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PNC Pathfinder

One of the top 10 banks of America, the PNC bank is one of those banks like Wells Fargo that stood the test of the time. Even with so many new well-established banks in America, PNC is still running strong since it started in the year 1852. The PNC bank is a subsidiary of the PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. PNC Pathfinder is the Employee login portal for this company.

PNC offers its customers features like Retail Banking, Asset Management, Lending, Midland Loan Services, and many more operations are handled at PNC. To understand why PNC is still one of the top banking firms in the country, here is a brief history of the firm.

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What is PNC Pathfinder?

Every bank has its online portal for employees and customers, while the customer portal is to check their account details and transactions, the employee portal is a little different. For PNC bank, the PNC Pathfinder is the employee service portal. Employees can use this portal to carry out their tasks and maintain a log of them.

This portal can also be used to share information with other employees in the bank. Every employee working in PNC has their own PNC Pathfinder accounts, which only they can access using their PNC employee login. After an employee has joined the organization they will be provided with these accounts which is vital to their work.

PNC Pathfinder has all the info on various financial services employed by a customer. It is all stored in the pathfinder account of the employee handling the task. For example, an employee is handling the residential mortgage of a customer. All the info regarding the customer’s mortgage like payments, mortgage period, and any info regarding the subject will be stored in the PNC Pathfinder which can only be accessed by the employee handling the case.

Now that you know what the pathfinder for PNC is, it is time you know who access it. To find that out check the simple tutorial provided below.

How to Login into your PNC Pathfinder?

Using your PNC pathfinder login is the same as logging in to any other site that is by using the PNC employee login.

  1. Only an employee of PNC can use this portal, so if you are one then you need a username and password to login into the portal.
  2. The above step is considering you have already had an account in the portal, and if you do have one then you should create one.
  3. You can do that by contacting the bank’s branch Manager.
  4. Now you are all set with an account and login credentials, go to PNC Pathfinder Login – https://wfsso.pnc.com/as/authorization.oauth2
  5. Enter the username and password. That’s it, now you have logged into your PNC employee pathfinder account.
  6. If you forget your password or your ID then contact customer support. If you enter the wrong login credentials, then your account will be blocked for a certain period.
  7. To contact support you can use this PNC Customer Support link.

Employee Benefits in PNC

A happy employee is always essential to the growth of an organization. Since companies cannot be run by just one person, an organization must take care of its employees. They need to interact with their employee to understand their needs and deliver on them. PNC promises its employees many discounts and benefits, then also keeps those promises.

Here you can find out the kind of benefits that an employee working in PNC will obtain.


Every organization must provide its employees with health additions because every employee of an organization deserves that. At PNC, you can get enrolled in a good deal of health benefits plans that also include your family members. You can get access to many health centers that provide their employees and their families with the best affordable services.

These centers provide services like health coaching, physical and mental therapy, support for chronic conditions, flu shots, and other immunizations, and many more such services. All you have to do is get enrolled in their health benefits program, and you along with your family can get access to these services.

You can also get private health checkups to maintain a healthy work-life. Though these services may not be available at all locations, you can find them in Ohio, Pittsburgh, and a few other places.

PNC also offers some of their employees some wellness activities, which if you finish successfully can earn wellness points. You can even redeem these points as cash.

Monetary Benefits

It would be a shame if a finance-based firm like PNC didn’t have any monetary benefits for their employees. Fortunately, they do provide their employee and customers with various financial plans to help them grow.

There is a program called “Prepare4Life”, that helps its employee make better financial and health decisions through various seminars, informational articles, and also webinars. With the Prepare4Life programs, employees and customers will have a better understanding of finances and can get the most out of it.

If an employee needs help in planning their long-term goals then they make use of a program called “MoneyWise”. Employees get many resources, expert personal guidance, and also discounts for their investment and banking.

You can also get other benefits like retirement plans, get guidance on budgets, investments, and debts from the financial expert team from PNC.


While it is a pretty standard thing for banks to provide health and monetary benefits to their employees and customers, the PNC does a little more than that. Any employee of PNC can take advantage of the employee assistance program to get more benefits from the company.

You can plan your children’s educations, find a house in a good neighborhood, also correlate between various resources for children and adults using the assistance program. The firm also provides backup care for a person of any age, and you can plan for any life-changing situation.

If you are about to become a parent, then you take full advantage of the ten-week maternity leave the company provides for a mother. Other than that, you can also take 6 weeks to leave for the birth of your child, and also if you are looking to adopt a child. This paid leave is for both genders.

All these benefits and plans should be enough to prove that PNC takes care of their own, and if you are looking to join this firm then you would be making a good choice seeing all the above benefits. While it isn’t a high-paying job, it does have its perks. Many people who work in PNC are satisfied with the workplace and the work-life balance. Though this may differ from branch to branch of the firm, it still is fairly a good place to send your Resume.

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A Little History Lesson

It wasn’t always known as PNC, as it went through so many names, finally settling to the name that it is known by now. PNC operates in many states, with thousands of branches and ATMs across the country. The bank provides various financial services along with consumer and business banking services.

They also have several benefits that they offer their employees to establish a healthy work environment. PNC offers programs like the Living Well program, increased pension plans, mental health awareness, and other services.

PNC has been involved in some legal issues like fraud settlements, various lawsuits, racial discrimination by overcharging people of color and Hispanics for their mortgages, and a few other violations. While all this pictures them in a bad light, they provide services for their communities like initiatives on education, health, culture, and human services.

They also have a good history with their employees who have been working there for years. In terms of work, PNC is just like any other back and their work ethic is the same. They carry out their day-to-day tasks of various transactions and many other financial services. All these are logged in their servers and portals, which can only be accessed by their employees. One such employee portal is PNC Pathfinder.


PNC Pathfinder Login is an “employee-only” portal that is used by PNC employees to carry out their workday routine. No customer can access this portal since it requires login credentials provided to an employee by the firm. Only those employees who have applied for and provided the login details can access the pathfinder. In case you forgot your password or user ID then you have to contact customer support to get your account back.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is a PNC employee login?

PNC Employee login is for the people who work at PNC. Only the employees that have the login info can access the PNC to access the bank’s information.

What is a PNC Pathfinder login?

The PNC Pathfinder login is an employee-only portal that has info on all the transactions and other operations of the firm.

Does PNC provide benefits for its employees?

Yes, PNC has many financial, health, and other benefit programs for its employees and customer.

What does PNC mean?

PNC name was taken from two different companies belonging to the same organization which are Provident National Corporation and Pittsburgh National corporation

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