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Waste Management company, which is highly known for its productions of fuel from the garbage. They have created this web portal for their employees. Especially to assist them in accessing various features such as Scheduling Payments, Dumpster Rental Services, Waste Disposable options. Available services for the North American Region, Exclusive privileges, and online waste management counseling programs. The web portal under discussion has a major function, which is making sure all the employees of waste management receive their rewards and benefits through this Mywmtotalrewards online.

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Registration Requirements for WM Login Web Portal.

Access to the WM login portal and the Mywmtotalrewards is only granted if the individuals or the employees consist of the list of requirements which are explained briefly below.

  • For the better performance of the mywmtotalrewards website, you must install the Adobe Acrobat Reader software of the latest v9.0 version or more.
  • Use the secured web browsers namely, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari.
  • For Data safety and security, install Firewall and Antivirus software on your system.
  • The individual must be an employee of the Waste Management Company.
  • The official web address for the web portal in question and a compatible device namely, Laptop, PC, Tablet, and Smart Phone.
  • A steady and High-speed internet connection.
  • Also accept the Cache and Cookies option, if requested by the web portal.

How to Register Your Account on MyWMTotalRewards Login Portal?

Follow the complete instructions given below, to successfully register your account on my total rewards login web portal without any issues.

  • Visit the Mywmtotalrewards login web address through your web browser installed on a compatible device.
  • Once the login page is opened, search for the “New User” option under the credentials section.
  • Press this mentioned option, and you will be redirected to another page.
  • Here fill in your last 4 digits of the Social Security Number(SSN) and your Date of Birth(D.O.B).
  • Now press continue and enter your personal info. Namely, your Full Name, Email Address, Residence Address, Job Position, Educational Qualifications, Work Experience, etc. Enter this into their respective fields and press continue.
  • Next, select your security questions and answer them, these will be useful to recover your account in case you have lost your password.
  • Press Continue, and a detailed report is displayed with all the information you have shared.
  • Go through this info, and make changes if necessary.
  • After which, press submit option, and your registration process is over.

Login Process for the WM Rewards Online Web Portal.

To log in to the wm rewards web portal and get those Mywmtotalrewards, follow the comprehensive instructions stated below.

  • Click on the My WM Totalrewards Login web address to access the MyWMtoatalrewards that is provided here – https://leplb0650.upoint.alight.com/web/wm/login
  • The Total rewards login page is displayed.
  • Here, enter your User ID or username and Default password given by the company into the requested sections on the page.
  • Now press the “Log on” option, and you can access your account and all the features offered by this web portal.
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What to do if you lost your password for my wm total rewards login portal?

My wm total rewards portal features an option that allows you to recover your account with a password(if you forgot your password). To use this feature go through the step-by-step information provided below.

  • Connect to the mywmtotalrewards login web link through your device – https://leplb0650.upoint.alight.com/web/wm/login
  • On the Total Rewards login page, look for the “Forgot User ID or Password” option at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on this option, and you will be requested to enter your last 4 digits of SSN number and your date of birth and press continue.
  • On the page, answer the security questions you have chosen during the registration process.
  • Now enter your User ID or employee number and press continue.
  • Here on this page set up your new password and confirm the password and finally click on the submit option.

Issues faced by the users of the waste management my total rewards

Certain issues are faced by the users while accessing the waste management my total rewards web portal. These issues and the solutions to avoid the occurrence of these issues are cited here in this section.

Login Errors

While filling your credentials into the login page, you must inspect your credentials to check for any mistakes. After making sure they are accurate, enter the credentials into their respective fields and log in to your account. This process will avoid the occurrence of login errors.

Connectivity Issues

Connectivity plays an important role in accessing a web portal, as it ensures the webserver is offering the best performance and you can access all the features of the said web portal. So the users must use stable high-speed internet access to avoid these issues.

Slow Web Browsers

The web browsers generally lose their performance if they are not updated regularly and have a large cache and search history. To prevent this issue from re-occurring update your web browser and clear your cache and search history often.

Features of the wmmytotalrewards web portal.

The wmmytotalrewards online login portal offers various features for the employees of the Waste Management Company. These features are listed and explained in detail below.

  • Here on this web portal, the employees can schedule their weekly or monthly payments easily within a matter of seconds.
  • The on-Gadget assistance feature helps the employees with suggestions and reports while performing various functions on the web portal in question.
  • The users can also enlist the dumpster vehicles which are available for rent for reasonable rates with discounts.
  • The web portal offers the employees to choose from various viable waste disposal options offered by the Waste Management Company.
  • The employees can learn about the process of waste recycling employed by the company and various types of fuel released due to this process.
  • They offer online counseling programs through this portal, to help motivate your neighbors, family members, or yourself to understand the pros of waste recycling.
  • They can sort through the many available services offered by the company to the people of the North American Region.
  • Through this web portal, employees can access exclusive privileges offered only to the eligible workers of the said company.
  • The web portal eases out the ways to access the multiple health, career, financial and other benefits offered by the company.
  • They offer rewards and bonuses for the better-performing employees, which can be accessed here on these web portals.

Waste Management

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This American waste management company was established on January 1, 1968. By the two American Businessmen Wayne Huizenga, and Dean Buntrock in the city of Chicago, Illinois, USA. The services offered by the company in question are namely, management of recyclables, hazardous metals collection, yard debris, waste, Security services, portable toilet rental, dumpster rental, hauling, treatment, and disposal, and also popular products such as PACK-RAT and Bagster. With its 53 years of experience, the company has managed to lead the waste management industry into the future. Especially with its achievements and investment of new technologies in its services. The Waste Management Company’s headquarters are located in the Iconic First City Tower, in Houston City of Texas.

Under its network, the company operates and manages, 6 independent power production plants, 146 waste recycling plants, 111 beneficial use landfill gas projects, 346 garbage transfer stations, and 293 active landfill disposal sites. The company has more than 21 million customers in the countries of Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States of America. These environmental services are accessible to every neighborhood in these mentioned countries due to its largest truck fleet which consists of almost 26,000 transfer and collection vehicles. James C.Fish Junoir is the current President and the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Waste Management Company and under his guidance, the company has achieved annual revenue of 14.485 Billion Dollars, with a net income of 1.949$ Billion Dollars.

How to apply for jobs at the Waste Management Company?

To apply for jobs at the WM Company, follow the procedure given below.

  • Go to the WM Careers – Jobs website link stated here.
  • The career portal is opened, where you will be given an option to choose from Professional Careers and Front-Line Careers.
  • Choose the job type you are interested in, and another page is reloaded showing the various open job position as listings.
  • Scroll through the listings and filter them using the Area, City, Job Type, Country options.
  • Click on the “Learn More” option on your selected job listing.
  • All the information related to the chosen job is displayed such as experience, work environment, qualifications, skills, certificates, responsibilities, and job summary.
  • Go through this info, and if you have all the necessary qualifications, press the “Apply for Job” option at the top left of the page.
  • You can also share this job listing with your friends by using the “Share this job” feature.
  • After selecting the job, register your account on the web portal and attach your resume/CV to the job listing.
  • Click apply now, and the job application process is complete.
  • The company will reach out to the selected candidates through their email addresses or phone number.

Employee Benefits offered by the Waste Management Company.

Waste Management offers various benefits for their employees which are listed below.

  • The company offers competitive wages for the employees based on their job position.
  • They offer coverage for medical prescription drugs.
  • Insurance and Coverage for Long-term and Short-term Disability.
  • Stock Purchase Plan which if subscribed offers discounts and offers for employees interested in purchasing the company’s own stocks.
  • Insurance for Critical Illness, Life, Dental and Vision.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.
  • Pension Plans and 401K retirement plan for the employees.
  • Health and Welfare Plan which is opted by more than 90% of current employees.
  • Wellness programs for employees to choose from.
  • Transition Assistance is offered for the employees, etc.


We have provided you with the complete tutorials here. Especially for the Login, Registration, Account Recovery, and Change Password processes on the Mywmtotalrewards Portal here. We have given a brief description of the Mywmtotalrewards web portal. Even the requirement to access this portal, its functions or features, issues while accessing this portal, etc. The article also provides information about the parent company Waste Management. Even its history, founders, top management, employee benefits. Even tutorials for applying for jobs in this company, its services, products, locations, annual revenue, and net income, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the “mywmtotalrewards” portal?

The MyWMTotalRewards web portal is designed by the  Waste Management company for their employees to help them access their rewards, services, benefits, and offers.

Name some other web portals operated by the company?

The Waste Management company operates another web portal which is created for the customers using the services provided by the company, and this web portal can be accessed through the ‘My WM Login’ given here. The customers can use this web portal to apply for various services the company offers and pay for these services online by assigning bank accounts to the web portal – https://www.wm.com/us/en/user/login

How to contact the management for issues and queries regarding the wmmytotalrewards web portal?

If you have queries and issues that cannot be solved by the precautions given above, then you must contact the management, by sending an email to WMCares@wm.com or by calling the contact number: 800-964-3373 from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5 pm.

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