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There are many things America is synonymous with, but when it comes to food there are only a few things. One is the cheeseburger and the other thing is Steak. It is an understatement to say that Americans are obsessed with Steak. Well, who wouldn’t love a juicy and tender cooked mass of flesh? I know I would enjoy a great steak or killer Ribs from Texas Roadhouse. While their food is great, that’s not what this article is about. We are here to talk about their Txrh live portal.

The Txrh live is an employee portal for the people working at any of the restaurant chains of Texas Roadhouse. An employee with the right login credentials can access this portal to check on their work schedules, paystubs and their history, and any other work-related info. The portal even has info on all the employee benefits and options on how to opt for one.

Any employee can access this portal anytime and from any location. All this information is something “you can hang your hat on”. I know I have been talking about the Txrh live portal, but haven’t yet actually provided you the nitty-gritty on how to log in to the portal. This makes me look like I’m “all hat and no cattle”. Trust me though, this isn’t my first rodeo. Well, let us get down to business now, shall we?. The next few sections in this article will explain to you how to log in and reset the password for your account.

Txrh Live Login

Txrh Live Login

If you are an employee at Texas Roadhouse and want to log into their txrh live employee portal then the next few instructions should help. Just like any other login portal for a company or business, this portal requires the same login credentials. Still, we are going to list down the instructions for the login procedure.

The Annoying Password Situation With Texas Roadhouse Live

The Annoying Password Situation With Txrh Live

With so many accounts, you have so many passwords. The thing about passwords is that you keep forgetting them. Well, every portal has an option in case you forget the password because people who make these login portals know that. Anyway, let us take a look at the steps for a password reset.

  • Open the Texas Roadhouse Live login portal and look for the “forgot password” option.
  • The option is clearly visible along with other two options for username recovery and former employee login.
  • Click the forgot password option and on the next page enter username(most cases it is your email address).
  • After you enter your username and finish that annoying captcha, click next. Follow further instructions shown on the screen to recover your password.
  • That’s all you have to do to recover your account password in Txrh live login portal.

Former Employee Login Procedure for Texas Roadhouse Live

Former Employee Login Procedure for Txrh Live

Sometimes a former employee of the restaurant may want to check their previous paystubs or any other account information. For this reason, many organizations have a separate option for former employee login. Here are the steps that will help former employees to log in to their accounts.

  • From the same login page, click the “Former employee” option.
  • Then on the redirected page, enter your last name, last 6-digits of your SSN number, and your Date of Birth.
  • After that, complete the captcha and click the submit button to log in to your former employee account.

Isn’t this a simple tutorial? Every step you have to take is broken down, so even a layman can understand it.

Employee Benefits

Every employee of an organization receives certain kinds of employee benefits, regardless of their job role. Most people look for jobs based on their pay and what employee benefits does the company offer. The Texas Roadhouse does provide their employee’s certain benefits that help them in many aspects of their life. Their employee benefits cover health, financial, and many other aspects.

The newly hired employees go through a training program under career benefits, and the employees can also opt for other training and mentoring programs. They provide child care, monthly bonus, and employee discounts. In terms of healthcare, they offer health insurance, medical and dental too. Though you cannot count on the latter two.

If you want to plan your retirement, then they do have the 401(k) plan for that. Many claim that the restaurant chain doesn’t offer any paid time off for employees, which is kind of a bummer. Some of their other employee benefits include maternity support, adoption assistance reimbursement, parental leave, disability program, etc. If all this makes you want to join their workforce, then check out the Texas Roadhouse careers portal and look for a job at any location. Fill in the required details in the search field and look for an open position.

About Texas Roadhouse

If you love steak and go out with your homies or families to try out nice steak then you must have heard, even visited the Texas Roadhouse. This is because the restaurant chain operates in 49 states in the county with 611 locations. So there is a good chance that you tried their food. Not just here, but they have outlets in 10 other countries.

Many of you may just go for their Steak and beer, but that’s not the only item they are known for. You should also try out their salads(that’s right), rattlesnake bites, fried pickles, and the chicken fried steak. There is one other thing that you shouldn’t miss out on, and that’s their freerolls and butter. They are to die for, the rolls with a little hint of cinnamon in the butter are what makes them so amazing. The best thing about them is that they are free.

When you count all their chains, you can find around 6900 employees. In the year 2020. the food chain had revenue of $2.8 billion. While all this paints a nice picture of the restaurant, the ground reality isn’t often what it seems. Well, at least to some people. People have had many issues with various outlets. Some issues were so serious that many have abandoned their likeness for the restaurant. To find out more about this, check the next section.

Common Issues With the Texas Roadhouse Portal

As I have said, the Texas Roadhouse is nowhere close to being a perfect restaurant. people in the past had issues with things, and some people still do. So let us see what those issues are.

Customer Service Is Something That People Cannot Turn a Blind Eye on

That’s right, no matter where you are, it can be a restaurant, a hotel, bar, or something else but we Americans never compromise on customer service. There are many instances where the management is just plain rude or does not care about their customers. Many people have complained that their management sucks and that they often have to wait for hours to get a table. Their policies are just bad.

For example, one person booked a table for 5 and later asked if two others can join them. The management discarded the request and when the person asked to book another table for the two, they just declined the request saying they cannot separate a party. Now that’s just dumb as a box of rocks.

Their Online Booking Is a Pain in the Butt

If you order something online for a takeaway there is a good chance that the order is going to be late. This can be frustrating when you are starving or in a real hurry to get somewhere. Also, when you book a table online and reach the restaurant at the assigned time, they still make you wait. This happens almost whenever you book a table online.

Also, their to-go order is never done appropriately. Often you order something to-go like a steak with some sides, mashed potato, chili, etc. Most of the time, there’s always a missing item in such orders. Then they also overcook the steak sometimes, which is big deal for many.

Just like the ones above, there are many people out there who have faced similar or completely different issues. Some people even have had problems with their gift cards. The management has to take note of this kind of concern and work to improve their services. In case you want to find out more about such customer issues, then check this complaints department link of people ranting about their services – https://www.complaintsdepartment.com/texas-roadhouse/

Texas Roadhouse App

Their mobile app lets you order food To-Go online and pay for it. The app also has a waitlist feature to check up on the waiting list at any of their restaurants and book a table. You can even text them to find out about the table availability. The app lets you use gifts cards to pay for an order and redeem VIP offers. Though for the latter, you have to sign up for a VIP club at your location of this restaurant. The app is available for both Android and iOS users, so check it out.

Contact Support

Things don’t always go smoothly, by that I mean you may have some issues with their portal, their service, the app, or any other thing. In such cases, you use their Texas Roadhouse contact support portal to sort things out. Go to their contact support portal and fill in the necessary details and send them a message.


As much I love to talk about food this isn’t the place for it, but I did mention a few of their best items that you should try. So now you know everything about their txrh live employee login portal along with how to log in and reset passwords in case you forget it. If you have any doubts regarding login or reset then you can always check out the instructions in this article.

If you have any issues with their portal use the contact options to get help. Just don’t burn the daylight by trying things on your own when you can get help. Also, if you are curious about their work culture and employee benefits then take a peek at the employee benefits section.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the Txrh Live login portal?

The employees of the Texas Roadhouse live have their employee portal to manage and schedule all their work activities. This portal is the Txrh live login portal. Any employee working at their restaurant chains can access this portal with the right login credentials.

What can you do with the texasroadhouselive employee portal?

Employees can log in to their account in this portal to check out their txrh live payroll, employee benefits, texas roadhouse employee schedules, and many others. This is one stop to access and manage all their work activities.

Does Texas Roadhouse provide employee benefits?

Yes, the restaurant chain provides all of its employees with many benefits programs. Some of them include insurance for health, dental, and vision. Monthly bonuses, employee discounts, career guidance programs, training for recruits, etc. They also have a 401(k) retirement plan for every employee. The only bummer here is that they don’t offer paid leave, but if you clock in certain hours at work then you might shoot at those paid leaves.

What are Texas Roadhouse gift cards?

The Texas roadhouse gifts cards are just gift cards that you can buy for others as presents. These are redeemable at all of their restaurant chains to buy and order food. The restaurant offers two kinds of gift cards, one is personalized, and another one is a business gift card. To find out more about them, check this Gift card webpage of the restaurant – https://www.texasroadhouse.com/gift-cards

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