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Saskmls Matrix Login – Saskatchewan Realtors Association

SASKMLS Matrix Login is a web portal that is a real estate software preferred by more than 600,000 realtors in Canada. The portal is compatible with PCs, Laptops, Android, and as well as iPhones. The portal can also be accessed by multiple browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome. The Web Portal is used to post various types of real estate properties across different cities and towns in Canada for the customers to choose from.

Moreover, the application software offers many features like News Alerts, Market Watch, Search Options, Filter Criteria, GPS Maps, and accurate Locations, Recent Portal Visitors, My Favorite Searches, My Listings, Concierge, Recent Use Contacts, Contact Requests, Hot sheets, Create and Change Home Page Layouts.

SASKMLS Matrix Login Web Portal

Requirements to Register on SASKMLS Matrix Login Portal

The SASKMLS Matrix Login Web Portal is only accessible to –

  • The realtors who have joined the popular Saskatchewan Realtors Association.
  • A valid Realtor License approved by the Canada Government.
  • Must have completed the Real Estate Courses from UBC Sauder School of Business.
  • Fluency in the English Language
  • Must have Canadian Diploma Certificate or Post Second Degree
  • Canadian Citizen with Residency Permit
  • Clean of any criminal records
  • Must be more than 18 years old.
  • Choose the Brokerage based on your preference.
  • Confirmation letter of Accepting into the Realtors Association
  • Valid Username and Password.

How to Log  Into SaskMls Matrix Login Web Portal?

Sask Mls Matrix Login Web Portal

To log in to the Sask Mls Matrix Web Portal Follow the Detailed Tutorial Given below.

  • Visit the Sask Mls Matric Web Portal through the mentioned link here.
  • Once you click on the link, you can see the login page.
  • Here enter your username and password provided to you after your application process.
  • Click the Submit button on the bottom right and your Login Process is complete.
  • So you will see “Successfully Logged in”.

How to Access the SaskMls Matrix Login Web Portal if You Forget Your Password?

Even if you forgot the passwords, you can still create a new password and access the account.

For this recovery password process, follow the detailed tutorial given below.

  • Click on the Sask Mls Matrix Login provided here – https://saskmls.clareityiam.net/idp/login
  • This takes you to the login page.
  • Look for the Forgot Password button on the bottom left and submit it.
  • On the new page, you can see empty sections for Login ID or Username.
  • Fill in the details and click next.
  • On the next section, fill in some security questions.
  • Answer these questions accurately and press next.
  • If the information is correct, you will receive an email that consists of the temporary Password.
  • Using this temporary password you can visit the login page, fill in the details and access this portal.

How to Change Your Password In SaskMls Matrix Login Portal?

Once you have logged in to your account, follow the tutorial below to change your existing or default password.

  • Visit the mfr.mlsmatrix on your secured browser – https://saskmls.clareityiam.net/idp/login
  • Now log in to your account using your username and temporary or default password.
  • Once you access the account, look for the settings menu on the top of the website.
  • Press this menu and a new page pops up displaying various information.
  • Submit the username and password button on the list showcased on the page.
  • On the next page, you can see change password, username, and many more options.
  • Click on the change password feature and fill in your email ID or username and answer security questions.
  • Now press next and enter your new password and confirm the password.
  • You will receive a message saying ‘Your password change is successful’.

Issues Faced by the SaskMls Matrix Login Users

There are certain issues faced by the users while accessing their accounts. Some of these issues are provided below and how to solve these problems.

Login Issues

Sometimes this portal can face technical issues while connecting. Follow the solutions mentioned here to successfully access the portal.

  • Remove your cache once in a while. It can slow down the system and affect the working of websites and portals.
  • Make Sure you have a good internet connection while visiting this page, and also use a secured browser.
  • Even after all this, sometimes you may receive Clarity errors which can be avoided, reducing the chances of attack lock activation which happens when you enter the wrong credentials three times.

Unfortunately, if the lock is indeed activated it will be showcased below the credentials section, so wait for some time until the option is gone and reactivate the account.

Save Passwords or Auto Passwords

Unfortunately, while accessing this portal, the save or auto password feature does not work as it is prevented by the site to stop mismatching password issues. So it is ideal to note your password safely on your phone or PC.

ISC Login Credentials Verification Issue

We have gone through some users complaining about the Verification with their ISC Login Credentials and unfortunately, if you are not able to verify them then you must contact them through the information given below,

  • North Service Center – 306-244-4453
  • South Service Center – 306-7912700
  • Email at – complaints@sra.ca

Features of SaskMls Matrix Real Estate Login Portal

The SaskMls Matrix Real Estate Login Portal has quite a lot of features about which detailed information is given below.

  • The SaskMls Matrix Login Web Portal is available as a software application compatible with SmartPhones, PCs, or Laptops.
  • News Feature allows you to access various real estate information happening around the area.
  • Speed Bar is an optional shortcut feature that allows you to access the various listings directly.
  • Concierge optional displays all the clients listing waiting for your approval.
  • My Listings Feature displays all the listings posted by you based on property type and status.
  • My Favorite Searches displays all the listings of properties you have saved or searched frequently.
  • The Contact Requests menu showcases all the requests received by the clients in a list.
  • The INRIX Drive Time Feature allows you to view the various listings along the pathway you are following, which can be added to your maps so that you can visit them on the way.
  • Map Search allows you to access all the listings you want to look for in a certain area.
  • Criteria search allows you to narrow down the listings based on your preferences and many more.

What Is the Saskatchewan Realtors Association?

Saskatchewan Realtors Association Logo

The Saskatchewan Realtors Association is a group of more than 1100+ popular realtors and the many sales and other employees working in these Real Estate Businesses in Saskatchewan Province in Western Canada. To join the association, the relators and their employees must also be part of other 10 popular real estates boards such as the Association of Regina Realtors, Moose Jaw Real Estate Board, Swift Current Real Estate Board, Yorkton Real Estate Association Inc, Estevan Real Estate Board, Lloydminster Real Estate Board Association, Association of Battleford Realtors, Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors, and Weyburn Real Estate Board.

The Realtors Associations was created to improve the communication between fellow realtors and also to provide access to all the property enthusiasts to view various listing properties and choose the perfect one for them. The company offers Forward Thinking plans, Ethical Regulations, Professional Regulations, Advocacy, Comprehensive Education, SRA Works, and Technologically Advanced Tools for the realtors so that they improve and learn more about how to become successful in the Real Estate Business.


We have given you some information about what the Saskatchewan Realtors Association is and complete details of the portal here. You can learn all the steps and tutorials on how to register, login, Requirements, Recover passwords, change passwords, and a lot more about the Saskmls Matrix login portal. We have also provided the common issues you will face while using this portal and how to prevent them from occurring. Moreover, the features list and information will help you understand why the web portal is one of the best in Western Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can all the realtors join the Web Portal Directly?

No, there are certain requirements to join the SASK MLS Matrix Web Portal which are mentioned above in more detail. Most importantly to access this web portal or application the employees must have a confirmed application letter from Saskatchewan Realtors Association and the username and password provided by them.

Are there any critical issues while visiting this portal?

Yes, the Sask MLS Matrix login portal has certain issues like Save Passwords or Auto Passwords, ISC login credentials Verification Issue, and login issues. However, most of these issues can be easily resolved by the solutions mentioned in the issues section. And if the issues are not resolved, contact the Saskatchewan realtors Association management through the provided contact details.

Is the Web Portal/Software Application compatible with smartphones and Laptops?

Yes, the Sask MLS Matrix Login Application is compatible with both smartphones and laptops or PCs. The Matrix Mobile application is available on the iStore and PlayStore for Android and iPhones whereas for laptops you can access them through the browser or download them directly.

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