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Phone Companion is an application that will help you to pair an Android Phone to Windows 10 PC Directly. You may then perform various activities through it. The Phone Companion lets you reduce the struggle of using both PC and Smartphones. Instead, you can perform all activities like Answering Calls, Monitor and Manage Notifications, Copy and Paste Content when required, and Access Photo Galleries, etc. Your Phone Companion is developed by the Microsoft Corporation to improve the connectivity between Microsoft PCs or Laptops and Android SmartPhones. This process is done via www.aka.ms/yourphonepin.


Requirements to Download Microsoft Your Phone Companion App

Your Phone Application needs certain requirements to connect the PC and Smartphone to run efficiently. The following are the requirements needed to download Phone Companion.

  • Your PC or Laptop must have Windows 10 Operating System
  • Compatible only on Android Phone with 4.4 + versions
  • Good Internet Connection to link both the devices by using www.aka.ms/yourphonepin
  • Download the Microsoft Your Phone Companion application beforehand.

How to Login to the Microsoft Your Phone Companion Application Using www.aka.ms/yourphonepin?

To successfully log in and link your PC and Android Phone with www.aka.ms/yourphonepin, you need to follow the steps mentioned below as the process is quite tedious.

  • Visit the link www.aka.ms/yourphonepin mentioned here on your PC.
  • Simultaneously download the Your Phone Companion App from the Play Store into your Android Phone or Link to Windows Application on Samsung SmartPhones.
  • Now a pop-up is shown requesting to connect the phone application to your PC.
  • After selecting the above-mentioned portion, another page is opened on your PC, select the get started menu on this popup.
  • Another web page is where enter your email ID that is not associated with Microsoft services.
  • Now on this page select from two options such as Use a QR Code which can be directly scanned through your android application and the link is established.
  • Or you can select Create Pin Code, by selecting this option a new section is displayed asking your mobile number.
  • Enter the mobile number and click on Next.
  • You will receive a code as a message directly to your phone.
  • Enter this code into the page and click submit, which generates a code.
  • This code can be typed onto the mobile application and the link is established.

How to Access Your Microsoft Phone Companion Application Using www.aka.ms/yourphonepin if You Forget Your Pin?

The Microsoft Your Phone Companion Application will generate a pin code if you have chosen another option, as these pins can be random and can be lost if you close the window. You can access the pin by visiting the link https://www.aka.ms/yourphonepin and enter your email and choose the option “I have the Your Phone Companion -Linked to Windows App Ready”. This will display the pin code you have received during the login process. However, if you still can’t access the Application or the code is not generated, then follow the detailed tutorial to generate a new pin code.

A Screenshot
  • Visit the Start menu on the bottom left of your desktop screen.
  • A new menu is showcased, select the settings options.
  • This opens the settings menu on a separate page.
  • Now selects accounts and choose your Microsoft account.
  • Enter your password for this account and click submit.
  • After completion, a menu is shown. Choose the Windows Hello Pin Button.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where select forgot pin.
  • And now follow the procedure as requested, such as entering your mobile number and confirming the OTP received through direct messages to the phone.
  • Once this process is done, Enter your password and select next.
  • The Application generates a new pin that can be used to link both devices.

How to Setup Calls in Your Phone Companion Application?

To set up the call feature on this application, go through the given steps below thoroughly.

  • Open the application on your PC.
  • Select the Calls option in the menu(PC)
  • A pop-up will show up on your android phone, asking permission.
  • Select all allow feature and now can answer calls directly through your PC.

To access other features like Notifications, photos, applications please visit the application. Select the option and once again you receive a notification on your mobile and click allow. This process is similar for all features.

Issues Faced by Your Phone Companion Application Users?

Your Phone Companion Applications can be difficult sometimes to use and link devices and also shows errors such as

We Cannot Connect to Your  Phone Error

This error is displayed if the PC was unable to find your smartphone. To stop this error from occurring follow the steps –

  • Turn off the battery saver mode on your phone, which restricts the background applications from working.
  • Make sure your Microsoft account is the same one on both devices.
  • Connect to same Wi-Fi on Smartphone and PC.
  • Enable all Notifications, especially from instant messages and the “Your Phone Companion” application on your phone.
  • Sometimes the accounts are not permitted to share with multiple accounts as a result you can’t access them through the phone, however, visit the Microsoft setting and switch on the account access on your PC.

Check Your Phone Error

This error usually occurs when your battery saver is on, notifications are off or when Do Not Disturb Mode is on. If the problem persists, close all the windows and reopen the application on your mobile phone.

Troubleshooting Problems

These issues can be solved by visiting windows troubleshooter, which will scan all the files and identify the troubleshooter.

Features of Microsoft Your Phone Companion Application

Why link your phone to Windows 10? That’s because the Microsoft Your Phone Companion Software offers various features such as –

  • The app allows you to access many pc friendly applications for example Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. directly on the Windows PC.
  • We can also receive and send instant messages from the desktop screen
  • Through this application, you can copy & paste content between both devices.
  • Easily Drag Files from one screen to another.
  • Access More than 2000 photos directly from your Photo Gallery
  • The PC offers more comfortable ways to access all the files from the smartphone.
  • Monitor and manage your android notifications of the smartphone on the desktop directly.
  • Calls can be answered or made directly through your PC where the contacts and dialer are showcased.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft is a multinational corporation that excels in providing computer software, Laptops, Video game consoles, and many more.  The company is popular worldwide, and it offers various services like Azure, Bing, Yammer along with One Drive, Outlook.com, and Xbox Game Pass. It is one of the Big Five Companies operating from the United States. Currently, it ranks among the top companies by revenue all around the world. The Microsoft Corporation makes a revenue of more than 140 billion dollars every year. Thus, making it one of the Three, Trillion-Dollar Market Companies operating from the United States of America.

The Microsoft Corporation was established on April 4, 1975, by the Founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The company was mainly established to create Micro Computers, Computer Operating Systems, and Computers/PCs, etc. MS-DOS operating system was one of the first successful operating systems which gained popularity. This ultimately resulted in a contract from IBM to develop the computer operating system.  Microsoft has grown over the years, venturing into multiple fields and establishing itself as the market leader all over the world.

The Microsoft Corporations’ main office is located in One Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington. Its current Chairman and CEO are Sathya Nadala. Now, the company has multiple departments such as Software Development, Social Networking Service. Cloud Computing, Video Games, Consumer devices, and Hardware are also a part of Microsoft.


We have provided you with details regarding the Microsoft Your Phone Companion Application. This site uses www.aka.ms/yourphonepin website to link your phones with the system, and its developer, Microsoft Corporation. We have given tutorials that give all the necessary steps to Login into the ‘Your Phone Companion App’. Also, we have shared how to Recover the Password/PIN, How to Set up calls along the other features. How to Link both PC and smartphones and how to solve the types of issues faced by the users regularly. Various features of the Microsoft Your Phone Companion are also mentioned for you to choose from while using the ‘Your Companion Software Application’.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is the Microsoft Your Phone Companion free and accessible on all devices?

No, the Microsoft Your Phone Companion Application Software is free for all. However, it can be operated only on Microsoft Windows 10 Software powered laptops and PCs, and Smartphones with 4.4+ Android Versions.

Are there any issues while operating this application?

The Your Phone Companion Software has some usual issues like troubleshooting problems, phone connection errors, check your Phone connection errors which can be solved easily by following the various methods mentioned above.

What are the features of the Microsoft Your Companion App?

The application software has many features as mentioned above such as Application Access, Notification, Monitoring, and Access, Access to instant Messages, Accessing Photos from Gallery, Copy and Paste Content, Drag Files across both screens, Receiving and Answering Calls, etc.

How can we access the application through Microsoft Stores or Android Stores?

A said above, the Microsoft Your Phone Companion Software requires working email registered on Microsoft Accounts, which can be used directly to access the application either on SmartPhone or PC easily. A phone number is also necessary to link the Mobile Phone with Windows 10 PC. you can use www.aka.ms/yourphonepin to link the device with the PC. Detailed info is given above.

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