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VIOC POS – Valvoline Hr2u Login

The name Valvoline is synonymous with automobile products such as lubricants, oils, and many other car services. So it shouldn’t be surprising that it is one of the leading multinational companies, with a net worth of $5.54 billion. The company also owns car repair centers under the name Valvoline Express Care along with that Valvoline Instant Oil Change.

One of their most-used services is the Valvoline Instant Oil Change(VIOC), which you probably know because every car requires new oil every 3000 miles(or does it?). The employees at VIOC pride themselves on how well they cater to the needs of the people, so if you are ever in need of a quick lube change, don’t hesitate.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Services: VIOC POS

Valvoline Instant Oil Change service has its very own web portal that can be accessed by its associates who work at the VIOC service centers. Only such employees can use the VIOC POS system portal to log in and access their work-related activities, anyway, it’s not like a random person would like to access a web portal for oils and stuff.

More than 6000 employees are working at Valvoline company, so it would be a bit difficult if all these people do not have a medium to keep track of their work and everything else related to it. Well, that is the reason why they created the VIOC POS portal, it isn’t as fancy as the other websites, but it gets the job done.

Every year, a new workforce is added to the VIOC, and all these recruits are provided with their very own login credentials for this portal. The thing is, most of these people do not know how to operate such portals and are just handed over a piece of basic information. Such associates will need help to log in.

Well, here we are to help all those people who have been too embarrassed to ask others for help. All you have to do is just look at the tutorial that we have provided below, and your work will be done in a jiffy.

How to Log in to the VIOC POS?

  • Even if you are an amateur at this, there is no way that you do not how to go to your VIOC POS portal. Anyway, to make it easier for you, we have also provided the link – https://pos.vioc.com/viocpos-cwa-admin/login
  • When you click on the link for the VIOC POS, you will be taken to their login page.
  • The login page is a plain website with minimal information and just two empty fields.
  • You have to fill those two fields with your User ID and password. This information is usually provided to every associate who joins the VIOC.
  • When you are done entering the info, hit the “Submit” button.
  • That’s it. Now, you are logged into your Valvoline POS portal account.
  • In case you have any trouble using this portal or accessing your account, then you can talk to your supervisor and explain the situation.
  • You can do the same thing if you forget your password or the User ID.

How to Use the VIOC POS – Material Search?

If you already know the login procedure for the POS VIOC portal, then you might have noticed two options on the login page. One is the “Access SDS Sheets” and the other one is the Hazardous Communication Plan. Here we will skip the latter option and discuss the first one, which is the “Access SDS Sheets”.

Every recruit for any company is provided with a basic understanding of their work and the protocols they need to follow. In case you are working for a company that deals with chemicals, then they are certain safety procedures and methods that every worker needs to have in the front of his/her mind.

All those precautions and every other kind of measure are provided in Safety Data Sheets(SDS). Now you may have to access these SDS files from time to time for your work. So instead of pestering your supervisor or any other person for these files, you can access them on your own from the Valvoline POS portal for material search.

In case you are one of those people who don’t know how to log in to your portal, then you probably do not even know about the material search portal. Anyway, we are here to assist you in the best possible way, so check out our attempts in helping you do so.

Login Procedure

  • You need to visit the same portal which is pos.vioc.com and instead of using the employee login, click on the “Access SDS Sheets” option – https://pos.vioc.com/viocpos-cwa-admin/login
  • This will redirect you to another portal, which is the material search page of pos.vioc.com.
  • I assume you already know what you are here to search for, so just enter the material name or the material number and choose the format and language.
  • Choose the right format based on an appropriate location, since certain materials differ based on location.
  • Click the Submit button when you are done, and you can see your required material on SDS.

What is Hazardous Communication Plan?

Some of you might be wondering if the SDS sheets and the hazard communication plan are the same things. Well, yes and no. SDS are materials that tell everything about the kind of chemicals or machines that you are going to work with. While it is true that the hazard plan also deals with the same thing, it is not entirely limited to that. Not all fingers can be thumbs, can they?

The Hazard Communication Plan is to provide employees with the knowledge of the hazards and precautions that they have to deal with at the Valvoline Instant Oil Change. It uses the Material SDS sheets for that purpose.

Apart from the SDS materials, the plan also covers areas like Management Responsibility, Labels & Other Warnings, Hazard Information & Substance List, Glossary of Terms, and Employee Training. You can also read more about it from this pos.vioc.com page for the same.

How to Apply for Valvoline Careers?

I wouldn’t blame you if you are interested to apply for many of their mechanic or any other job titles. Actually, it is a pretty decent job to aim, since they provide pretty good daily wages. In America, the average hourly wage is around $7.25 per hour but at VIOC you can earn from $11 to $16 per hour, maybe, even more, depending on your job role.

This will probably persuade you to try and take up a job at the VIOC and any of their branches. Just like always, we are here for you to make that journey a little easier by providing you with all the necessary details.

  • All their job posting can be found on their jobs portal, which is jobs.vioc.com.
  • When you visit that page, you can find a few filter options like Category, Radius, and Zipcode.
  • Select your required category of job role and fill in the rest of the fields.
  • When you are done with that, just hit the search jobs button, or you can also choose to search jobs by map option.
  • Either way, you can see all the available job titles. After you find the required job, click on it and read all information related to the job titles.
  • If you are okay with it, then click the “Apply now” button.
  • You will be redirected to another page where you have to enter your personal details and contact information.
  • This will register your application for the job, and the same will be informed through SMS and email.

Valvoline Employee Benefits

It doesn’t matter if you don’t say it out loud, but all of us want our workplace organizations to provide extra benefits. Apart from competitive pay that is way better than your average hourly pay, Valvoline also offers its associates many other benefits. So let us find out what you can expect from them.

Health Benefits

Earning a living is important but what if you do not have a proper plan in case you fall sick, how are you going to manage your expense for treatments apart from the daily expenses? To relieve you of that stress, Valvoline offers its associates many health plans.

Those plans include insurance for life, vision, dental, and medical. Apart from that, you can also get insurance for your pet, and also a gym membership. Now, that’s something you don’t see at every company. In this difficult time of the pandemic, the company and its associates are taking utmost precautions to provide the best possible service to their customers.

Financial Benefits

If you wish to take some time for yourself, then go for it, as the company provides paid time off and flexible hours of work according to the needs of the employee. You can also take home bonus pay and if you get promoted then some of these job titles also earn you a monthly bonus.

In case you want to put some money aside and buy some stocks, then you also get those options. Also, the usual 401(k) retirement plan for all the employees along with the company store discount.

Other Benefits

Some other benefits you can expect from them are the reimbursement option for educations and tuition fees or for any kind of certification that comes under the tuition assistance program. Also, recruits can get a smooth transition due to the on-the-job training.

All About Valvoline

You already know that Valvoline is one of the largest manufacturers of lubricants, oils, and additives for automobiles. The Valvoline Instant Oil Change is one of the best service providers in the country, which is further supported due to its recognition in the 2020s “Franchise 500” list of Entrepreneur magazine.

Before all that, the company was established as a “Continuous Oil Refining Company”. This was around the late 19th Century in the year 1866 when the company started in Binghamton, but was later moved to Brooklyn, and was identified with race cars. Slowly, the company gained momentum and was recommended as motor oil for various cars, especially for the Ford motors. The main reason for its growth was its sponsorship of various auto races, this lead to its growth.

The company still sponsors many race car drivers and teams like Ginn Racing, RahMoc Enterprises, and Hendrick Motorsports. Apart from sponsorship, the company also supplies lubricants to F1 cars.


Maybe next when you need to get your car a quick lube then perhaps you try the VIOC services. In case you are interested to look for career opportunities at Valvoline or any of their subsidiary companies, then our tutorial on the same will be helpful to you.  When you join their workforce, you will have to use their VIOC POS portal, and there is a good chance you will need help with that too. Well, looks like there are a lot of things that you might need help with, so rather than listing them out, you can check out the entirety of this article.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is the Valvoline login portal?

The Valvoline employee login is for the VIOC POS portal used by the associates/employees working at their various service centers.

Who can apply for jobs at Valvoline?

Anyone skilled enough to know the mechanics of the job can apply for jobs at Valvoline. To find out if you have the right skillset, just go to their career page and look for the required job. There you can find the necessary qualifications for the role.

Does Valvoline offer employee benefits?

Yes, every associate working at Valvoline is eligible for many health and financial benefits.

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