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Securitas ePay – Talx Paperless Pay

The paperless payroll management web portal designed by the Securitas Security Services for its client companies and their employees are known as Securitas Epay. Here on this web portal, the users can monitor and manage their account, transactions, tax forms, and get unrestricted access to their monthly paystubs and enhanced stats regarding their payment slips. Moreover, the site can also be used for income verification with choice and instructions for downloading W2 Tax and Wage Forms and Paystub Forms and also to view your personal and professional details. The Securitas EPay services are suitable for a variety of companies from large scale to small scale, whose managements are looking for making the employee payroll services online and most importantly reduce the expenses of having spent on the services and the designated HR Department.


Requirements for Registering your Securitas Epay account the paperless pay web portal.

The payroll management portal operated by the Swedish company Securitas AB requests a set of stipulations that the users must retain with them while accessing the paperless pay online portal.

  1. The original web address for the “Securitas EPay” portal.
  2. A High-Speed Internet Acess on your compatible device.
  3. Installed web browser which is updated to the latest version.
  4. Your Social Security Number(SSN) or the User ID.
  5. And PIN Number which is the user’s Date of Birth in the form of MMDDYY.
  6. Also if possible install a Firewall and Antivirus software protection system on your device to avoid loss of personal data.
  7. Individual must be an employee of the registered company or client of the “Securitas EPay” HR Management services.
  8. The company provided a User ID or Employer Code.

How to Register your account on the paperless Securitas Epay employee login online portal?

In order to register your account on the paperless employee login web portal, follow the complete instructions cited below.

  • Visit the Paperless Pay Login web address on your device.
  • A login page is opened, here press “Click here to login’” showcased on the center of this page.
  • A pop-up is displayed, requesting your user id or SSN Number.
  • Another section is displayed, adjacent to this credentials section.
  • Here click on the “Register Now” menu, and you will open another pop-up.
  • On this pop-up page, enter your First Name, Last Name, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth and click continue.
  • Now enter your company details, your job position, Date of Birth, email address, contact details, etc as requested on the pop-up screen.
  • After filling these sections, press submit.
  • Your Date of Birth (MMDDYY) is automatically set as your default password and marks the completion of the registration process and enter your company-given employee ID into the User ID field.
  • The PIN change is prompted by the account after logging in, so follow the instructions provided to change your PIN.

How to Login to your pilgrims’ epayroll web portal account?

For the purpose of logging into your account on the pilgrims’ epayroll login portal, follow the detailed tutorial given below.

  • Connect to the Paperless Pay Login web address provided here – https://paperlesspay.talx.com/securitas.
  • Once the login page is opened, submit the “Click here to login” option displayed.
  • Now type your User ID or Social Security Number in the requested field and press continue.
  • Now enter your PIN and submit the “Login” option at the bottom of the page.
  • The credentials can be changed here on this web portal after this login process.

What to do if you forgot your User ID for the paperless payroll login online portal?

To recover your paperless payroll login account without a User ID, you must go through the step-by-step elaborate information provided here.

  • Click on the Paperless Pay Login weblink showcased here – https://paperlesspay.talx.com/securitas
  • On the login page, press the “Click here to login” menu.
  • A pop-up is showcased, here look for the “Forgot User ID” option under the login section.
  • Click on this option, to verify your credentials.
  • Now enter your Last Name, First Name, SSN Number, and PIN(Date of Birth).
  • Once again, fill your personal and professional info into the next sections and press next.
  • And validation link is sent to your mail, click on this link.
  • Another page is opened, here fill in a new user ID and press submit.
  • Using this new user ID and PIN, you can access your Securitas Epay account.

Functions of the Securitas Epay enrollment online web portal.

The Securitas Epay Enrollment portal offers multiple functions which are discussed in detail here in this section.

  • Allows users to access their personal accounts on the portal and update their personal and professional details if required.
  • To help users receive direct monthly salary payments to their accounts directly by assigning their bank accounts to the web portal.
  • Users can access payment slips listings showcased all the paystub details and enhanced stats.
  • The users can undergo an income verification process which might be needed to cut or pay tax deductions.
  • Download the W2 Tax and Wage Forms through the instructions showcased on the page.
  • Also, download or print the Paystub forms which are necessary for the application of Bank Loans.
  • A secured and safe web portal that stores all the personal, professional, tax deduction, and payment details on the encrypted servers and cloud to prevent data theft.

Problems faced by the users of paperless employee login web portal.

The general issues faced by the paperless employee login portal are namely, Troubleshooting problems, Login Page errors, Connection issues, Website under Maintenance, and Slow servers. Although, the issues stated here are easy to avoid by following the precautions that are listed below.

  • Inspect your block list on your device protective systems as they tend to add unknown web addresses to the blocked list.
  • Make sure you have constant and high-speed internet access on your device while accessing this web portal.
  • Inspect your credentials one more time, before submitting the login button.
  • Inspect your web address for any spelling mistakes, as the internet contains many fraudulent websites imitating the original web portal to steal user data.
  • The web browser on your device must be updated to the latest version to access all the features of the web portal.
  • Accept the “Captcha and Cookies” if requested, as they play a major role in improving the performance of the said website.
  • Sometimes the websites will be under maintenance for few hours when the web portal will be inaccessible, during this period the company updates the portal features and fixes any minor bugs and issues. To verify your website is indeed under maintenance or not, visit the How to Build a Website in 2021: Complete Step-by-Step Guide web address given here.
  • When the website is under an influx of users logging in to the site, then the portal in question slows down for a certain period of time. After which the website will return to its previous performance automatically.

Securitas AB Company


Securitas AB is a security services company which is located in the Stockholm City of Sweden, where its official headquarters are located. The company offers various services such as guarding, investigations, consultations, Home observations, and guarding services under three company divisions like “Security Services Europe”, “Security Services North America”, and “Security Services Ibero-America” for more than 53 countries across the world. The Securitas AB Company was founded by Erik Philip-Sorenson in the year 1934, which was then called AB Helsingborg’s Nattvakt. Later in the year 1972, the company was named “Securitas”, after the Roman Goddess of  Security and Stability. Currently, the company makes an annual revenue of 107.954 Billion Swedish Krona, with a net income of 2.416 Billion Swedish Króna every year. The company also has an impressive workforce of 355,000 people across multiple locations where its offices are located.

The company after getting acquired by the Investment AB Latour in 1983, expanded to other countries such as Norway, Portugal, Hungary, and Denmark over the coming years. Along these years, the company acquired Pinkerton and Burns Security which helped the company become a front runner in security services expanding into the United States of America and other 49+ countries until now. The company ownership currently belongs to Gustaf Douglas & Family, and Melker Scholing who is also the Chairman, While Magnus Ahlqvist is the President and the Chief Executive Officer. Moreover, the company operates and maintains many other subsidiaries under its wings, such as Protectas SA, Cobelguard NV, Protectas AG, Paragon Systems, Allcoopers Limited, Zvonimir Security, Central de Alarmas Adler, Stay safe and Pinkerton Detective Agency.

Employee Benefits Offered by the Securitas Security Services.

The Securitas AB company offers multiple benefits for their employees, which are explained in brief here under this category.

  • Providing competitive pay wages of 12$ to 14$ per hour for employees based on their experience and job position.
  • Multiple Health Insurance to choose from offering various benefits.
  • Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance and Coverage.
  • Dental and Vision Insurance Plans.
  • Insurance and coverage for Temporary and Long-Term Disability.
  • Tuition Reimbursement programs for studying employees.
  • Flexible Time Schedules for the employees can be traded or changed.
  • Skill Improvement and Training programs for employees at no cost.
  • Leaves for Paid Vacations, Sickness, Personal Reason, and Maternity/Paternity.


The “Securitas EPay” article showcases all the necessary tutorials and instructions for the Registration Procedures, Login Process, Account Recovery(Without User ID) for the said web portal. We have provided you the complete information about the “Securitas EPay” web portal, its functions, registration and login requirements, and problems faced by the users. The details regarding the Securitas AB Company, its history, Ownership, Services, Key People, Subsidiaries, and Employee Benefits are also given here in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What are the functions of the Securitas EPay web portal?

As discussed above in the article, the web portal in question has multiple functions like accessing pay stubs, paystub listing with enhanced stats, accessing W2 tax & wage and payslips forms, tax deduction reports, downloading these forms, income verification etc.

Are there any common difficulties faced by the Securitas EPay users?

Yes, there are some difficulties as mentioned above such as Slow Servers, Time Taking Loading Process, Connection errors, Login issues, Website Maintenance issues, and Trouble Shooting Problems.

Is the Paperless pay website compatible with all devices?

Yes, the Paperless Securitas EPay web portal is compatible with all devices, for example, Windows Laptops, Android Phones, Tablets, Mac Books, iPhones, Apple, and Windows PCs.

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