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MyWipro Login

After a week of joining, all the employees can access the MyWipro Login Portal. As it is an important employee-only portal; which offers tons of uses or features namely Companys Announcements and News, Leave Balance, Number of Working Hours, Average Utilization and Expense Reports, Sales and Delivery Updates, Time Sheets, Attendance, Overtime Management, Time Management, Access to multiple learning, Business/Transaction, Collaboration & Engagement, Analytics, Help Desks Applications and many more.

The Web Portal’s main benefits are better Business Performance, generating new revenue streams through multiple platforms, fastening the application process to achieve cost efficiency and operational efficiency, and  Real-Time insights & Suggestions for many processes.

MyWipro Login Web Portal

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Requirements to Log in to the MyWipro Login Portal

After you meet certain requirements check out the next few steps mentioned below to login to the MyWipro Gateway Portal.

  • Secure Internet Browser and Connection.
  • Employment opportunities at one of the Wipro Office locations worldwide.
  • Company provided Username or Wipro ADID(@Wipro.Com) and Default Password.
  • Web Address of the Wipro Gateway Portal.

How to Log in to the Wipro Gateway Login/MyWipro Login Portal?

Wipro Gateway Login Portal

You can get into this portal only if you have all the requirements mentioned in the above section. To login into the Wipro, Gateway Portal follow the detailed tutorial below.

  • Visit the Wipro Microsoft Login weblink mentioned here.
  • A new web page is opened, requesting your Wipro’s official email ID or WiproADID@wipro.com(ADID is the first 2 letters of your name + employee ID).
  • Now press the next option on this page.
  • Another page is opened requesting your password.
  • Fill in the details and press submit, and you are successively logged in to the MyWipro Portal.

What to Do if You Forgot Your MyWipro Login Password?

The custom and default Login passwords that are given by the HR Department of the company are complex(Mix of Numbers and letters) and thus, are hard to remember. Unless you have changed the default password, you can access this gateway by sequential steps provided below.

  • Connect to the Wipro Microsoft Login through your secured browser on your Mobile Phone or PC – https://login.microsoftonline.com/
  • Click the “Can’t access your Account” option, which will request you to select the type of account(Work or Personal).
  • Once you have selected the work option, a new page is redirected.
  • The Password Reset can be accessed directly here or by following the steps above – https://passwordreset.microsoftonline.com/
  • On this page, enter your Email ID or Username and enter the characters or letters in the picture given or audio into the next section and press next.
  • Answer your security questions(if added) and submit the next option again.
  • Now select the verify option, and you will receive an email(Or Number) with a password reset link.
  • Click on this link and enter your new password. Confirm Password and finally press submit.
  • Using this new password and user ID, you can connect to the MyWipro Login easily.

How to Change Your MyWipro Gateway Portal Password?

If you want to change your default password for MyWipro portal, then go through the course of action points cited below.

  • Click on the Microsoft Password Reset link given here.
  • Enter your work username or in this case your WiproADID@wipro.com email ID on the password reset page.
  • Write into the mentioned section and fill in the characters or words in the picture in the other section.
  • Further, the process requires confirmation, so you will be sent a new mail with a password reset link(To your work email ID or secondary email ID or mobile number).
  • Connect to this link and check the new page, fill in the new password and submit the password.
  • Your pasword change is now successful.

Difficulties Faced by the Mywipro Gateway Users?

Like any other web portal, the users of “MyWipro Login” also face difficulties or issues namely Login Issues(Wrong Password/username), connection errors, access to certain features on the portal, etc. Follow the tips below to fix all these difficulties.

  • Make sure you have good and uninterrupted internet access while using these portals.
  • Download and install firewall & anti-virus software on your systems to restrict access to third-party websites or hackers while connecting to the account through the web address.
  • Use secured web browsers such as Firefox, Safari, or ideally Google Chrome.
  • Go through the web address once and find out any spelling mistakes in the link, if found, remember the hackers use web addresses(With slight word changes) similar to popular portals to steal information and other details.

Features of MyWipro Portal

The MyWipro login Portal true to its name is a gateway to multiple applications, software, and websites. This employee-only portal offers many features like –

  • To receive Company news, updates, and information.
  • Apply for leaves and to check the number of leaves you can take within a certain period.
  • Daily Working Schedules and several working hours accomplished in the period.
  • MyWipro gateway login portal gives access to multiple learning and skill-improving websites and applications.
  • Work features such as increasing operating efficiency, reducing application process time frame, improving business performance.
  • Access the daily reports and My wipro timesheets.
  • Access to multiple My Wipro applications, help desks, real-time insights, analytics software, etc.
  • More work info like sales and delivery updates, monthly expenses, and more.
  • Overtime management, time management, and timesheets.
  • Access Health, Career, Financial and other Benefits.

Benefits Offered to the Employees of Wipro Limited

Wipro limited being a Multinational Company with a large workforce strives to offer the best benefits to the employees to keep them safe and happy with their employment.

  • Multiple Health Insurance Programs to choose from.
  • Preventive Care, Hospital, Illness, Accident, and Prescription Coverage.
  • Dental and Vision Insurance and coverage plans.
  • Health and Wellness Management Programs and Events.
  • Coverage for daily commute or transit.
  • Flexible spending accounts for childcare or the elderly.
  • 401k Retirement Saving Plan.
  • Highly Compensated or qualified employees can get an opportunity to earn tax-free money to achieve or invest in their financial goals.
  • Basic & Supplemental Life, Accidental Death, and Dismemberment Insurance.
  • Short and Long-term Disability Insurance.
  • Personal Leaves, Maternity Leaves, Paid Time Off, or Holidays.
  • Life Assistance Program
  • Group Home and Auto Insurance.
  • Insurance for Accidental Injury.
  • Pet Insurance.
  • Identity Theft Protection Plan, and, etc.

How to Apply for Jobs at Wipro Limited?

All the interested candidates and enthusiasts with educational qualifications, experience(or fresher) can apply for Job Offers at Wipro by following the detailed steps below.

  • Visit the Wipro Careers link mentioned here – https://careers.wipro.com/careers-home/
  • Please go through the multiple sections like Why Wipro, Life at Wipro, and Campus to understand the working conditions, features, and more detailed information about why people love working here.
  • Once you have completed reading, you can enter the job position and the area you are looking for under the video section.
  • Or if you are not sure, scroll down and select the Opportunities menu.
  • Open the Wipro Opportunities page by clicking the Know More option.
  • This page showcases the multiple divisions or job types like Technology, Digital, Consulting, Corporate Functions to name a few.
  • The bottom of the page has job listings, so scroll down after selecting the job division you are looking for.
  • Click the View All option beside the Current Openings Section.
  • Check out the listed openings on the next web page.
  • Go through these listings and use filters like ID or type, Search Location, Country, State, Province to further narrow down the listings.
  • Click on the selected listing that displays brief info, for more details click on the listing’s name.
  • On this page go through the info and requirements, if you all the requirements and is the right job for you, then click on the Apply Now option on the right side.
  • Enter your email ID, personal info, professional. Info, qualifications and attach your resume/CV in the next sections.
  • Finally, click on Apply. Selected candidates will receive a mail.

About Wipro

Wipro Limited is a multinational company with roots in India offering IT Services, Outsourcing Services, Managed and Consulting Services worldwide. This Multi-National Industry is the result of hard work by Mohamed Hasham Premji on 29 December 1945 mainly to produce Palm Oil which is why its full form is Western India Palm refined Oil Limited.

The company was a vegetable oil producer which ventured into the developing IT industry and becomes a front-runner in providing IT services not just in India but all across the world. Apart from this the Wipro Limited also produces many products such as Health Care, Personal Care, Lighting, and Furniture products.

Awards and Honors

Wipro Limited has received multiple awards across the years namely National Award for excellence in Corporate Governance in 2004, Microsoft Country Partner of the year in 2010, NASSCOM Corporate Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion in 2012, ATD’s Best of the Best Award in 2018, World most Ethical Company for 6 consecutive years in 2017, Ranked 755th in the Fortune 2000 Global list, ranked 2nd in Newsweek 2012 Global 500 Green Companies.

Also, the Best Managed IT Services and Best System integrator in CIO Choice Awards India in 2015, and many more. These achievements helped the company to attract international investment and partners making it popular worldwide.

The Wipro Limited Company’s current owner is Azim Premji and its headquarters are located on Sarjpur Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Wipro Limited also has many other subsidiaries such as Wipro Digital, Top Coder, Yardley, Appirio, Metro Systems, Encore Theme Technologies, International Techne Group Incorporated, Designit, Weare4c Limited, Eximius Design LLC, Opus Capital Market Consultants LLC, ATCO-Itek Inc, SAIC India Private Limited, Ampion Holding Pty Limited, Wep Peripherals Limited, Healthplan Holdings Inc and many more.

Wipro Limited has made earnings of 8.7 Billion Dollars in 2021 which led it to achieve 29th rank in the Fortune India 500. It also has a workforce of 200,000 employees, making it the 9th Largest employer in India. Moreover, Wipro Limited is operating across 110 countries worldwide, making it a Multinational Company.


This article provides all the necessary information about the Wipro Limited Company, History, Subsidiaries, Locations, Info about the MyWipro login Portal, and many more. We have given detailed tutorials for Requirements, Login Process, Recover Account or Password, and Change Password, for MyWipro Login Portal. And also the tutorial for job applications at Wipro Careers Portal and the benefits provided to the employees working here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to get employment opportunities at Wipro Limited?

To work in Wipro limited Corporation, firstly you need skills, educational qualifications, experience, and other requirements. If you possess all the requirements then go through the job application section above for a detailed tutorial on how to apply for jobs at Wipro.

Is the MyWipro gateway portal is accessible for all and compatible on all devices?

MyWipro Gateway login Portal is a work portal that can only be accessed by the employee of Wipro. Moreover, the web address can be accessed through Mobile Phones, PCs, or laptops. It is also available as a software application for Android and Apple Phones.

Do the users of the Mywipro gateway Login portal face any issues?

Yes, the users or employees using the MyWipro gateway login portal face some issues as mentioned above in the difficulties with the Mywipro login portal section. However, these issues can be also easily resolved by following tips in the same section.

How to contact Wipro Management if we have any issues or queries?

You can mail your queries to reacgus@wipro.com or contact the numbers +918028440011, (011)33785100.

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