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A medical healthcare software, popular for its Documentation, Electronic Billing, and Electronic Records services offered as a mobile application and website to long-term healthcare organizations. Working for the healthcare and betterment of people with Developmental and Intellectual disabilities. The application uses technological tools to improve the services offered. Therefore, relieving the organizations from time taking documentation and billing processes. The application also offers training modules & services for the registered users. The users can access the Medical Application Records on this web portal for free. In addition, its mobile application makes the “Therap Login” services easier to access from anywhere with a compatible device, installed web browser, and good internet connection.

Therap Login User Guides

Therap Login Page
Login Page

Requirements to Sign in to the Therap Login Platform.

The Therap Login Services portal requires certain necessities to provide unrestricted access to the web portal. Such as,


  1. The individual must be a an employee of the healthcare provider registered for the Therap Services.
  2. Or a participant of the Self-advocate program conducted by the Therap Global Company.
  3. Individuals must have the provider code, login name and password provided by the Therap company.
  4. Official Therap Login web address.
  5. Compatible devices like Smartphones, Laptops or PCs.
  6. Secured web browser with Internet Access.


  1. Follow the first three requirements of the website.
  2. Install the “Therap” application on your mobile phones.
  3. Good internet connection and updated web browser.

Login Procedure for the Therapservices Net Login Platform.

To open your account on the therapservices net login software, follow the comprehensive instructions provided here. For instance,

  • Firstly, Visit the Therap Login web address or the “Therap” application based on your device.
  • Therap Login page is shown, displaying info about the upcoming webinars, online conferences, Individual plans and Reports.
  • Find the login fields located on the right side of the page
  • After that, enter your Login Name, Password and Provider code.
  • Lastly, click on the “Login option”, and you can now access the Therap application or portal.
Therap Login Password Reset Page
Password Reset Page

What to Do if You Lost Your Password for Your Therap Account?

To recover your therap secure login account without a password, go through the detailed tutorial given below.

  • Similarly, connect to the Therap application or Therap :: Login website from your device –https://secure.therapservices.net/.
  • On the login page, inspect for the “Forgot Password” icon located in the login fields.
  • After that, click on the mentioned icon.
  • Now type your Login Name, Provider Code, Email/Text(linked with the account).
  • Press the “submit” option.
  • A web link is sent to your device through email or message.
  • Click on this link and fill in your new password.
  • After that, re-enter password to confirm and lastly press “submit”.
  • This method is also applicable for changing password for the Therap accounts.

What Are the Functions of the Therap Healthcare Software?

The Therap software has numerous unique features which are described in more detail here in this section. Such as,

Individual Support Plan

This plan offered by the portal allows the healthcare employees to perform functions such as-

  • Gather complete data about the patients they are working on.
  • Note down the personal preferences of the patient.
  • Inspect the risks with the patient’s current condition.
  • Choose the ISP training modules needed for the individuals.
  • List the beginning and ending times for various training or programs.
  • Share the patient’s details with your teammates creating discussion records.
  • During these discussions, you can get suggestions and reports from your fellow team members.
  • Create your own personal agenda, on how to provide and improve the services for the patient.
  • On this agenda, add tasks to be completed, deviation, and specific time periods.
  • After that, answer these tasks with yes/no questions.
  • Create an agenda report detailing the personal agenda.
  • And also create the Clinical reports and add observations and comments.


T-Logs are daily notes that you can create while working on a specific patient. Using this feature the employees can add notes on patients’ health, general, contacts, and follow-ups. These notes can be downloaded as PDF forms, scanned, sent to your teammates using the messaging menu, updating existing T-logs, etc. Above all, it has options to Record Time-in/time-out sheets, adding staff reporters, reviewing existing T-Logs, and actively tracking the actions of users.

Individual Data

This feature allows the healthcare workers to access the background info about the current patient. In other words, detailed contact and medical health conditions of the particular individual. Along with the diet plans for the individuals, directives on how to work with patients, complete diagnosis of the patient.

Moreover, they can also view the various programs participated by the individual, program progress, final reports, etc. The features also store the emergency contact details of the patients, such as their family members or physicians.

Health Records

As the name suggests, this feature showcases complete health records of the patients with enhanced stats and insights. The feature allows the workers to track the previous medical issues suffered by the patients. They can schedule and document the doctor appointments for the patients here on this tab. In addition, they can receive the lab and diagnostic test results, and also create monthly healthcare reports for the patients.

Secure Communications

The major function of this menu is to register complaints under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Further, workers can share the patient’s health records, t-logs, test results, reports, etc. With their team members and specialized doctors to receive personal opinions. Above all, This feature allows you to communicate with teammates and doctors with messaging and email options. And also receive notification about the replies received.

Incident Reporting

This feature also has multiple functions for healthcare workers. For instance,

  • Recording multiple incidents on topics such as Patient injuries, Medication or Prescription Errors, Patient Abuse and Neglect issues, Record Behavior reports, Individual Restraints, etc on single report. Which consists of drop down menus to add the accurate info about the incident occurred.
  • These incident reports can be shared in real time directly with the doctors and superiors.
  • Receive Report Reviews and also monitor the progress of follow-up tracking of the patient.
  • The feature also allows you to add witness reports regarding the incidents in detail along with the possible connection between the individual and witness.
  • Above all, the feature also allows the workers to create more than one individual incidents for different individuals with the help of Multi-individual section.
  • Record the final report or outcome of the patient incident using the GER Resolution module.
  • Receive notifications about the progress of these reports.

Time Tracking

Using the Time Tracking module creates the individual behavior changes and activities participated by the individuals. The feature allows workers to create templates for each individual and add data according to the patient periodically onto these templates. Using this data stored on the time tracking module, you can create complete reports about the individuals for every month, and share these reports with team members.

Behaviour Event Recorder

A submodule under the time tracking module allows the healthcare workers to track the behavioral changes in more detail, along with possible reasons. Update and access this module whenever required. In other words, they can compare the frequencies of behavior changes exhibited by the patients to determine their behavior trends. In addition, can add interventions along with behavior trends with specific interval data. Allowing the healthcare worker to understand the patient and find more ways to improve their healthcare services.

Medication Administration Records

This feature allows the healthcare workers to access the patient’s complete medication administration records. And most importantly to schedule the medication appointments, track the progress of scheduled appointments, access administered medications info, and also not schedule medications. Using past medication use can build comprehensive MAR reports, allowing to reduce the occurrence of medication errors. The multiple color additions allow you to identify the various types of medications along with a detailed drug database providing complete info about the prescribed drugs.


This is a complete health assessment tool, where you can create health records with complete information on a single form. This tool allows the professionals to perform the complete health evaluation of the patient. In other words, the professionals can use this feature to identify the situations where more health care and support are required. This process is completed by the creation of checklists for listing the risk factors and safety issues. Most importantly, notes are useful to publish the health assessment reports of the patients with the recommendations for the service-providing health worker.

Care Plan

The care plan allows the healthcare workers to create efficient solutions for each problem faced while providing service for the patients. The plans published will need to receive permission from the panel of senior nurses. After which the plans can be shared with your teammates and professionals to receive comments and reviews. The progress of this plan can be monitored by the users along with the acknowledgment received from fellow workers.


The Billing tools are useful for various employees working in a healthcare organization such as Doctors, Nurses, Program and Case Managers, etc. The primary function of this feature is to generate billing based on the employee’s attendance, service experience, current position, and direct input. This tool manages the total billing procedure reducing the expenses on separate financial departments for the organizations.

The module can also be used to submit healthcare claims online or offline. The module also creates detailed billing reports on the total usage, expenses with statistical analysis and accounting process. The billing feature also has an integrated module for the complete billing setup and reports for the individuals listing the claims and budgeting tools.

Document Storage

The users can use various document types listed on the platform designed for user-specific purposes and customization. The documents collect data securely following HIPAA compliance. The module allows you to add new documents and also monitor & update existing documents. Most importantly you can also add external documents to this module by following the instructions detailed on the page.

Personal Finance

The module allows you to manage multiple financial accounts of various types, and access the detailed expenditure of funds for different purposes(listed) and account balances. Individual Assets, Consolidated Funding accounts, and Savings accounts are some account types provided by the module. This module allows you to get real-time information about the accounts and transactions through notifications and alerts.

Training Management System

The Training Management system allows the staff members to participate in various training programs provided by the Therap Training Academy. The feature provides professionals to create the training programs, select the instructor and choose the staff members. The progress of the training programs is also shown, which can also be accessed by the staff members through the class section. The system sends notifications to the staff members regarding the training programs. The staff members can also view the listings showcasing the scheduled training programs, time left to complete, and as well as the original certifications provided after completing the training program.

Staff Scheduling

The scheduling modules allow the managers or executives to create daily schedules for the employees or staff members. And share these schedules directly with the staff members from the portal itself. It also permits the users to track the working hours, overtime, and unpaid works according to the daily schedule. This module plays an important role while paying salaries for employees.


This article provides a guide for various processes such as Login, Password change, and Account recovery on the “Therap” login portal or application. We have listed the various functions of the “Therap” application above with thorough descriptions and also the requirements to get access to the portal in question.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What are the features of the therap services platform?

The Therap Platform offers various features as mentioned above. Such as Individual Support Plan, Staff Scheduling, Personal Finance, T-Logs, Incident Reporting, eChat, Health Records, BER, MAR, and Secure communications to name a few.

Who can access the “Therap” application or portal?

The software in question is only accessible for the registered employees of the various health organizations subscribing to the services offered by the Therap company.

How to access the therapservices net login portal?

To access the therapservices net login portal, visit the web address Therap Login or install the Therap application on your devices – https://secure.therapservices.net/

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