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Shaw Webmail

Shaw Webmail, an easy-to-use email platform designed for the customers registered for the services. Offered by the leading Telecommunications company in Canada, officially known as Shaw. The Shaw webmail portal allows users to access their emails and monitor them from anywhere with an installed web browser. A compatible device with High-speed Internet Access. Moreover, the Shaw webmail platform allows the users to access all the email features similar to other email providers while improving the accessibility of the customer’s emails and also their security. As the email data is stored on secure cloud-based web browsers. In addition, the users can employ the automatic reply feature to reply to other emails when required.

Shaw Webmail Login Guides

Shaw Webmail Login Page
Login Page

Registration Requirements for the Shaw Webmail Inbox Platform.

The users of the shaw webmail inbox platform must have certain requirements to access the platform without any problems. For instance,

  • A compatible device, like Desktop, Mobile Phone or Laptop.
  • A stable and high-speed internet connection.
  • The individuals must possess the postal code of their residence.
  • Original web address or must install the mobile application on their device.
  • A Google recognized email address.
Shaw Webmail Registration Page
Registration Page

Steps to Register an Account on the Shaw Login Platform.

To register, an account on the shaw login portal successfully, go through the detailed steps provided below.

  • Install My Shaw app device on your device or visit My Shaw Sign On web address from your device – https://my.shaw.ca/
  • Now click on the “sign on” option in the top right corner of the page.
  • On the next page, hit the “register option”.
  • After that, enter your personal email address and password and press “Create your Shaw ID” menu.
  • Next, follow the instructions on the page and complete the activation process.
  • Lastly, choose your new username, password and press the “Submit” option.

How to Create an Email Id on the Shaw Online Login Web Portal?

The registered users of the Shaw Webmail can create up to 11 email addresses on just one account. So firstly to create your first email ID on your portal, follow the instructions cited below.

  • Connect to the My Shaw Sign On web address or the “My Shaw” application – https://my.shaw.ca/
  • And login to your account.
  • Look for the “my services” option.
  • Select the mentioned option.
  • On the drop-down menu, choose the “internet” icon.
  • Scroll Down the page, and click on the “email accounts”.
  • After that, choose “create email”.
  • Then enter your first name, last name, and also user username and password.
  • Lastly, hit the “create” button.

How to Log in to Your Account on the webmail.shaw.ca Web Portal?

To access your email account on the webmail.shaw.ca login portal, go through the elaborate instructions mentioned here.

  • Click on the Sign in · Shaw Webmail web address given here from your device – https://webmail.shaw.ca/
  • Then, type your Shaw Email Address and password onto their respective sections.
  • Finally, click on the “Sign In” option below the sections.
  • If you use the same device every time you access the web portal, choose the “remember me” option. Which will automatically sign-in next time.
Shaw Webmail Password Reset Page
Password Reset Page

What to Do if You Lost Your Password for Your Email on the wwwwebmailshaw.ca Web portal?

We can easily recover your email account on the wwwwebmailshaw.ca portal if you follow the comprehensive tutorial provided below.

  • Visit the Sign in · Shaw Webmail web portal through the web address shown here – https://webmail.shaw.ca/
  • On the Sign-In page, hit the “Shaw Support: How to Reset Password” icon.
  • Enter your personal email ID or Shaw ID and solve the captcha.
  • Now, press the reset password icon.
  • Once the verification process is complete, then you can set up your new password.
  • On the password reset page, fill your new password.
  • Re-enter your password to confirm the password.
  • Lastly, click the “submit” menu.

Features of the Shaw Ca Webmail Login Web Portal.

The shaw ca webmail login platform offers numerous features for the users. Such as,

  • The users have the ability to add 11 email addresses to their account on the web portal. And manage them through the said online web portal.
  • The contacts feature, on the platform, helps users to create, manage and delete contacts. Which are linked to your account, assisting you to send emails directly to the contacts.
  • The platform, offers automatic filter option, which sorts and filters all the emails the user receives.
  • The Auto Reply feature allows the users to send automatic replies to received emails when they are not available.
  • All the received emails can be shared with other colleagues, family members and friends listed in the contacts on the email platform.
  • The users can add tags to identify emails easily, which in turn makes the email management process much easier.
  • Moreover, the web platform, uses the spam filter based on your references to remove or delete the spam emails received to your email account on web portal.
  • Lastly, the web portal allows the users to get notifications and alerts for scheduled events and programs beforehand.

Technical Issues Faced by the Shaw Mail Login Users and Their Solutions.

The users accessing the shaw mail login platform face multiple technical issues. Such as web browser issues, wrong login credentials, server down, email account blocking, etc. Although such issues can be avoided from occurring, by heeding the precautions showcased here in this section. Such as,

  • Having a stable internet access and compatible device.
  • Use secured web browser, like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.
  • Update the web browsers regularly, or make sure you have the latest version of web browser.
  • Prefer using a single device and same web browser while accessing the portals, to avoid the DNS errors.
  • Enter correct login credentials on the login page, as they may cause your account getting blocked if you enter the wrong info for 3 or more times.
  • Make sure your web storage has enough space, by deleting the cache and search history regularly.
  • If asked, accept the “Captcha & Cookies” option on the website.
  • Refresh your website if you are facing screen freeze issues.

If the above-mentioned issues, persist, then contact the administration. By visiting the Contact us with your feedback and suggestions web address, where you can use the direct message or WhatsApp chat feature available on the portal itself. Or you can call the Toll Free number: 1-888-472-2222 – https://www.shaw.ca/contact-us

Shaw Communications Inc

Shaw Communications Inc Logo
Shaw Communications Inc Logo

A Canadian-origin Telecommunications giant, offering various products for the people of Canada. Such as Satellite Television, Cable Television, Logistics, Radio, Tracking, High-speed Internet, specialty and network broadcasting, etc. The company has two primary divisions- Shaw Direct, and Shaw Broadcast Services along with a subsidiary officially called Freedom Mobile Inc. The company has more than 65 years of experience in this industry as it was established in the year 1966, in the Edmonton City of Alberta Province of Canada. Telus Communications is the main competitor of the company.

Bradley S.Shaw is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO), while Paul McAleese is the President and the Chief Operating Officer of the company. The company’s headquarters are located on 630 3rd Avenue SW in Calgary City, of Alberta Province, Canada. Moreover, the company has been achieving annual revenue of 5.407 Canadian billion dollars, with a net income of 738 Canadian million dollars. In addition, the telecommunications giant employs more than 15,000 people across all the provinces in Canada.


The “Shaw Webmail” platform article provides complete info regarding the email platform and its many features. The article makes you understand why Shaw Webmail is one of the best email platforms on the market. Moreover, the login user guides for login, account recovery, creating an email, registration, and password change procedures will take care of when you want to access the web platform. Above all, the article also provides a detailed description of the issues faced by the users and the precautions to avoid them. Also learn more about the company, its products, and services here in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access the “Shaw Webmail” platform?

First, the “Shaw Webmail” portal is only accessible for the registered users of the Shaw Telecommunications company. Now, to access the portal in question, visit the My Shaw Sign-On web address or install the “My Shaw” mobile application on your mobile device – https://my.shaw.ca/

Is the shaw online login web portal secure?

Yes, the shaw ca webmail login portal is secure, as it is a web-based application that uses cloud-based services to store customer data safely and securely.

What are the features offered by the shaw mail login portal?

As stated above, the shaw mail login portal has multiple features for the registered users accessing the said portal frequently. Such as Adding multiple email addresses, Managing Contacts, Auto Reply, Email, and Spam Filters, Calendars, Tags, and Email Marketing.

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