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SSM Smart Square Login – SSM Health Employee Portal

The SSM Smart Square login portal is the website you need to visit as an employee. Especially to access a scheduling tool designed specifically for the hospital and healthcare industry.  Provided by Avanta, this SSM Smart Square login tool is a powerful scheduling solution software. It is widely used by over 50 companies (mostly by companies with 5000+ employees). 88% of which is within the United States and the rest in other countries.  The SSM Smart Square login portal makes scheduling functionality simple for healthcare professionals and SSM healthcare uses Smart Square to make its labor management easier and smarter.

How to process of logging in the SSM Smart Square login portal

To log in to the SSM Smart Square login tool, here are a few simple steps that you need to follow:

  • Click on the SSM health website link. This is the link to the SSM Smart Square login page.
  • Go to the top right-hand corner and click on “MyChart”.
  • You will be asked to log in and enter a password and click the ‘login’ icon. You can also follow the simple instructions on the page if you need to ‘Sign up.

In case you forget your password,

  • Click on ‘Forgot your password?’, the site directs you to their password help page. Please note that this is different from the SSM Smart Square login Page. In fact, you will find the link to the “Forgot your Password” right on the SSM Smart Square login Page.
  • Enter your login ID in the box given and click ‘Send’. Your password will be emailed to your email address provided.
  • You can return to the login page and re-login.
  • In case you haven’t previously saved your email-id within SSM Smart Square, contact a Smart Square representative for assistance.

How to access SSM Smart Square on Mobile phones:

You can access Smart Square on the homepage of your mobile device. Let’s see how:

For iPhone users:

  • Go to the ‘Menu’ at the bottom of the screen
  • Select “Share”
  • Scroll to the right and look for “Add to home screen” Or a Plus (+) sign.
  • Click “Add” on the next screen.

For Android users:

  • Add Smart Square on our mobile phone browser.
  • Tab on the ‘Create bookmark’ icon (or) the star icon to the right of URL bar (or) the three horizontal lines that appear if you are a Chrome user.
  • Click on the ‘drop-down menu on the ‘Add to’ option.
  • Click ‘Home screen’ and there you go! It will now be added to your home screen.

Please don’t forget to contact your System Administrator for SSM’s Smart Square link if you are not aware of it as every company has its own unique web link.

Let’s talk about Avanta and Smart Square

Avanta is a leading provider of hospitality and healthcare labor management solutions making the healthcare industry work smarter. Their workforce management solutions include healthcare scheduling healthcare operational guidance, healthcare predictive analytics, and accelerative recovery solutions. As we mentioned earlier Avanta has come up with a Smart Square software solution which is a powerful tool that provides a comprehensive labor management solution.

It is an easy-access tool for the Staff, the Managers as well as the higher management within the healthcare or hospital industry. It saves time, reduces scheduling chaos, cost containment, higher employee satisfaction, and predictive analytics is made easier for the managers. Smart square incorporates a model that helps schedule shifts from 120 days before the shift which helps the organizations prevent last-minute staff hunting increasing the availability of contingent resources. It also has a policy highlight which states that the vacation applications must be submitted 3 months before the scheduled date.

Key features of SSM Smart Square: 

  • Improves scheduling: Smart Square covers all different kinds of scheduling be it cyclic shift scheduling, self-scheduling, on-call scheduling, open shift management, or rapid shift recruit. This way the organization can proactively do contingency planning of staff allotment at the time and at the right place and meet the patient’s needs.
  • Time Management:  It saves time for all the healthcare management by making the process faster and less chaotic. Smart Square incorporates a model that helps schedule shifts from 120 days prior to the shift which helps SSM healthcare prevent last-minute staff hunting increasing the availability of contingent resources.
  • Smart square provides transparency across all levels. One can view everything on this tool related to the hospital, facilities, and department, the availability of the staff, or reschedules so that any kind of issue or changes can be fixed easily.

A Few Other Features

  • Dashboards: Provides different kinds of dashboards to monitor the functions more accurately.
  •   It allows the managers to evaluate the performances and outcome and based on that assign overtime or come up with solutions.
  •   Viewing the productivity and the hours worked and cost evaluation respectively.
  • It allows viewing of key metrics to track against goals.
  • SSM Smart Square provides graphs, bars, pie charts, and tables for a better understanding of the analytics.
  • This software tool is used by organizations that have numerous employees.SSM Healthcare has nearly 40,000 employees and about 11,000 providers. This tool makes workforce management easier and better.
  • Great on the move tool that can be accessed from anywhere. The health workers do not need to be present at the facility to access this tool.
  • Vacations and shifts are scheduled way ahead of time so that the organization can work on contingent staffing.


The information we have provided above must serve as a good way for employees and interested people to properly use the SSM Smart Square tool by logging in using the SSM Smart Square Login page. In turn, we hope that this article has clarified any further doubts you have about the SSM Smart Square scheduling tool.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Smart Square?

It is a web-based staffing and scheduling tool used by healthcare professionals to reduce the staffing burden.

Why SSM Smart square?

SSM Health is a non-profit system with nearly 40,000 employees and about 11,000 providers serving diverse health needs. With this huge number, labor-management can be challenging if not for Smart Square.

Can this be used on both Android and iPhone?

Yes, it can be used on both Android and iPhone. Please refer to the “How to access SSM Smart Square on Mobile phones?” section in this article.

Who can use Smart Square?

This tool can be used by all the employees of SSM Healthcare at all levels. It can be used by the staff to schedule shift timings, managers to improvise on the quality of work, save overall time and fill open shifts quickly, and the higher management for better predictive analysis and happy employees.

How to reach Smart Square customer service?

If you have any trouble using your Smart Square you can reach their customer service number 1 (855) 700-6000.
You can also take the help of the Superusers who are trained to assist other staff who are using this software.

Who are Super Users?

Super Users are the nurses and the managers who have higher-level access in the Smart Square and are trained to support all the other staff utilizing Smart Square.  

Where can we see the Smart Square policy highlights and details?

All the Smart Square policy information is present in the ‘Policy Stat’ under the ‘Staffing Center’ folder.

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