubs listings with all the necessary details like amount, date and time, etc.
  • They can also monitor and apply for employee benefits like Health, Financial, Career, and Other Benefits.

Issues Faced by the MyTraderJoes Web Portal Users (Employees Working at Trader Joes Company)

The users of the MyTrader Joe’s Website often face some common issues like login issues, connection issues, and errors. These minor issues are easily resolvable by following the necessary tips and tricks that are stated in this section.

  • Clear Search History regularly as it usually affects the performance of the website.
  • Make sure your cybersecurity or protective systems are not blocking the MyTraderJoes websites as they usually do not allow unsecured websites.
  • Use consistent and good internet connection.
  • Secured browser with the latest updates.
  • Make sure your Crew Member Number and SSN Number are accurate.
  • Inspect the web address and make sure it is not fake by checking for spelling mistakes(fake websites).

MyTrader Joe’s Benefits Website: Employees Benefits

The TarderJoes Company has known for providing the best benefits possible, as they are the workforce striving to help the company reach new achievements. The benefits provided to the employees are given below.

  • Trader Joes employees receive competitive pay wages through work performance review every 6 months in a year. Employees can receive an annual raise of 7% in the salary every year.
  • Trader Joe’s 401K Retirement plan taxes the employee salary every month to provide retirement funds.
  • Most importantly, the workforce can also access a discount of 20% when buying from the many grocery stores under the Trader Joes Company.
  • The company also offers a Dental, Health, and Vision plan for the employees along with Death and Dismemberment Coverage.
  • The company maintains a 10-day week off for every employee and also paid vacations for those who are eligible.
  • There is high career growth in this company, as the company proudly states that the managers and top executives were once the captains in the very same stores.

How to Apply for Jobs at the Trader Joe’s Company?

If you are interested in working for Trader Joe’s Grocery Stores, follow the steps below to apply for the open job positions in the company.

  • Click on the Trader Joe’s Careers web address stated here.
  • Once the career page is shown, go through the different sections that provide information about the company, work-life, and benefits you can access while working here.
  • Now look for the “Join our Crew” option on the top left of the page.
  • Press this option, Trader Joe’s Find Jobs page will be opened.
  • On this page, fill in details such as state, working area, zip code, position type which will help you filter through the job listings.
  • If you have found the right job, click on the apply now button.
  • The page requests you to select the way you wish to apply, such as “Copy & Paste”, “Without Resume”, and “From Computer”.
  • However, it is advised to submit your resume to increase the chances of getting listed.
  • After selecting an option, enter all your info like name, Email Address, Address, Phone Number, etc.
  • Next, check for the availability of the position.
  • If the job is still active, answer the questions on why you are the right person for the job.
  • Finally, press submit, and if you are selected, the Trader Joe’s Company will reach out to you through email.

Trader Joes

Trader Joes Logo: MyTraderJoes

Trader Joe’s is a German-owned American grocery stores chain established by Joe Coulemebe in Pasadena City, California in 1967. The company has historically named Prono Market Convenience Stores during 1958, which was later changed to Trader Joe’s due to the increasing competition from the fellow grocery store chains known as 7-Eleven. The Trader Joes Company’s Headquarters is situated in the Monrovia City of the State of California. Dan Bane is the current Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Trader Joes’. The company is owned by the Theodor Paul Albrecht Family.

Products and Services

The Trader Joe’s Company provides a lot of choices such as Private Label Staple Foods, Organic Foods, and Specialty Foods. The Grocery Stores also sells their manufactured foods through private labels namely Trader Joes Mexican Food, Trader Jacques French Food and Soaps, Trader Giottos Italian Food, Baker Josephs Flour, and Bagels, Trader Mings Asian Food, Trader Joe-Sans Japanese Food, and Joesphs Brau Beer.

The Grocery Market Chian is quite popular among people as it has more than 530 grocery stores across 42 states in the country. Because of this, it produces an Annual Revenue of 13.3 billion. It also has an impressive workforce of 50,000 employees across the United States of America. The company has received multiple awards and achievements through its tenure such as 23# rank in Glassdoor Best Place to work in the United States, Top-scoring Market chain in the Consumer Reports of 2014, Ethisphers Most Ethical Companies in the country from 2008-2010, 2nd Ranker in Annual Customer Service Hall of Fame by MSN Money in 2009 and the Second-best supermarket chain by Consumer Reports in the very same year.


In this article, we have provided you with information about the MyTraderJoes Dayforce portal, Company’s history, and its achievements. We have given you detailed tutorials for “Login Procedure”, “Account Recovery” for the MyTraderJoes Dayforce Login Portal. There is also information provided on the requirements, issues, and features of the portal. The article also helps you to apply for jobs in this Grocery market chain platform, and the many benefits you can access while working here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the features of the MytraderJoes Dayforce Login Portal?

As stated in the article above, the portal offers multiple features to employees for example Submit Applications/Documents Online, Access Daily Work Schedules, Creating Own Schedules, Work Calendars, Assists in reducing time and improving performance, access monthly pay stubs, employee benefits, and contact management for queries.

What are the compatible devices to access the MytraderJoes Web Portal?

The MyTraderJoes portal is only available as a website, which can be accessed through a web browser from Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, and Laptops.

What are the benefits offered by the Trader Joes Company to their employees?

The Trader Joes Company offers multiple benefits for the employees such as a 401K retirement plan, competitive salary wages, MyTraderJoes portal with its many features, Annual rise of 7% salary for better-performing employees, Dental, Vision, Health benefits, careers growth, and regular promotions, sick leaves, parental leaves and paid vacations.

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