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ALDI US Satisfaction Survey – www.tellaldi.us

If you have never heard about Aldi then there is a good chance that you aren’t a fan of grocery shopping. That’s because it is one of the top supermarket chains in the country, and this isn’t past news, but this was mentioned in the recent USA Today’s list of 2021s top 10 supermarkets in the country. One best thing about Aldi is that they offer customers Tellaldi.us surveys.

Aldi Logo

Aldi’s supermarkets have grown over the years by building a good image among customers who scrupulously choose from their products. Their seasonal and organic products are the highlight of their store, and the best thing about their products is that they offer high quality at cheaper rates.

Everyone loves to buy stuff at cheap prices, most of you might not say it out loud, but you know it’s true. Aldi stores offer products at cheaper prices, if you do not trust me, then check out their aldi.us online store to buy products at a low cost. Speaking of tellaldi.us, we are going to discuss this web survey portal in a little more detail as it is our main point of discussion.

So if you are “egg-cited” to find out, go ahead, and you will find all the info about tellaldi.us that you have been looking for.

Tellaldi.us Survey

Well, as I have mentioned previously, tellaldi.us is a web survey portal of Aldi supermarkets that can be accessed by their customers. In simple terms, tell Aldi provides customers a platform to raise their voice in regard to the services offered by Aldi Supermarkets.


Every business needs to understand what their customers desire and demand from the market. If you do not bring unique and essential stuff to the table, then you are no better than the next person doing the same. So businesses like Aldis provide their customers an Aldi Survey, i.e., tellaldi.us, which is nothing but a way to find out their customer opinion on their business.

The surveys are available on tellaldi.us surveys. Using these Aldi surveys, the company finds out the customer’s requirements and how to fulfill those demands.

Now that you have an idea of what the tellaldi.us survey portal is, “lettuces” understand the requirements and how one can enter this Aldi survey and provide feedback.

Aldi Survey Requirements

Anyone who has been to their store and purchased something is eligible to enter the telaldi.us surveys, but that is not the only requirement you need. Some other criteria should also be met. Things like

  • The right age, which is 18 years or older. Customers meeting this age criteria can provide their feedback through the survey.
  • This goes without saying, but you should have an email ID to enter the survey.
  • If you cannot understand English or Spanish, then you will have trouble with this survey, as the survey is available in those two languages only.
  • Since it is a US portal, you must be a citizen of the US.
  • Apart from all these, the key requirement is the receipt with a code that you got from the store. Also, a working mobile/PC/laptop with a good internet connection.

How to Enter the Tellaldi.us Survey?

Well, the process is pretty simple and there isn’t much that you require to enter the Tellaldi.us survey. Let us break down this procedure, and you can check it out with your “berry” eyes.

  • Enter the survey by visiting the tellaldi.us survey – https://www.tellaldi.us/websurvey/2/. This will take you right to the survey page.
  • When you are on the survey page, there is only one option, and that is to select the language. So choose the appropriate one.
  • After you click the next button, the page requires customers to enter their time of visit and date to the store, along with a code seen on the shopping receipt.
  • This code is to provide authentication that a particular customer did shop at their stores.
  • Hit the Next button and on the next page, choose the kind of store that you have visited. Like Fresh Meat & Seafood, Aldi Finds, Cooler, Health & Beauty et cetera.
  • Then rate their services and answers the next question based on your experience.
  • There is also the comment feedback section where customers leave a detailed explanation of what they liked and things they want Aldi stores to improve.
  • At the end of the survey, provide your personal info like name, address, contact info, etc., if you wish to stand a chance to win $100 Aldi gift cards.

Not bad for spending a few minutes of your time, and remember, the tellaldi.us survey can be taken only once per receipt.

All About Aldi 

For those who aren’t familiar with this, Aldi’s name is used by two different but same companies. Confused? To understand this, we have to travel back in time to 1913 when two kids Theo Albrecht and Karl Albrecht joined their mother at her store in Essen.

Both of these kids worked together with their mother, and later Karl worked at a deli. Then Karl, after having enough experience with the retail stores, took over a food shop and managed it till he served in World War 2. After the war, the brothers came back and joined together in their mother’s business, only this time, they were the ones running it.

Slowly the brothers started growing their store count and at the end of the decade, they had 13 stores. Their store count kept on increasing till 1966 with around 300 stores, but then they separated their store under different names. One owned the Aldi Nord and the other one owned Aldi Süd.

Before they split their business, they were racking in DM 90 million in a year. Now they have more than 10,000 stores that bring in €50 billion. They might have started their journey from the suburbs of Germany, but now they have stores in 20 different countries. You can read all about them from the Wikipedia Page, but before that, you might want to check out their employee benefits if you are looking to work at Aldis.

Aldi Employee Benefits

If you are looking for career opportunities and stumbled upon the Aldi stores, then you might want to check out their employee benefits before you skip a possible job opportunity. Also, to make your decision a little easier, we are also going to throw in info on their hourly wage at the end.

Health Benefits

Any employee of Aldi is eligible for multiple health benefits like health, vision, dental, and life insurance. Though these are the basic minimum perks that almost every reputed business offers its employees, there are a few others that Aldi offers.

Some of those other perks are family insurance(which can be a bit high), prescription insurance, short or long-term disability insurance. If you are a fitness freak, or maybe someone who cares about their physical wellbeing, can make use of their gym membership.

In one of those rare cases, the company provides its customers with accidental and dismemberment insurance.

Financial Benefits

If we count out the usual plans like 401(k) retirement plan, bonus pay, and discounts, you will find some perks which every employee needs. Apart from the 401(k) plan, the company also offers its own matching 401(k) plan. You can also spend time with your family by taking paid time off for holidays, and the help for family also comes in the form of childcare support.

That’s not it, with their referral program, newly hired associates can also earn bonus pay.

Other Benefits

So the health and financial benefits are a necessary part of every company’s benefits programs, though those aren’t the only ones Aldi offers. So if any employee needs assistance they can get the required support using the employee mentoring program.

Now no one would deny free food(except for a maniac), so you would appreciate their free meals through the food allowance perk which offers $2 for every associate.

All these perks are on top of their $10-$18 hourly wage. Now, these wages will differ based on the job roles you take up at Aldi. a better job title will earn you a better wage, so choose wisely.

How to Apply for Careers at Aldis?

Their hourly wage and employee benefits are more good enough for an average person. So it isn’t surprising that many people are looking to join their workforce, and if you are one of those then you can find out all about how to apply for their vacant job roles from this tutorial. I would assume you are probably here for the same reason, so let us begin, shall we.

  • To apply for their various options you can visit separate careers site by Aldi which is the careers.aldi.us.
  • Their careers page is well-curated with multiple for people to navigate easily. Right at the beginning of the page, you can see options like keyword, location, and radius.
  • If you know what you are looking for, then enter the desired info on those fields and find the required job title.
  • In case you are here to search for multiple options, then just scroll down a little and click the see all jobs options.
  • With that, all the available job titles can be seen on the page. The page also has filter options to change location and job type.
  • Let say you found what you were looking for, click on the tile, and you will find all sorts of info on-the-job profile.
  • If it is something that meets your requirements, then hit the apply now button. You can sign in to LinkedIn to apply, login into the Aldi account if you have one, or just create a new account.
Aldi Login Page

Create a New Account

  • To create a new account, click on apply now and then on Sign in. On the sign-in page, you will find an option to create an account. Click that option.
  • Provide all the necessary details to create an account, and when it is done, log in and apply for your desired job title.
  • That’s it, your job application will be registered in their portal for consideration.


You might have just come here for the tellaldi.us login portal tutorial, but we like to provide you with the best info we can. So check out all the tutorials and troubleshooting for the Aldi login when you forget your password. In case you find their company worth working at, then their employee benefits and careers portal info should help you.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the telladi.us/signup?

The telladi.us is a survey portal for the Aldi various stores. With the telladi.us/signup, they can create an account in the survey portal to provide their feedback.

What is the Aldi survey?

Aldi’s stores have a separate portal for the customers where they can take a survey and review the services that are offered. This is to understand what the customers think about their services and how they can improve themselves.

How can I give Aldi’s survey?

Customers can visit survey.aldi.us portal to fill out the questions. You should provide a code from your shopping receipt along with the date and time of purchase to be eligible to take the survey

Are Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud the same stores?

While both stores carry the same name, they are run by brothers, their financials are different.

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