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What Are The Features Of Rapidgator Premium Account

Way before when Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney+ were accessible, many of us have seen movies, TV shows, and many other things on the internet. Many people still download these things from various sites. If you did do these things, then there is a good chance you might have come across Rapidgator Premium Account. It was first established in the year 2010 as a file hosting site. If you are looking for more information on other sites, click right here to visit

The Free Version

If not the Rapidgator Premium Account, then you would have used at least the free version. You can download and upload different kinds of files to the Rapidgator account. The file can be a video, audio, an application, or any PDF. This helps users share files with others, but there is a limit to how much you can download or upload into your Rapidgator account.

RapidGator Logo

Information regarding Downloads

Users can only download files with 500 MB size and a speed of not more than 150Kbps if they have a free account or no account at all. Also, you can only download 3 files in a day. These limits make it pretty much useless if you want to download any movies, TV shows, or games. All these limits are also applicable if you are uploading into your account.

So many people prefer to buy these accounts so that they remove these limits and download unlimited files at a good speed. To give you a better idea of what you can get from this account, we have listed all the features that you can enjoy with this premium account.

Features of Rapidgator Premium Account

Almost every download and upload limit will be removed or increased with this account. Features of this premium account are

  1. Now you can download files of sizes up to 80 GB as opposed to the previously limited 500 MB file size limit, which was the main issue with free accounts.
  2. With the free account, you could only download 2 files in an hour and just 3 files in 24 hours, but now you can download unlimited files. So download unlimited movies, games, and TV shows but keep files under 80 GB.
  3. Downloading one episode and waiting for it to finish, so you can download the next one, but downloads can now also be done simultaneously one after the other. This means that you do not have to wait for a queue to finish before trying to download another file.
  4. No more irritating, continuous ads in between tabs, with popups, or during downloads.
  5. The premium rapidgator accounts are now much secure, so the files you download are secure, and the interface is easy to use.
  6. You also get a link for the files you upload into your account which then can be used to share among others.
  7. The speed limit of 150Kbps is also lifted, meaning now you can download or upload files with much greater speeds.

To enjoy all these features, you first need to subscribe to the premium version of the rapidgator accounts. For paid rapidgator accounts, there are multiple plans that you can choose depending on your requirement. On the off chance that you are looking for information on portals like these, take a look at another article.

Prices for Rapidgator Premium Accounts

There are 9 paid rapidgator account plans depending on the download/upload speed, account period, and storage. You can choose a plan which best suits your usage, depending on the above requirements. Look at the plans below to get a better idea.

Prices for Rapidgator Premium Accounts

Beginner Plans

  1. To subscribe for a month of premium rapidgator account you can pay USD 14.99 and use unlimited storage. While the bandwidth provided is 1 TB.
  2. For the same price, which is USD 14.99 you can get similar features except for storage. The storage is reduced to 3 TB, which is baffling as to why anyone would take this plan while you can get a better one for the same price.
  3. If you are fine with the first plan but want a little more bandwidth then pay an extra $10 for the first plan. This makes the price $29.99 USB and you get 2 TB bandwidth for 30 days.
  4. Pay $29.99 USB to increase the plan for 2 months period, but decrease the storage to 3 TB. The bandwidth you get is 2 TB.

All these plans are low-level ones, to get little better ones, check the next ones.

For people who want the best plans

  1. Increase our plan period to 3 months, get unlimited storage and whopping 4 TB bandwidth for USD 39.99.
  2. The next plan is almost similar except you get only 3 TB storage for USD 39.99.
  3.  Increase $10 more, and you can make the plan last 6 months. For the next 6 months, you can enjoy unlimited downloads and uploads with a 6 TB bandwidth. This is the most used plan for these accounts.
  4. If you are one of those people who go for the most expensive plans then you can buy the most expensive one for USD 99.99. This is if 6 months and 6 TB wasn’t enough for you, since this plan gives you 12 TB bandwidth with unlimited storage.
  5. Now the final plan for rapidgator accounts isn’t as attractive as the previous one since it requires the same amount, but supports 10 TB storage for the whole year.

All these plans are great, especially the 7th one as it provides the best features of all plans. Anyway, all that depends on your requirement for a rapidgator net premium account.

How to create a Rapidgator Premium Account?

Before you can buy a Rapidgator Premium account, you at least need a free account which you can later turn into a premium one. Either directly choose the payment method and then create an account, or do it another way around. Here we will first create an account then make it a premium account.  So let’s see how one can create a Rapidgator premium account.

  1. Go to Rapidgator.net. On the home page, click on the “Registration” option on the top, next to login – https://rapidgator.net/site/index
  2. On the next page, enter all the details like username, password(twice), click on the “agree with terms and conditions” button, and then captcha.
  3. When all that is done, click the registration button.
  4. This will create a free rapidgator account. Now you have to buy a premium account.
  5. To buy a premium account, click on the “Premium” button next to “Upload file”.
  6. Now you have to select the premium plan for your rapidgator account.
  7. Select the required plan and for the next step, select the payment method from the given options. If you have a coupon, you can use it.
  8. Make the payment and your premium account will be created.

How to Login into your Rapidgator  Accounts?

Logging into your rapidgator account is way easier than creating one. This process can be used for both free and premium accounts. If you follow the steps below then you can log in to your account in no time.

  1. Simply open the Rapidgator.net link, and you can see a login button at the top of the screen – https://rapidgator.net/site/index
  2. Click on login, and on the next page, you have to enter your username, rapidgator premium account password, and hit enter. This is assuming you already have a premium account. If you don’t, then create one using the above tutorial.
  3. This will take you to your rapidgator account free or a premium one.

With just these 3 steps, Login to your account. In case you forgot your rapidgator password to your account, then you have to click the “Forgot password” button. Then enter email and authenticate with captcha. You will receive a link to your mail that can be used to change the password.  Once that is done, use the same above steps to log in.

Rapidgator Login Page

How to get Rapidgator Free Premium Account?

People who can spare a few bucks don’t mind buying a premium account for rapidgator, unfortunately, not everyone is capable of throwing their money away for just premium file sharing and hosting websites. With some effort and patience, you can get a free rapidgator premium account.

There is one thing that you need to know, with free premium accounts you will still have limited download/upload speed and storage which is up to 5 GB. Also, you will see constant ads in the form of popups. There are multiple ways to get a free rapidgator net premium account, but not all of them will work as they are supposed to.

While it is not a 100% guarantee that methods will work, you can still try every method to find out which one is the best. Below you can find a few methods that will get you a free rapidgator premium account.

  1. We shall first cover the most simple method, which would be using some premium account’s emails and passwords. All you have to do is enter these emails as usernames and then passwords to get a free account. While this method is not suggested, you can try it at your risk.
  2. Certain websites generate premium account links. You can go to those sites and enter the URL for the site you want a premium account for, and Voilà your premium account is ready.
  3. Another method is to enter the premium account cookies. Some sites also provide cookies of premium accounts that can be added to your chrome cookies. This way, you can use a free rapidgator net premium account.

These 3 methods will get you a free rapidgators premium account.

Rapidgator Free Premium Account

Rapidator Premium Vs Free Account

If you have read this far then the differences should be pretty obvious, but if you still need to find out the differences between the Rapidgator premium and a free account, here they are.

  1. Probably the most frustrating thing is that the download and upload limits are restricted to just 5 GB per month, which in today’s age is far from enough. With premium, you can get unlimited downloads per month.
  2. You cannot download a file that is more than 500 MB. So more no 4K movies and TV shows. If you use premium, you download any file up to 80 GB, now you can even download GTA 5.
  3. Sometimes you download multiple episodes of a show or an anime, all at once or simultaneously. In free accounts, you cannot do that for more than 3 files in a day and not more than 2 files at once. I mean, what’s the point? With premium, there is no limit for the number of downloads.
  4. Even speed is restricted to just 150KBps, but do not worry as long as you have premium you can get bandwidths from 1 TB to 12 TB based on your plan.
  5. No one is a fan of popup ads, so why suffer such fate with free accounts when you can skip them in premium.
  6. While the files are mostly secure in your free rapidgator account, with a premium account, you get even safer and secure downloads with HTTPS protocol.

Rapidgator Support

While you have every possible information on Rapigator in this article, you might need some help if things go sideways with your files or with your subscription. In such cases, you will need expert help, that help from the people who work on Rapidagtor. To get such help, you can contact them with Rapidgator Support.

The support page has a “Contact Us” option that you can use by logging into your account. This will help you solve any issues with your account. Looking for more information, some, such as this, click right here as we have a whole lot for you to explore.


If you are a newbie to this whole file sharing, downloading thing, then this is the perfect place for you to understand all that stuff. How to use your rapidgator premium account, the process of logging into it, and getting your account back if you have forgotten your password, everything is explained in detail here. So buy a premium account of your choice and get unlimited download and speeds with up to 80 GB supported file size download. If I have to pick the best one from all the premium plans, then I would suggest you go for the $49.99 plan.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Can I use the Rapidgator premium generator?

While the rapidgator premium generator works, it is best if you do not use any such method to get a free account.

How can I find my Rapidgator premium generator?

Just use the “forgot password” option to reset your password.

What are rapidgator premium cookies?

The rapidgator premium cookies are added to browser cookies to login into a free account.

How to search for files in Rapidgator?

You cannot search for other files in Rapidgator, but if you have uploaded files, then you find them in the “My files” section.

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